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    Test Server FAQ

    The very same rules that exist on the Live servers also apply to Testlive. The same Rules of Conduct exist here, as do the same regulations regarding exploits. Please read the Exploits/Exploitable Bugs FAQ to better familiarize your self. Should you encounter an exploit while testing and playing, we urge you to report it.

    What is the test server?
    The test server is used for testing upcoming patches and other changes in the game before we put them on the live server (i.e. where the regular Anarchy Online game-world is running). Every member of the Testlive Community is encouraged to help out with testing new and existing content, provide bug reports and feedback--helping assist Funcom to make sure the updates arrive as problem-free as possible on the Live dimensions.
    Anyone with an Anarchy Online subscription can play on this test server. There are, however, some important things to be aware of when using it: There is no Support staff working on this server, and we cannot guarantee your characters' safety. We may from time to time have to do "player wipes" (i.e. erasing all player characters from the server), and we may do things that cause weird results on this server - so consider yourself warned. This is, in fact, a permanent beta-test server.

    Does the testserver have...?
    The testserver is largely similar to the live dimensions, ignoring any large changes to the game world/game mechanics by the current patch.
    • Tower wars/PVP - The Land Control Areas on Testlive serve the function of providing personal tower benefits and organizational advantages to the Test Community to better facilitate testing. As such, attacking towers and engaging in PvP without there being a need to test tower battles, and receiving consensual agreement first, is highly frowned upon. Please be considerate and thoughtful of others in this regard, and do not attack towers without having a need to test something specific to towers, and receiving prior consent and arrangement with the organization to which those towers belong.
    How do I get there?
    In order to get on test, you will need to download a duplicator(240kb). The download file creates a copy of your existing Anarchy Online installation. Choose the path of your current install, and where you want to make a copy of it. The copy will allow you to connect to the "Test Live" server, by running the "anarchy.exe". More through out instructions can be found here. Please remember that the instructions there are examples and that you at this time should duplicate from 18.3.0 and not 15.6.0

    Live's patch version is ahead of test, what do I do?
    You will need to edit the .../Anarchy Online Test/ file, to say a live version earlier than what currently is on test, an example is if Live is 18.3.0 and test is you will have to change your file to say remember that if you have SL, AI or LE it is Keep in mind that when test is once again ahead of live, it will most likely break your test installation and it will be a good idea to reduplicate your live install.

    So I'm here... now what?
    It is recommended to register with Bugsy as soon as possible. This is the reward system for test, and allows you to gain bug points for submitting bug reports (among other things) which can be used to order items/level boosts. More information on the reward system is viewable here. New Bugsy accounts need to be approved, so you most likely will not have immediate access. Also, it may take up to 24 hours after you create your first character before the Bugsy system will recognize you.

    Where can I find patch information?
    Unfortunatly are there no patchnotes for upcoming and current test release aviable.

    Where is everyone?
    The population of test is considerably smaller to the live dimensions. The two places which people are most likely to be at are ICC in Andromeda, and secondly the Borealis Advanced store.
    Whenever you go to ICC, it may be worthwhile to check if your insurance is up to date...

    Chat channels.
    Global - The Global Channel is to be used by Funcom and Bughunters for official test related business. Please use the Social Channel for chat.
    Social - No swearing, no derogatory attacks. Testlive is a small community and the Social Channel can be seen by all. Be courteous and considerate of others as what you say in Social Channel does effect others. When appropriate, please use vicinity, tells or team chat to communicate, to prevent the Social Channel from being spammed.
    Shopping - Testlive does not have an economy, and as such, the Test Community often offers up items to give away. The Shopping Channel is the appropriate channel to post items which you are giving away.

    The economy.
    Testlive is a small community and does not have an economy like the Live servers do. Members of the Testlive Community give away items to players who are in need. If one is in need of an item, ask in the Social Channel if anyone might be able to help. Please be patient and understanding that you might not get the item you need. Also, when you have items which you would like to give away, please post those items in the shopping Channel.
    Members of the Testlive community do not sell items to each other - instead items are offered to those that need them. The only thing that is expected from you in return is that you offer up any items you do not need to others that might have some use for them. Please ask for things when you can use them or close to it, for instance at level 50 you do not need a Living Dragonflesh Body Armor but at level 128 you can use it soon (lvl 130 requirements).

    What is BH?
    BH(Bug Hunters) is a department of ARK. The Bug Hunters spend a lot of time on the test server, helping the development and QA team check new patches and features for bugs, as well as helping to check balance issues.

    What can BH do?
    Members of BH are able to provide money, buffs, tradeskills, & IPR among other things, some are also able to provide ordered rewards (see the reward section in so I'm here... now what?). Note that provision of these is on their terms; do not directly contact a BH regarding these. If there is a BH in ICC, feel free to ask your requests; but if there are none, they are most likely doing something so do not send tells to any asking for things.

    What is ET?
    ET is the Exploit Team of the Advisors of Rubi-Ka. The Exploit Team is working on the test server, mainly to test players exploit reports, but also assisting the QA and Dev team if necessary.

    What can ET do?
    The Exploit Team has nearly the same abilities as Bug Hunters do, with the exception of handing out Bugsy rewards and money. They can provide tradeskills if there is absolutely no one else that can do them online, but don't expect them to do them. The same rule applies to ET members as to BH members, don't contact them if they are not in ICC. You can ask on social for help, but if none is available, they are probably busy with ET work.

    How to report an Exploit?
    The best thing to do this is to send an email to Via this email, you can also ask things like "is this case X an exploit" or ask other questions regarding exploits. The GM handling Exploits in Funcom is responsible for this email and he will answer any question that will occur, also he is the only person in the team that is allowed to answer such questions, so please don't ask an ET member for information on a case, since they aren't allowed to answer it anyway.
    However, if you are unable to send an email - for what reason ever - you can see if an ET member is in ICC and if this is the case, you can ask them nicely if you can tell this member about the exploit case. Please follow the instructions given by the person and it will be all fine. Least but not last, very important, never ever share an Exploit with anyone! Not even with a Dev. Everything HAS to go through the address, regardless if it is reported through yourself or an ET member.
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    What is CoT?

    The Council of Testers Representatives are active, dedicated and responsible members of the Testlive Community, responsive in the Test Community Forums as well as being active on the Testlive server--both in testing content and supporting the Testlive Community.

    There may be times when Council of Testers is busy with other duties, on their play characters, or not available on Testlive to help you out. Please be patient and respectful of others' time, and someone will be able to help you out when they can.

    The members of Council of Testers are players who volunteer their time, as are the Bug Hunters. They will do their best to help support the Testlive Community, but please keep in mind that receiving help and support from Council of Testers, Bug Hunters and other members of the Testlive Community is a privilege, not a right.

    What can CoT do?

    Representatives of the Council of Testers are able to dispense credits, assist with buffs and tradeskills.

    The Council of Testers is player volunteers. They are not employees of Funcom. They are not ARK/Bug Hunters. Council of Testers can not spawn items for a player nor boost a player--only certain BH are capable of doing this (via the Testlive Tracking and Rewards/Boost System). The Council of Testers does not have the capabilities which Bug Hunters do, i.e.: teleporting, giving IP reset points, etc.
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