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Thread: Updated Fixer Guide

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    A new Updated Fixer Guide by Aginorgotd


    Solitus - May be the new best breed with the Survival perk and easiest to get high lvl symbs in, a balance between Atrox and Opifex.

    Atrox – Highest Attack Rating (AR), lowest evades. 810 stamina is earlier than soli.

    Opifex – Highest evades. Second highest AR. 810 stamina requires perks and equipment. Easier to twink Tier and CSS.

    Nanomage – Don't bother.

    PvP Breed Choice by Tiamin and Stromm

    Here is the list of attributes in order of importance, assuming you are opifex

    • intelligence - absolutely most important. All 6 nano skills are dark blue
    • agility + sense - most cheap and trickles down to our most important skills - evades.
    • stamina - very important. it trickles down to body development that increases HP
    • strength - trickles down to some important fixer skills like SMG, burst, run speed, still, not very important, don't max, raise when you wish.
    • psychic - just forget about this attribute. we dont really need it. raise when you're title capped.
    • body development - very important. if low on IPs, you can skip raising for level or two, since we are mostly depend on evades to keep us alive, not HP, but still you cant go wrong with putting IPs into body development.
    • nano pool - not very important. we mostly use nanos offline, which means we can just recharge the nano from nano kits.

    MG/SMG is green to fixers. Burst is a light aqua. Most of the fixer only guns are SMG and Burst. Is it any wonder why you want to max SMG and Burst every single lvl? If you look at our guns the SMG is 100% of our attack skill, and as you raise SMG, your AR goes up. Increasing Burst will shorten the duration between bursts, depending on the gun. Multiranged can be raised, if necessary, early on, but there are guns that can be equipped at the same level and do more damage, use past level 205 for the KMP.

    Specials formula (from SirAronar):

    Aimed Shot capped at 11s = (Recharge* x 40) - (3 x AS skill/100)
    Burst capped at 8s = (Recharge* x 20) + Burst Delay** - Burst skill/25)
    Fling Shot capped at 6s = (Attack x 16) - Fling skill/100
    Full Auto capped at 11s = (Recharge* x 40) + Full Auto Delay*** - FA skill/25

    * The gun's recharge in the attack/recharge, so 1/1 guns like the Beamer and the SMG have lower req's to cap.
    ** Burst Delay = BurstRecharge/100. BurstRecharge can be found in
    *** Full Auto Delay = FullAutoRechage/100. FullAutoRecharge can also be found in


    Ranged Init. - Max that at all times so you can fight at a lower agg/def setting

    Evades: Dodge-Rng, Evade-Clsc, Duck-Exp – Did you not roll a fixer? Max.

    Nanoresist: I didn’t max this until late TL5

    Run Speed: See evades.

    Trade & Repair

    Comp. Lit. allows for higher lvl NCU to be put in and Grid travel. NCU is what allows your char to do almost anything in the game. Max this as well.

    Nanoprogramming – You need 200 to clean QL200 implants, luckily though the 1k tokenboards adds 210 NP. If you want to clean them early on, or make some implants, you could raise this skill, I’ve left it alone.

    Nano and Aiding

    Matter Metamorphosis – Long and Short HoT’s, SWSs, NCU buffs, dmg buffs, and Grid and Garden nanos. Those are the core Fixer nanolines, excepting the run buffs, max this skill.

    Biological Metamorphosis – Long and Short HoT and the SWS, you need it less than MM (about 2/3) and most of them are lvl locked anyway. If you’re keeping MM maxxed, you can keep BM about 2/3 of it.

    Psychological Modifications – Grid and Garden nanos, B&E buffs, roots, and the root reducer, as well as the SMG buffs. Raise as necessary.

    Matter Creation – Don’t touch until you have a Grid Armor nanocrystal. If you plan on lvling past 160 w/SL, dont bother at all.

    Time and Space Modifications – HoT’s, run buffs, snares, roots and the snare and root reducers, the Fixer Grid, SWSs, and NCU buffs. Max for snares to land.

    Sensory Improvement – Roots and snares and their reducers, B&E buffs, SMG buffs, run buffs, Grid and Garden nanos, Dmg buffs, and NCU buffs. Max as well

    First Aid – I left alone because of our HoT’s. Vega2 says "in early levels FA is very important, it even more important in SL as SL first aid kits are much more effective. "

    Treatment becomes the single most limiting factor of implants and symbs past QL50. Max.


    Breaking and Entering – Early on I raised it until I could get to 401 buffed, but when I got Karma Harvest, I stopped raising it until late TL5. Between our B&E buffs and the Thief perkline, we are the B&E’ers of AO. Raise it if you want, ignore it and save IP if you want. 401 B&E allows you to open any chest in a QL200 mission. It takes 950 B&E to clean a QL200 implant. It takes 1400 B&E to hack a QL200 Nano Rifle.

    Trap Disarm – Ignore. By the time you find the bomb you can either run around it or your teammate has already tripped over it.

    Perception – Important for crit scope. But between our B&E buffs and Advy buffs, you can equip a QL250 VE w/o spending a drop. Raise it if you don’t want to be dependent on begging buffs from Advy’s or feel like hotswapping between TIM scope and crit scope.


    I’m only going to discuss Vehicle Air and Map Navigation here. If you want a yalm, there’s a shiny eye cluster for Vehicle Air you can shove in. Fixers can run faster than yalms. So you don’t really need to raise VA. Same for Map Navi. Go make a temporary set of Map Navi imps like you have for Comp lit and Treatment.

    Summary for early IP spending.

    Max all basic abilities for armor, implants, and HP. Max SMG and Burst for damage. Max treatment. Ranged Init. Evades. Runspeed. Needed nanoskills. Good luck keeping up with all of it from 50-150, IP gets very tight.


    Shadowlands Perks

    Very easy for fixers. Only 3 worth doing early on.

    Acrobat – adds to agi, and evades, as well as 2 great specials in Limber which you get at lvl 60 and Dance of Fools which you get at lvl 140 that adds 1000 to your evades for 75% of the time you are in combat

    Defensive Stance – Combine this with Shadowweb Spinners, Left Arm and Foot Support Symbs (the arty right arm luckily has both addall off and and alldef), or once you hit lvl 100 Addalldef Jobe Clusters. It seems like FC took the MA and Shade’s Careful in Battle Group perkline, renamed it, and made it a Profession perkline for us. It doesn’t matter, you still need it. Here’s why:
    DS1 Lvl 40 Defensive (1hr) +20DMS -2 Crit Deceptive N/A
    DS2 Lvl 70 Defensive (1hr) +40DMS -4 Crit Deceptive +150DMS (62s)
    DS3 Lvl 100 Defensive (1hr) +62DMS -7 Crit Deceptive +250DMS (64s)
    DS4 Lvl 130 Defensive (1hr) +85DMS -10 Crit Deceptive +350DMS (66s)
    DS5 Lvl 160 Defensive (1hr) +107DMS -14 Crit Deceptive +450DMS (68s)
    DS6 Lvl 200 Defensive (1hr) +135DMS -21 Crit Deceptive +550DMS (70s)
    DS7 Lvl 205 Defensive (1hr) +163DMS -30 Crit Deceptive +650DMS (72s)
    DS8 Lvl 207 Defensive (1hr) +195DMS -42 Crit Deceptive +750DMS (74s)
    DS9 Lvl 212 Defensive (1hr) +235DMS -57Crit Deceptive +875DMS (76s)
    DS10 Lvl 219 Defensive (1hr)+300DMS -80 Crit Deceptive +1000DMS(80s)

    SMG Mastery – More SMG and more Burst.

