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Thread: New idea for shades

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    New idea for shades

    I was on my way home from work when I had an idea about something that could solve quite a few problems that Shades have at once:
    An item that lets us return spirits to a "physical" form.
    Something that we can use on our equipping spirits to turn them into a mob of relative level to the actualql of the spirit.
    This would serve 2 obvious purposes.
    1) Higher level spirits would turn into higher level spirit mobs. A useless Unhappy spirit could be turned into a level 270ish mob that may be hard as hell to kill, but gives decent SK, and has a chance to drop another spirit around that same level or even slightly higher. This would give us a new, challenging type of mob for higher levels and would give us a better shot at getting higher ql spirits that may not even be yet available in-game.
    2) We could pop a lower level mob with say a Melancholic spirit to have something to perk things like SP on to get our AMS and DMS up for another fight, or even after a fight to use our lifetaps on to heal back up. Am I really the only one who's depressed that we have to drop to the ground and heal up like normal when we have all those nice lifetaps available to us?
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    I would still like to see some sort of Tradeskill/quest to make/get custom spirits. It would be nice to be able to get some sort of customizablity like people do with implants.
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