    Alien Invasion Perks

    Dark Kin – get the first 1 for Power Bolt, ignore the rest until you’ve finished off the Champion of Light Artillery, Nano Combat, and Alien Technology Expertise, or if you’re an evade freak

    Champion of Nano Combat adds to our nanoskills. The perk specials do more dmg than the Dark Kin ones, excepting Power Bolt.

    Champion of Light Artillery – Adds to SMG and has 2 decent perk attacks.

    Alien Technology Expertise – bump this up the list if you need to.


    I’m going to divide this into early lvl and mid lvl weapons and then give a link to Zura’s excellent weapon guide.

    Early lvls (up to about 41)

    Backyard weapons – upgraded starter gun for alien backyard, the Chimera Machine Gun is so much better though. In the alien backyards Kyr'Ozch Submachine guns drop until QL15. Very high min. dmg, but no specials, unless you type it with a Type 4,5, or 12 Biomaterial. Not worth typing if you are not a TL1 twink and plan on leveling past 15. Once you leave Alien backyard, head for Jobe and start on the Chimera, it's free.

    OT Kerans Automatic Grinner – Uses SMG and Burst, uses poison damage, low attack time, fast burst recharge, rollable in Clicksaver, relatively inexpensive and is available in Omni stores. What more can you want in a gun to get you to your first Perennium Beamer? Just keep buying a higher QL one until you can get a beamer.

    Gamma Ejectors – I’m tossing this in for the fr00bs, because by lvl 41 you should be able to acquire a low level beamer easily with the glut of weapons in the player shops now. [Due to update of Foreman's, I no longer know the exact drop location of this gun]

    Other weapon options: Vega2 advocates Sleekmaster Classics at low lvls
    there's reprint from on of the posts about them: Well dual sleekmasters really are good damage wise at lower levels. The reason is that they are fast and have min damage better than 1. And they have really low reqs in SMG/Burst/MR, so it's possible to equip farly high ql of them. It's perfectly Ok to go dual sleekmasters, then gamma ejector, and dual gamma ejectors, and dual PLS in the end. But there are reasons most dont go this way.
    You need to put IPs into Ranged energy and Multi Ranged. RE is dark blue and MR is light blue, means it needs a lot of IPs. And if you want to keep your Attack rate high enough you ll need implant RE into head, instead of SI or MM, which means you lose even more in nano skill department.
    What i suggest is using Sleek masters till 41, then IPR RE. and at level 70+ go for dual Gammas.
    just for example:
    ql 40 kerans:
    SMG 190
    Burst 143
    dmg: 1-79

    ql 56 sleek masters:
    reqs: Self MG/SMG >= 168Self RangedEnergy >= 113Self Burst >= 141
    dmg: 11 -110

    The same reqs, but a lot higher dmg. and only for 1 hand. dual wield it - u get uber dmg.

    Older guns, viable for fr00bs: Mausser Particle Streamer , Mausser Chemical Streamer Guide to making a Mausser Chemical Streamer, Manex Catastrophe December, Michael Patriot Ffi 29B, MTI Aleph 99, Illicit Laser Backups MTI - Russian Good Day

    Mid lvls (lvl 41-190)

    Perennium Beamer – QL50 to QL200, relatively high min. dmg; a 1/1 gun means you can fire at full speed lower on the agg/def bar. By far the most efficient gun for the midlvls.

    Mortiig Beamer – a great gun, pity it only goes up to QL125. By the time you can solo the Mortiig’s you can be in a better gun than they drop, so make some friends and try to do it as early as possible. Dual wieldable.

    Blackbirds – the fr00b alternative to the beamer, dual wielded these are decent against RK mobs. A pair of Blinded Blackbirds looks good too. Blackbirds are found on Cenobite Shadows in the Crypt of Home in Broken Shores, so bring your cluster bullets.

    Syndicate Messenger Gun – for the rich fixer alt. You can realistically use this gun until TL7. A 1/1 gun with a higher min. damage than the QL200 beamer and crits that can do more dmg than Bursts. High crit setups can be expensive. If you want your own, go kill Crete, Ithaki or the Conflagrant Spirit in Inferno, but bring a lot of friends.

    Kyr’Ozch Submachine Gun and Machine Pistols – Type 5 – Not everyone has the means to get the SMG. These weapons can outdamage the Superior Perennium Beamer and almost come close to the SMG below QL250.

    Higher lvls (190+)

    By now you should know what you are doing or you’ve read Zura’s endgame weapon guide here at least once.
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    Aginorgotd's Updated Fixer Guide - If you have a Fixer question, the answer is probably here
    As mentioned in Sorhan's journal
    Atlantean Omni Unredeemed Kingpin Fixer, Unit Leader of Majestic Twelve
    Aginorgotd, - Equipment and Perks,
    Aginorgotd, from - Total Equipment and Perks Report, from
    Too many alts to list

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    Except the Prevailing brain and eye, NO symbs below QL150. Imps are better job at raising stats. I prefer Support in Eye, Head, Ear, LA, and LH The rest Arty. Symb choices What symb comes from where? AO pocket.

    You may want to swap out the Support Eye for an Exterminator Occular Enhancement, from Alien bosses, for twinking into a weapon or general use. It adds weapon skills where weapon skills normally don't go.

    Profession implants get the job done, but they’re far from efficient

    The current layout has problems in like 4 implants.
    Head: Psychic is the only ability that fixers don't need, so u can safely remove it We need sense and ranged init. Suggestion - trader head if not raising psychic, agents head imp if you are
    LW: it's ok but MR could be added. Suggestion - crats
    Waist: no need for us to have implanted stamina. Fixers prefer evades. Change stamina for evade cls. Suggestion - MA waist imp.
    Right hand: it has currently burst + TS. [Get a SMG/Burst one]

    Download iMatrix or Nanonanny and design ur own based around the way u play. A few suggestions for ur custom set would be: Max Health (Body Dev Trox), SMG, Burst, Evade Clsc, and Ddg-Rng, nanoskills. If u are past lvl 100 AAD clusters as well as the dmg modifier of your weapon. Put basic Ability clusters in last. Make a temporary set if u need to twink


    Armor choice depends on breed, funding, and knowledge of the game. Carbonum Armor is perfect in the beginning. Adds NCU and always for sale.

    Fixer Tier 1 armor sucks. Only make T1 chest and sleeves for T2 and T3, which do not suck. T3 shoulderpads adds MR, so that could be useful too.

    Predator Armor is awesome from 50-???. Don't forget to swap in Shapeshifter's Vest ASAP. If u do not plan on going the Tier route, go w/ Omni Steel Ribbed or Clan Apocalypse Leather, from there go to the Alien Armors. Blitz Steel Ribbed or Leather and hack, then Omnify or Clanalize. Swap Predator pieces for Omni Steel-Ribbed or Apocalypse at around lvl 100 or when you have SWS III. Evades start to get better then.

    Tier 1 – Guide for the Jobe Suit and Tier 1 @ Anarchyarcanum. Yellow Ocra and Mist of Novictum makes Glyph of the 2.

    Tier 2 @ AOVault– You’re not going 2 do this by yourself until the mid200s. Red Ocra and Orange Moon Glyph of Roch makes Red Glyph of the Hermit.

    Tier 3 @ AOVault Blue Glyph of Ocra and FRN and Insig of Chosen/Faithful makes Water Glyph.

    Backslot armor is easy. Shadowweb Spinners. Skip SWS I and use a Vagabond Cloak instead. If you ever need help casting a SWS, Pensive Spirit Phulakterion, drops from dungeon bosses and side bosses in Ely+

    Headspot - 2 good choices: Predator's Circlet, made by hacking the Predator Facemask, from Predator bosses in Ely and Syndicate Shades for the SMG/Burst from the Peristaltic Aversion in Adonis Abyss. Supple and CSS as well.

    Kill Allyssa/Carlos in Pen for their pants.

    Boots of the Imaginative go kill the Obsolete Soul Dredge in Inferno.

    Electrophoridae Gloves rare drop off Alien Generals.

    Certain Azure parts can be good at lvl 175.

    OTAF/Sentinels – can be a good choice at 190.

    The endgame is Combined Sharpshooters.

    Don't forget about Haitte's Combined Sharpshooter's Headwear. You only need a QL250+ CSS headwear with Action Probability Estimator from Sector 13, it makes it into QL300.

    Shadowweb Spinners – BEST BackArmor for Fixers
    SWS MK I Lvl 25
    SWS MK II Lvl 75 Spec1
    SWS MK III Lvl 100 Spec2
    SWS MK IV Lvl 145 Spec3
    SWS MK V Lvl 165 Spec3
    SWS MK VI Lvl 201 Spec4
    SWS MK VII Lvl 205 Spec4
    SWS MK VIII Lvl 209 Spec4
    SWS MK IX Lvl 215 Spec4
    SWS MK X Lvl 220 Spec4

    Grid ArmorFinding Grid Armor. A toy for twinks. Those past 160, should go with SWS+Armor.

    Neck slot had better be a token board of some sort. CoH Neck Item if lazy.

    Shoulders – Backyard shoulderpads early on, Barrow Strength and Withered Flesh from TotW, Sided Shoulderpads, Virral Triumvirate Eggs, Might of the Revanant, Globe of Clarity, T3 for the MR for alien pistols.

    Wrist – Jobe bracers early on. Arul Sabas from lvl 60 to the bitter end.

    HUD/Deck items

    NCU Hacker Interface, make this ASAP.

    TIM Scope Found on TIM in Foreman’s in The Longest Road or Harbinger of the General/General Kronolis in PW

    Crit Scope – use this for dmg when you’re not the tank, blitzable.

    Alien Crit scopes – higher crit dmg but harder to get

    Sanctuary Keys – add init and NCU. Go see the Shadowlands Library.

    Implant Disassembly Clinic – imp cleaner and treatment.

    Ebony Figurine – From Aces in Merc camp in EFP

    Hardcore CPU upgrade- We don’t need to fill all 6 decks with NCU

    Nano Formula Recompiler/Viral Compiler – faster casting.

    Morphing Memory – Adds to NR

    Yutto’s – More NCU and a bit of treatment.

    Problem Avoiding Device – for u evade freaks

    Spirit of Opportunity – another evade freak thing

    Communications Relay – Alien loot

    Star of Enterprice – Beast drop or Quest

    Zodiac items supercede some of these but if u can get one, u should know that.

    Rings – Ergo Progression rings are a great choice for most. Dmg modifier for the other one or Hold Hell at Bay.

    B&E Buffing Items

    Qwikz's B&E Bag

    Treatment buffing items

    Omni-Med Suit, except the boots later on. +78 w/boots

    Biomech Helmet Cloak and Boots, +102 with boots until you get Boots of the Imaginative which pushes it up to +112

    OT-Windchaser M06 Quartz +10 treatment

    Implant Disassembly Clinic +20 @ QL200 for the fixers

    QL200 Head Eye and Right Hand Implants +210 for all 3

    Yutto’s NCU’s, +2 ea.

    Experimental Cyborg Token Board +25 treatment

    Garden Keys up to +14 for the inf key

    Problem Seeking Device +4 treatment

    Visionist Tool +15 treatment

    Diviner's Helper +15 treatment

    Wondrous Gold Ring of Ocra Lux +5 treatment

    Sun Ring of Eckel Roch +5 treatment

    Fixer Nanolines
    – what garden/sanc is that nano in.

    Long Term HoT
    – Heal over Time heals in the given range every 10s. Everything past Hacked Diagnosis is Dynaboss loot. Can be cast on any lvl as long as a better one isn’t running.


    Dr Hack 'n Quack
    The target is continuously healed of 362-370 point... 25 195
    Cellular Crashcart
    The target is continuously healed of 326-335 point... 24 175
    Backyard Revitalization
    The target is continuously healed of 276-283 point... 22 155
    Systolic Equalizer
    The target is continuously healed of 235-243 point... 20 135
    Nano Cauterization
    The target is continuously healed of 194-201 point... 18 100
    Biosign Rejuvenator
    The target is continuously healed of 154-162 point... 15 100
    Blackmarket Prescription
    The target is continuously healed of 111-119 point... 12 75
    Kitchen-sink Surgery
    The target is continuously healed of 87-92 points ... 9 50
    Hacked Diagnosis
    The target is continuously healed of 58-64 points ... 6 25
    Rebinding Sutures
    The target is continuously healed of 35-41 points ... 4 25
    Relieving Salve
    The target is continuously healed of 15-18 points ... 2

    The SL Long Term HoTs
    – All require Spec4.

    Name/NCU/Lvl/ Lowest Target Lvl
    Lasting Ultimatum
    The target is continuously healed of 466 - 502 poi... 25 213 205
    Life Bond
    The target is continuously healed of 434 - 471 poi... 25 208 202
    Lasting Life
    The target is continuously healed of 406 - 439 poi... 25 205 195

    Short Term HoT
    – Used with the long HoT, it gives u more healing power when you’re taking a beating. Each one heals every 5s and all last 200 seconds. Unlike the long HoTs these aren’t lvl locked

    Omni-Med Incursion QL NCU
    The target is continuously healed of 122-276 point... 149 24
    Advanced Policy Skim
    The target is continuously healed of 104-244 point... 142 23
    Flawless Medical Claim
    The target is continuously healed of 95-200 points... 129 21
    Policy Skim
    The target is continuously healed of 83-168 points... 119 20
    Advanced Insurance Hack
    The target is continuously healed of 64-139 points... 103 17
    Detailed Medical Claim
    The target is continuously healed of 43-92 points ... 73 12
    Basic Policy Skim
    The target is continuously healed of 38-82 points ... 66 11
    Insurance Hack
    The target is continuously healed of 26-63 points ... 47 8
    Falsify Medical Records
    The target is continuously healed of 17-39 points ... 30 5
    Medical Claim
    The target is continuously healed of 10-21 points ... 17 3
    Basic Insurance Hack
    The target is continuously healed of 2-6 points of... 4 1

    RK Run Buffs – Add evades/run speed to target. The team versions are USELESS since they only add rs and are lvl locked.

    Gridspace Freedom +720 RS +79 Evades
    Grid Phase Accelerator +620 RS +70 Evades
    Partial Grid Jump +450 RS +61 Evades
    Grid Surfer +390 RS +37 Evades
    Leech Grid Vector +310 RS +25 Evades
    Grid Runner +260 RS +16 Evades
    Hack Grid Vector +190 RS +7 Evades
    Limited Grid Jump +140 RS +2 Evades

    SL Run Buffs – team run buff that works in Shadowlands unlike the RK run buffs. Only u get the evades, the team doesn’t. This nano can be cast on RK and the evades stack with the RK run buff evades. Extremely buggy and may need to be recast to maintain pulse.

    Blessed By Shadow Lvl 205 Spec4 +820 RS +100 Evades Min. Target Lvl 201
    Touched With Shadow Lvl 205 Spec4 +725 RS +85 Evades Min. Target Lvl 201
    Path of Shadow Lvl 165 Spec3 +640 RS +79 Evades Min. Target Lvl 155
    Shadow Trail Lvl 100 Spec2 +400 RS +52 Evades Min. Target Lvl 90
    Shadow Step Lvl 50 Spec1 +250 RS +24 Evades Min. Target Lvl 40
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    NCU Buffs – adds NCU, must have min. 1 NCU free before casting this for it to land. The last 3 NCU buffs can be cast on ppl up to 10 lvls lower than the lvl lock.

    Sentient Viral Recoder Lvl 195 +250NCU Target Lvl 185
    Active Viral Compressor Lvl 175 +195NCU Target Lvl 165
    QuarkStor NCU Core Lvl 145 +150NCU Target Lvl 135
    Recompiling Memory Analyzer Lvl 125 +110NCU Target Lvl 125
    Deck Recoder Lvl 75 +85NCU Target Lvl 75
    Jury-rigged NCU Analyzer Lvl 50 +60NCU Target Lvl 50
    Retool NCU Lvl 25 +40NCU Target Lvl 25
    NCU Compressor Lvl 25 +20NCU Target Lvl 25 (once you have Retool NCU you can ditch this one)

    SMG Buffs
    - with the exception of Minor Suppressor these are self only, so save Minor Suppressor for others out there.

    Frenzy of Shells Lvl 195 +SMG 141 +Burst 90 + Multranged 38 +Dmg 8 + Ranged Init 38 +Evades 10
    Shower With Lead Lvl 175 +SMG 134 +Burst 85 + Multranged 25 +Dmg 5
    Spray With Lead Lvl 135 +SMG 121 +Burst 78 + Multranged 15 +Dmg 3
    Supreme Suppressor Lvl 100 +SMG 100 +Burst 64 +Multiranged 10
    Major Suppressor Lvl 75 +SMG 79 +Burst 50
    Suppressor Lvl 25 +SMG 46 +Burst 30
    Lesser Suppressor +SMG 24 +Burst 15
    Minor Suppressor +SMG 8 +Burst 7 (CAN BE CAST ON OTHERS)

    Grid Nanos – 5 types, self/team regular access, self/team evacs, and the Fixer Grid, only useable on RK

    Self Regular Access
    – transport yourself into regular grid, no hp/nano loss to you, useful for exiting missions, shops, tower wars on RK

    Grid Phreak - 90s cast time
    Ride the Grid - 60s cast time
    Meld with Grid Stream - 30s cast time

    Team Regular Access – transport team into grid, no hp/nano loss to you, useful for exiting missions.

    Team Grid Phreak - 90s cast time
    Grid Excursion - 60s cast time
    Re-Matrix Grid Vector - 30s cast time

    Self Evac – transport self into grid fast, 1hp/1nano left for you, useful for getting out of a very bad situation

    Reckless Digitization - 6s cast time
    Ruinous Grid Jump - 3s cast time

    Team Evac – transport team into grid fast, 1hp/1nano left for you, usually the team leader calls for an evac.

    Instantaneous Encoding - 6s cast time
    Emergency Vector Tap - 3s cast time

    The Fixer Grid

    Having more exits than the regular grid, the fixer grid can get you where you want to go fast. This nano spawns a jewel that when right clicked onto a grid terminal puts you into the Fixer Grid. Whether it’s for tower wars, shopping, missons, or traveling to a far off dungeon, you’ll be there before most people can even get in their yalm.

    Darthgedo's Fixer Grid Guide for Omni's

    Fixer Grid Quest (Single Nano)

    Fixer Grid Quest (Team Nano)

    Shadowland Garden Transport Nanos – these require you to wear the appropriate Garden Key for the nano to be cast. Usually just cast Nascence and use the other keys to warp you to the appropriate Garden/Sanctuary, unless you want to show off your speed. I wish they worked with Sanctuary keys because that’s the key I’m normally wearing. They’re level locked but really good luck doing the key solo and meeting the nano reqs before the level lock comes into play.

    Tap Notum Vein: Inferno
    Tap Notum Vein: Penumbra
    Tap Notum Vein: Adonis
    Tap Notum Vein: Scheol
    Tap Notum Vein: Elysium
    Tap Notum Vein: Nascence

    Fixer Dodge-Rng Increase Buffs - These increase your BASE Dodge-Rng skill by a certain %, I usually cast the moment I get aggro. You never know what evade a mob checks against.

    Slip of Accident Spec2 Lvl 125 +5% for 8m
    Slip of Idea Spec3 Lvl 175 +10% for 10m
    Slip of Intent Spec4 Lvl 201 +15% for 12m
    Slip of Will Spec4 Lvl209 +20% for 18m
    Slip of Mind Spec4 Lvl 216 +25% for 24m

    Roots – these work decently on RK but are easily breakable. They make it so your target cant move. Personally I like snares so that I can shoot at the target more than once. Useful in PvP for irritating others.

    Greater Prolong Encounter 275s
    Greater Delay Retreat 228s
    Prolong Encounter 170s
    Greater Halt Flight 116s
    Delay Retreat 83s
    Lesser Prolong Encounter 46s
    No Escape Possible 32s
    Halt Flight 21s

    De-root – works on you only, which is a pity. These are also level locked.

    Master Escapologist Lvl 165 -122s to root
    Escape Captivation Lvl 50 -45s to root

    – Area snares/single snares/SL single snares, harder to break than a root, so you can shoot at the target multiple times. The area snares are nice in tower wars to completely halt an opposing faction. The single snares work decently on RK. The SL single snares work decently on both RK and SL. There is also a taunt associated with them so it may help you hold aggro if you’re the tank or you’re trying to pull a mob off a doc/crat/low hp teammate.

    Area snare

    Spin Nanoweb -1550RS 1719s duration 693 taunt
    Mass Gravity Bindings -1280RS 1395s duration 561 taunt
    Greater Net Cast Wide -1030RS 1116s duration 449 taunt
    Spin Weak Nanoweb -900RS 900s duration 362 taunt
    Invasive Distributed Entanglement -690RS 718s duration 269 taunt
    Net Cast Wide -615RS 609s duration 214 taunt
    Active Distributed Entanglement -430RS 542s duration 180 taunt
    Lesser Net Cast Wide -340RS 451s duration 133 taunt
    Passive Distributed Entanglement -160RS 348s duration 81 taunt

    RK Single Snare

    Gravity Bindings -1080RS 1242s duration 500 taunt
    Greater Nano Net -920RS 963s duration 387 taunt
    Invasive Micro Entanglement -750RS 766s duration 294 taunt
    Nano Net -480RS 566s duration 192 taunt
    Active Micro Entanglement -320RS 439s duration 127 taunt
    Lesser Nano Net -180RS 366s duration 90 taunt
    Passive Micro Entanglement -100RS 324s duration 68 taunt

    SL Single Snare
    – Imo, the better choice for a single snare. There are multiple outcomes depending on target and a roll on these nanos, I’ll give best scenario.

    Intense Agglutinative Nanoweb Spec4 Lvl 214 -2000RS 80s duration 1792 taunt
    Intense Nano Bindings Spec4 Lvl 207 -1700RS 70s duration 1372 taunt
    Intense Targetted Nanoweb Spec3 Lvl 195 -1400RS 60s duration 1008 taunt
    Intense Gravity Bindings Spec2 Lvl 145 -1200RS 50s duration 700 taunt
    Intense Personal Entanglement Spec2 Lvl 125 -900RS 40s duration 448 taunt
    Intense Nano Net Spec1 Lvl 75 -770RS 30s duration 252 taunt
    Intense Micro Entanglement Spec1 Lvl 25 -350RS 20s duration 112 taunt

    De-snare – Snared by a mob/player? Use these to lessen those 1,719 seconds of pure agony. Two kinds: self and target. Level locked as well.


    Luck's Lost Twin Level 195 -1702s off snare
    Bargain with Fate Level 165 -1466s off snare
    Rend Bonds Level 125 -1161s off snare
    Shatter Bonds Level 75 -814s off snare
    Burst Bonds Level 50 -596s off snare
    Scatter Bonds -337s off snare


    Fortune's Smile Lvl 195 -1353s off snare
    Rend Bonds (Other) Lvl 145 -1052s off snare
    Shatter Bonds (Other) Lvl 100 -736s off snare
    Burst Bonds (Other) Lvl 50 -515s off snare
    Scatter Bonds (Other) -318s off snare

    Fixer Damage Buffs – 3 types: 1 buffs melee poison and projectile, 1 buffs all, and the SL improved versions of those 2 (if you find the last ones in nano form, hold on to them they’re rare)

    Melee, Poison, Projectile

    Poison Modification +2
    Contact Poison +7
    Venom Modification +13
    Lifebane Modification +16

    All types

    Lesser Nano Boost +5
    Hasty Augmentation Cloud +10
    Nano Boost +15
    Augmentation Cloud +17
    Greater Nano Boost +20
    Advanced Augmentation Cloud +21
    Target Augmentation Cloud +23
    Neural Interfaced Augmentation Cloud +25
    Semi-Sentient Augmentation Cloud +27

    Improved Melee, Poison, Projectile

    Improved Poison Modification +3
    Improved Contact Poison Lvl 10 +9
    Improved Venom Modification Lvl 25 +18
    Improved Lifebane Modification Lvl 50 +22

    Improved All Types

    Improved Lesser Nano Boost +7
    Improved Hasty Augmentation Cloud +14
    Improved Nano Boost Lvl 25 +21
    Improved Augmentation Cloud Lvl 50 +24
    Improved Greater Nano Boost Lvl 75 +26
    Improved Advanced Augmentation Lvl 75 Cloud +28
    Improved Target Augmentation Cloud Lvl 75 +30
    Improved Neural Interfaced Augmentation Cloud Lvl 100 +35
    Improved Semi-Sentient Augmentation Cloud Lvl 100 +40

    Perception/B&E/Trap Disarm Buffs – Great for Crit Scopes, B&E for chests and hacking

    Cracker’s Luck +23 to all three
    Stack the Odds +79 to all three
    Karma Harvest +130 to all three
    Blood Makes Noise +107 Perception only

    Fixer Rogue
    Buffs – why these are still here is anybody’s guess. Ninjabuffing.

    Embrace of Shadows +40 Concealment – Agents’ are better
    Back Pain +64 Sneak Attack

    Evade Debuffs
    . –

    Luck’s Fickle Fate -85 to all evades
    Luck's Capricious Consequences -170 to all evades Quest

    Fixer Summon Line – The most useless line in the game, rivaled by Martial Artist’s Give Life line. I’m not going to even bother listing them. It uses MC, which gives this the kiss of death. Sell it in shops for cash.

    Continued in Part IV
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    Atlantean Omni Unredeemed Kingpin Fixer, Unit Leader of Majestic Twelve
    Aginorgotd, - Equipment and Perks,
    Aginorgotd, from - Total Equipment and Perks Report, from
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    Part IV - Random stuff.

    Blitzing – I’ll quote from the old guide here : Blitzing in a nutshell: Get the highest run buff you can. Cast both the long lasting and the short lasting HoT. [Turn off auto-attack if you’ve somehow left it on] Pull your agg/def bar to full def and run as fast as you can through the mission looking for your objective... When you find it, do what you’re supposed to do (repair, find person, find item etc) and then wait for the mission complete message. If you’re still alive, hit your evac and presto, you’re in the grid with your reward.

    Wondering what to blitz? The Master Blitz List

    % Added Richness - With high B&E a fixer can get higher QL loot in a mission but the mobs will remain the same QL in the mish. (Credit to Whitelighter)

    It seems to follow a pattern as well:


    (IP cost under full info)

    Fixers in Teams – For most of my levels I’ve been mainly a light soldier. Sometimes I am an evade tank. Much of the time I’m the puller. The whole time I give out NCU buffs, run buffs, and HoTs (long and short), Semi-Sentient Augmentation Cloud if they don’t have better. If for some reason they need something else, I give them that too.

    Being the light soldier is relatively easy: try to stay on top of your bursts and perk attacks, acrobat if you pull aggro temporarily.

    The evade tank is that plus casting snares for the taunt.

    Puller is probably the hardest, especially with mob pathing changes. Running up to the mob and running back is the best way to do it, I’ve found. Shooting the mob is the worst. If you pull more than one mob, try casting a snare on the add and pull back further.

    A lot of this depends on the team’s makeup. Play smart, play well, most people understand about bad pulls.

    The Fixer Shop

    Located just SW of Borealis, a few things worthy of note. The implant disassembly unit, if you see one QL181 or higher, grab it, or you’ll spend days camping it for your QL200 Disassembly Clinic. Cluster bullets and Permorpha Bullets.

    Vega2 suggested I link up Icon's repost of TehDeacon's Guide to Making Money as a New Player.

    Clicksaver. And for the people who can't figure it out : Agaille's Guide to Clicksaver.

    Replacement maps, better maps than the ones included in the game:

    Spheremap for Shadowlands.
    CSPmap aka Updated Huge Map for Rubi-Ka.
    mirrored by Kallipar and Matalok and Incognitus

    The Shadowlands Library
    , a walkthrough for the Shadowlands., - The AO item databases. I lean towards for the comments, but has a better setup.

    How to make a Mausser Chemical Streamer.

    How to make a Perennium Beamer.

    Where do I put my agg/def slider?

    How much Burst do I need to cap my gun's Burst special? From Breaks

    I'll give you the recharge for all the guns listed in the guide in order, but it's probably only worth mentioning the ones in the mid and high level gun sections, because no one will ever cap any gun at level 20 or even level 100.

    • OT Kerans: 900
    • Russian Good Day: 950
    • Gamma Ejector: 1687
    • Sleekmaster: 1075
    • Mausser Particle Streamer: 1900
    • Mausser Chemical Streamer: 800
    • Manex Catastrophe: 2300
    • Patriot Ffi: 1075
    • MTI Aleph 99: 925
    • Illicit Laser Backup: 725
    • QL100 Mortiig Beamer: 1800
    • QL125 Mortiig Beamer: 1050
    • Perennium Beamer: 925
    • Blackbird: 1050
    • Blinded Blackbird: 675
    • Syndicate Messenger Gun: 675
    • KSMG-5: 1025
    • KMP-5: 1400
    • SPB:925 (same as all other peren beamers)

    Profession buffs that will help you twink into stuff

    Specialist Treatment Doctor 11NCU +35 Treatment, +20 First Aid
    Robust Treatment Adventurer 42NCU +60 Treatment, +60 First Aid
    Superior First Aid (SFA) Doctor 37NCU +80 Treatment, +80 First Aid
    Enhanced Senses (ES) Agent 9NCU +15 Sense
    Feline Grace (FG) Agent 17NCU +25 Agi
    Enlarge Doctor 12NCU +10 Sta & Str
    Iron Circle (IC) Doctor 23NCU +20 Sta& Str
    Essence of . . . (Behemoth plzkthxbye) Enforcer 5-47NCU +5-27 Sta&Str
    Prodigious Strength Enforcer 42NCU +40 Strength
    Muscle Stim MA 7NCU +12 Str
    Muscle Booster MA 22NCU +25 Str
    Neuronal Stimulator NT 7NCU+20 Intelligence and Psychic
    Improved Cut Red Tape Crat 29NCU +3 Intelligence and Psychic

    Treatment buffs stack with the treatment expertise, but not with each other. Composite Attribute Boost stacks with profession ability enhancing nanos. Doctor and Enforcer STR/STA buffs stack with each other. MA STR buffs or the Enforcer buff Prodigious Strength stack with Enforcer Essences, but not with Enlarge and Iron Circle. NS and Crat buff stack.

    Metaphysicists have a line of + nanoskills buffs that stack with Comp Nano.
    Composite Teachings (CT) +25 all nanoskills Min. target lvl 15 4hrs
    Composite Masteries (CM) +50 all nanoskills Min. target lvl 40 4hrs
    Composite Infuse (CI) +90 all nanoskills Min. target lvl 90 4hrs
    Composite Mochams (CM also, but most MPs know what you're talking about based on your level and the level of the MP being asked)
    +140 all nanoskills Min. target lvl for 1hr is 175
    +140 all nanoskills Min. target lvl for 2hr is 201
    +140 all nanoskills Min. target lvl for 4hr is 205
    +140 all nanoskills Min. target lvl for 8hr is 209

    Individual Mocham's may also be cast to add 140 to a particular nanoskill.

    Wrangles add to your primary weapons skill (i.e. SMG) and nanoskills for twinking. Ppl giving out the +131 are relatively easy to find.

    Riot Control from Soldiers adds +110 Burst. If only they had a graft for Riot Control, fixers wouldnt need Soldiers. Since that isn't the case, go make friends with some soldiers.

    As you can see there is a 21 point difference between SMG and Burst there between those last two buffs. You may want to consider a Burst Right Arm for twinking purposes to make up for that difference in Burst and an SMG/addalldef/+weaponrng Right Arm for fighting. Champion of Light Artillery adds to MG/SMG and not Burst. Dark Kin adds to Burst, but for twinking purposes you are better off overall with CoLA, considering Riot Control and Wrangles.

    390 stam 16 s
    420 stam 15 s
    450 stam 14 s
    480 stam 13 s
    510 stam 12 s
    540 stam 11 s
    570 stam 10 s
    600 stam 9 s
    630 stam 8 s
    660 stam 7 s
    690 stam 6 s
    720 stam 5 s
    750 stam 4 s
    780 stam 3 s
    810 stam 2 s

    0 Psy = 28s
    60 Psy = 26s
    120 Psy = 24s
    180 Psy = 22s
    240 Psy = 20s
    300 Psy = 18s
    360 Psy = 16s
    420 Psy = 14s
    480 Psy = 12s
    540 Psy = 10s
    600 Psy = 8s
    660 Psy = 6s
    720 Psy = 4s
    780 Psy = 2s

    PvP Healing and Healdelta


    Lvl 1-15 1 token
    Lvl 15-50 2 tokens
    Lvl 50-75 3 tokens
    Lvl 75-100 4 tokens
    Lvl 100-125 5 tokens
    Lvl 125-150 6 tokens
    Lvl 150-175 7 tokens
    Lvl 175-190 8 tokens
    Lvl 190-220 9 tokens

    Where do I put Breaks' Lost Eden Info?

    My take on Lost Eden: The guns kind of suck, they're hard to get. The armor is ok, but ugly, pick what pieces you want, they're hard to get too. The perks are so-so, nothing to write home about. For Personal Research, get the first 8 in each line first. The jump from 8 to 9 is more than all the other lines from 1-8 combined. You can get 56 Research lines in all 8 categories faster than you can get 9 in one category.
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    Aginorgotd's Updated Fixer Guide - If you have a Fixer question, the answer is probably here
    As mentioned in Sorhan's journal
    Atlantean Omni Unredeemed Kingpin Fixer, Unit Leader of Majestic Twelve
    Aginorgotd, - Equipment and Perks,
    Aginorgotd, from - Total Equipment and Perks Report, from
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    Part V


    TL1 Lvls 1-15

    Fixerspy's Ultimate Noob Island Guide

    Make ur fixer and name him. Don't bother w/Jobe Backyard, u can go 2 the Jobe backyard anytime before lvl 50. Head for the ICC Backyard. Stay there until about lvl 9. Dont leave w/o 2 Alien lvls, our startup nanos, the shoulderpads (unless you’re neut), maybe a starter weapon upgrade (dual wield if ya want to). You can try and farm a Kyr'Ozch Submachine Gun from the boss, up 2 QL15. VERY high min. dmg for the lvl. You'll either need 2 spend more time than u want 2 on the island lvling up or make a team 2 do that. Low lvl alien weapon types can be bought on the mainland for 200k-1m, if u are an alt or have nice friends. Dont bother with Newcomer Armor. (Medsuit adds enough First Aid that u can use a high QL Stim that’s basically a Complete Heal) Head for your city. Make an NCU Hacker Interface. Buy a medsuit if you’re Omni. Head for Jobe backyard and do Drake’s quests. Grab the Bracer of Jobe and a Scourged Bracer of Jobe. +10 DMS for free. Make a Chimera Submachine Gun. The high min. dmg comes in handy. Head for the subway and grab a Vagabond Cloak from Vagabonds, duh. +45 DMS (+55 with clan shoulderpads) total now and you’re not even lvl 10 yet. At lvl 10 go ahead and fire up Clicksaver and roll your QL10 Concrete Cushions. A 3 or 4 slot belt can be done at lvl 15. Fill it up with NCU.


    Get used to ranged fighting, the red dots bracketing your target means it’s in range.
    Get used to your burst speed.
    Start putting IP into the core fixer skills of SMG/Burst and your evades.
    At lvl 10 use your perk point in Power Up for damage or Enhance DNA for some implants. You’ll reset this soon.
    At lvl 15 Dark Kin 1 for Power Bolt and Champion of Nano Combat 1 for the Nanoskills. And don’t forget to raise your NCUHI every level.
    A pair of QL10 Concrete Cushions add +16 str/sta which is a godsend at lower lvls 2 twink into higher armor and imps. At lvl 10 when you head into a shop and look at the fixer profession implants u may be able 2 get into QL30+ implants with enough NCU for outside buffs.

    TL2 Lvls 15-50

    Blitz some armor if u’d like. Doing the subway till 25 is a trap and there isn’t that much fixer loot in the TotW. Start doing missions, get tokens, and grab your OT-Windchaser M06s for statbuffing at lvl 22. Have a set of Map Navi implants made to get to 130 Map Navi so you can get the map upgrades in the Map terminals. These are essential for good missioning. Get Spec1, Nasc Garden key (see Shadowlands library), maybe SWS MK I at lvl 25. SWS I isn't really that good compared 2 the Vagabond Cloak, but u may want 2 try it out and get used 2 it. These lvls go by pretty fast, especially if you’re in the crippler cave over by nasc frontier. At 40 do the Fixer Grid quest. From 40-50 I'd hit the Rafters and Kolaana's in Ely by Port 7. Get yourself a beamer. At lvl 50 start hitting the RK dynabosses (download the Updated Huge Map from above to look for the right QL dynabosses) and get your NCU buff and Long HoT. Either make enough cash to buy your profession nanos or run missions for them. Higher NCU SMG and Long HoT cant be missioned for. Keep IP spending tight, don’t neglect nanoskills either and don’t forget to upgrade the NCUHI.


    At 20 SMG Mastery 1
    At 30 Acrobat 1
    At 40 Defensive Stance 1 and put the point from lvl 10 in SMG Mastery 2, Reinforce Slugs
    At 50 save it for 60

    See if you can find some Alien Raids/Missions, the additional AI perks are handy.

    TL3 Lvls 50-100

    Finish getting Temple of the Winds loot. Barrow Strength, Withered Flesh from that Windcaller. Guardian Circuit Board from the Guardian of Tomorrow, Rockcrusher Gauntlets and the two (well the 2 other non-PM/SI) Notum Rings of the Three from The Curator, Dark Memories from Lien the Memorystalker are all free. Try out Nasc hecks early on (50-70) but don’t get addicted. You may want your lvl 60 Arul Saba bracer. Go look up on Anarchyarcanum for the pieces you need and have someone else make it. The hard part is the gem, which can be found in Elysium dungeons. Honestly it's just easier to buy the gem you need at this point. Go look in Player Shops. Rafters and Kolaanas if you're soloing up until about lvl 70. Do Ely Garden and Sanc keys, and spec2, start farming insigs for jobe suit in ely (good droprate from Coral Rafters and Kolaanas). SWS MK II at 75. Get a better beamer. Find some lvl 75 dynabosses on Updated Hugemap on RK and camp your next NCU buff and Long HoT. Buy/blitz your other nanoline nanos. Head to Elysium Ergo at lvl 80 (You may need an escort) and get your Scheol Ring. Grab one Roch insig(from The Court or the dungeons [blue square on spheremap] and one Ocra insig (in The Temple Bog or the dungeons [blue square on spheremap] in Scheol. (Don't worry about Faction that's for lvl 200+) If you have a main or nice friends, Jobe Suit and Tier can be done. Predator Circle is a nice headarmor that is made from hacking a predator facemask from Predator bosses in Ely. At lvl 80 dont forget to try and roll a QL80 Tsakachumi PTO-HV3a Counter-Sniper Rifle which adds +25 Agi. At 75+ you can try Mortiig teams at Spade/Barter and around 90+ Cold Rocks/The Scoop spiders are a good place to lvl. A 6 slot belt might be nice around now. Before lvl 100 Whompah over to Foreman's and Kill TIM for the TIM Scope. At lvl 100, you can get someone to get SWS MK III for you in Adonis Garden, which is castable with CI. Lvl 100 also means Supreme Suppressor and the lvl 100 Long HoTs, same thing QL100 dynabosses. I hate teaming with fixers on my alts that don't keep up to date on their nanos. Don’t forget to do missions, if you have 250-400 tokens here you’re doing alright. If you have 1000 tokens at 100, you’re a better person than I am. IP spending should be very hard so stay within the core skills. Don't forget to upgrade the NCUHI.

    At 60 Acrobat 2 – Now you have Limber and then the one from lvl 50 put into SMG Mastery 3
    At 70 Defensive Stance 2 – Deceptive Stance!
    At 80 SMG Mastery 4
    At 90 Put it where you need it or save it for Acrobat 3 at 100.
    At 100 Acrobat 3 and SMG Mastery 5 for Jarring Burst or Defensive Stance 3. I’d go with SMG 5.

    See if you can find some Alien Raids/Missions, the additional AI perks are handy.

    TL4 Lvl 100-150.

    IP spending is in the blood now. Upgrade to the lvl 100 1 gem Arul Saba bracelet. Again, easier just to buy gems. Or make a team and killl Scorchid in Scheol for it. Start blitzing QL200 items you need, Nanocharged rifle if you’re making your SPB. Blitz all your non-NCU non-Long HoT nanoformulas. Kill the named Mortiigs for the STA: Shorts you need for the guns below QL200. Maybe you can get a MotR at 125 in IS if you are in a good org or know someone who wants to help you. 125 also means it's time for your next NCU buff. At 135 Long HoT from RK dynabosses and you should do Spray with Lead at the same time. Are you in a QL200 beamer or the QL240 SMG now? Keep that token board coming. 400 tokens should be done by 150 at the latest. You should be close to 1000 by 150 if not done already. Kill Scorchid in Scheol and get the gem for another set (you cant recycle gems) for your 2 gem at 150. You should be in QL200 implants now as well. Hit the Fixer shop and get your Disassembly Clinic Made. Try the Scheol Garden and Sanctuary quest. The Scheol Sanctuary quest is important for Omni's. From this sanctuary if you jump over the side you wind up at your last save spot. Perfect for Pandemonium saves. Try and get your Adonis progression ring at 130, 150 at the latest. Lvl 145 Long HoT. See if you can do the Team Fixer Grid quest. Don’t forget to upgrade the NCUHI and don’t just do ely hecks.

    At 110 SMG 5 or DS 3, whichever one you didn’t get at 100.
    At 120 whatever you want or save it.
    At 130 Reset if you used the one at 120 and do SMG 6 and DS4
    At 140 Acrobat 4 – Dance of Fools, finally
    At 150 Save it

    See if you can find some Alien Raids/Missions, the additional AI perks are handy.

    TL5 150-190

    You’re starting to hit your breed cap, and you’re title capped in your core skills very early on. So you’re a lot more free with your IP spending. Max some of the necessary skills you’re behind on. Nano Resist, Duck-Exp, Ranged Init maybe. Hit the Ace camps for your Ebony Figurine. Finish off your 1k token board. The Adonis Garden Quest is one of the easiest in the game and moving back to Adonis from RK becomes so much easier. Adonis hecklers. Try and form a team and kill the golems for your QL161 STA to do your SPB if you haven’t already made the money to buy it outright. Do Spec3 in the temples and acquire from friendly people SWS MK V, which should be castable with CI. Start farming PB’s for your symbiants. Kill Eradicus and get your 2nd gem and the Joker’s Glyph. Camp the Peristaltic Aversion for your Syndicate Shades. Grab your Pen progression ring at 170. Start farming frags in Pen for the Pen Garden Quest. Join a Tier2 team if you can and start farming those T2 parts. If you have a lot of friends or are in a good org do the Pen Sanc quest and grab the pants while you’re at it. At 175 grab your NCU, and your 175 SMG buff and Long HoT buffs from RK Dynabosses. At this point see if you can equip a KSMG Type 5 or KMP Type 5 that has a higher minimum dmg than the SPB or SMG you have on. The KSMG if you are straight PVM, the KMP if you have delusions of PVPing at that level. At lvl 180 see if you can roll a QL180 MTI VP300 Red s. Caseless Two of them add +60 agility, Don't forget the Ring of Divine Teardrops (buyable) in dungeons and the Eye of the Evening Star which is NODROP. At lvl 188 try and roll a QL188 Enchanted Waterfall Eye Wind Onehander a PvP gun. Don't raise the IP to equip them, though. Better to have them for later. Hit Eradicus and Scorchid up again for your 3 gem, which you can make at 185 and slap the first two gems in while you wait for the 3rd, you should be able to easily buy it. You might want to check out the SL single snares for when you're trying to hold aggro as the tank. Try and get in a Pen mish team. You might forget to raise that NCUHI one or two lvls. Don’t just do Adonis hecks.

    At 160 SMG 7, Solid Slug and DS 5
    At 170 Genius 1 or Ambidextrous for the MR for your QL199 KMP.
    At 180 Genius 2 or Ambidextrous for the MR for your QL199 KMP.
    At 190 SMG 8

    See if you can find some Alien Raids/Missions, the additional AI perks are handy. A QL199 KMP is worth a lot both to you and to others.

    TL6 190-205

    190-200 is a time for finishing anything you haven’t done before you start entering the SK grind. Lvl 195 is the final lvl for your lvl locked RK nanos. By this time you should have blitzed the hell out of your nanolines. Find your NCU buff, Frenzy of Shells, and DHQ on RK dynas. Congratulations on NCU, DHQ, and Frenzy of Shells as well as the lvl 195 desnare nanos. That 1k token board had better be done. Any extra tokens can be for the 2.5k token board and a head start on that sounds like a good thing. Finish off farming your Enduring/Growing Symbs. Most of the good RK armor in the game is accessible to you now, so acquire those if you want. T2 chest and sleeves should be done, you’re in SWS MKV, predator circlet/syndicate shades, allyssa/carlos pants. Now would be a good time to start doing Tara for the GoC and IS raids for a MotR, if you haven't gotten that already. You've probably figured out Pen mish teams are the way to go. Save the IP for 201-205 because that gets pretty tight too. Finish that NCUHI off. You can roll QL200 items to your hearts content . A pair of QL200 Bigburger Inc. Chapman Max will add +80 Burst, very useful later on. You should know how to make enough money to buy some inferno boots. Ice Golem teeth are pretty easy to get too. I’ve been a DD on several teams that have left them rotting. If you’re not that hooked up, start farming the pattern. I hope you saved that stuff from doing the Pen Sanc Quest. You should be ready to hit Inferno, provided all the other things are done. At this point see if you can equip a higher KSMG Type 5 or KMP Type 5. You may have already done that by now. Put a Shadowlevel or 5 under your belt. Savor how fast the early Shadowlevels come. Living, maybe Persisting Symbs are now in your reach. The good thing is Blue Glyphs of Ocra are cheap, and FRN prices are dropping, you can be in T3 right after you finish T2. Find some friends or higher level orgmates, and get Spec4 out of the way. You probably got them in Pen missions, though. And then get SWS MK VI and MKVII. At 205, farm your shadowbreeds. Clan and I guess neuts can get them in missions easily. Omni, the best place is Sorrow in Inferno. Kill the Custodian on the south side.

    At 200 DS6
    At 201 SMG9
    At 202 Ambidextrous. A high QL offhand KMP is in sight.
    At 203 SMG10, Neutronium Slugs
    At 204 Ambidextrous.
    At 205 DS7

    TL7 205-220

    205-210 isn't bad in terms of the SK grind. You're probably doing mostly Pen Missions. You should be looking forward to each new Defensive Stance Perk and the next SWS. Towards 209-210 you can get QL300 KMPs in easily w/ full Ambidextrous. Watch out everyone but Shades!

    At 210+ I've taken Zura's advice and just gone for 100k SK/day. SK Marathons burn you out. Short easy goals. Inferno missions are the way to go.

    For Pande raids, Fixers are useful when that 220 Enf is running Mongo's Ultra Behemoth for that whopping 17000HP increase. You are there with your +820RSgoodness Blessed By Shadow to offset that -2200RS snare. Just keep buffing every time you zone in Pande and yell at the raidmembers to quit ninjabuffing RI on the tank. Unless your name is Zura. Then feel free to go be the #1 DD that you are and let someone else handle the runbuffing. Please be aware of this so you don't noobie it up like Sorhan.

    Special thanks to

    Jajangmyun, Vega2, Hukk, Zura, Takalon, Moscatinka, Jorji, Whitelighter, Maledia, Aratink, Breaks, SirAronar
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    As mentioned in Sorhan's journal
    Atlantean Omni Unredeemed Kingpin Fixer, Unit Leader of Majestic Twelve
    Aginorgotd, - Equipment and Perks,
    Aginorgotd, from - Total Equipment and Perks Report, from
    Too many alts to list

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    some usefull links, i had in my bookmarks.
    fixer attributes
    making lots of money as new player
    vega2 RK2 fixer 213/13
    Unit Member of Genesis

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    Incorporated, thanks.

    Aginorgotd's Updated Fixer Guide - If you have a Fixer question, the answer is probably here
    As mentioned in Sorhan's journal
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    about weapons - i would suggest to add classic sleekmasters to the list:

    there's reprint from on of the posts about them:
    Well dual sleekmasters really are good damage wise at lower levels. The reason is that they are fast and have min damage better than 1. And they have really low reqs in SMG/Burst/MR, so it's possible to equip farly high ql of them. It's perfectly Ok to go dual sleekmasters, then gamma ejector, and dual gamma ejectors, and dual PLS in the end. But there are reasons most dont go this way.
    You need to put IPs into Ranged energy and Multi Ranged. RE is dark blue and MR is light blue, means it needs a lot of IPs.
    And if you want to keep your Attack rate high enough you ll need implant RE into head, instead of SI or MM, which means you lose even more in nano skill department.
    What i suggest is using Sleek masters till 41, then IPR RE. and at level 70+ go for dual Gammas.
    just for example:
    ql 40 kerans:
    SMG 190
    Burst 143

    dmg: 1-79

    ql 56 sleek masters:
    reqs: Self MG/SMG >= 168Self RangedEnergy >= 113Self Burst >= 141

    dmg: 11 -110

    the same reqs, but a lot higher dmg. and only for 1 hand. dual wield it - u get uber dmg.
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    Heh, I think you can see that the guide is written from an opifex point of view Maybe mention that atrox will have better HP in the long run, and that run speed and SMG are both based on strong atrox abilites?
    Hukk [Gear] - Teh handsome

  10. #10

    Incredible guide. Just hitting 140ish so my mind is swirling at all the stuff ahead. I noticed many of the other professions are missing a really good 'updated' guide written by somebody still in the thick of things while writing it. Rock on.

  11. #11
    Hukk, Vega2, your words have been incorporated.

    Ty Half_Of_Half.

    Aginorgotd's Updated Fixer Guide - If you have a Fixer question, the answer is probably here
    As mentioned in Sorhan's journal
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    Aginorgotd, - Equipment and Perks,
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    This guide is great, thanks for taking the time to create it.

    I've only just started a fixer (L41) and i'm finding this VERY helpful.

    Just one small problem with this guide, and EVERY other guide. I've been around AO for a few months now and i feel as though i've grasped alot of it pretty quickly.. but every guide i read seems to expect that i know what "CI" is or "Mochams".. other abbreviations.

    I know there is a terminology dictionary somewhere about, but i think to complete the guide and make it polished, the abbreviations should maybe be expained at the end?

    One thing i'd REALLY love, (and im sure alot of other would too) would be a guide on BUFFS and which class to get them from. I have no idea what CI is or where to get it

    Just a thought, i still rate this guide though.. top work!


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    Why have an appendix at the end? Posts can be edited you know.

    Aginorgotd's Updated Fixer Guide - If you have a Fixer question, the answer is probably here
    As mentioned in Sorhan's journal
    Atlantean Omni Unredeemed Kingpin Fixer, Unit Leader of Majestic Twelve
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    Aginorgotd, from - Total Equipment and Perks Report, from
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    hehe yes they can.

    Whichever way you prefer i suppose Would be cool if you could do it. One of the best guides ive seen yet.

  15. #15
    You might want to add Problem Seeking Device x5 to your list of fixer treatment toys. Also, not really fixer only, but an easy drop is Wonderous Gold Ring of Orca-Lux (not sure of the clan equivilent), that drops from the ecclesiast in the scheol temple.

    Personally I wouldn't let Psychic lag too far behind, as it controls your nano pool and nano delta. It is also required for several Artillery and Support symbs.

    Great guide and very well assembled. Thank you.
    Aratink 220/30 Fixer
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kijomimi
    See? It all starts with you doing something stupid. Maybe if you were not so stupid, you would have less problems.

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    Awesome update Aginor!! It's nice to know what I have to look forward to and have a nice fresh guide guide to help out!
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    All suggestions incorporated. And I wouldnt let psychic slip by either.

    Aginorgotd's Updated Fixer Guide - If you have a Fixer question, the answer is probably here
    As mentioned in Sorhan's journal
    Atlantean Omni Unredeemed Kingpin Fixer, Unit Leader of Majestic Twelve
    Aginorgotd, - Equipment and Perks,
    Aginorgotd, from - Total Equipment and Perks Report, from
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    Actually, psychic is the least important stat imo

    str/sta/int/agi/sen are far more important than psychic, anyday, in anyway.

    Though I'm not saying psychic is useless, like pointed out, some symbs need it.

    Thus, if having a little tight with IP, I'd let psychic be lower than other abilities.
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    This guide is solid gold. Great work, Aginor! I wish I had had this when I was leveling.

    /me throws a back glob of glue on this thread

    Have you /poked the profs about getting this included in the sticky thread?
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    Pardon my ignorance, but I know Jorji is one. We have two professionals?

    Aginorgotd's Updated Fixer Guide - If you have a Fixer question, the answer is probably here
    As mentioned in Sorhan's journal
    Atlantean Omni Unredeemed Kingpin Fixer, Unit Leader of Majestic Twelve
    Aginorgotd, - Equipment and Perks,
    Aginorgotd, from - Total Equipment and Perks Report, from
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