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Thread: Shade Wishes, Concerns and Bugs

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    Shade Bugs List

    This is a list of bugs directly affecting the Shade profession.
    If you have anything to add, or notice incorrect information, feel free to send either Shade Professional a PM with the details, so we can update this list. Thanks!


    Shades' Ring of Shadows
    Currently when using any ring that is not QL 300 the proc on the ring is broke and will not proc regardless on how many times you are hit.
    New, 17.3

    Unable to use perk actions when nano target dies
    When attacking a mob or player, and selecting a nano target. If that Nano target dies, You are unable to use perks on your current fighting target untill you sellect another target.
    (Small video on how its done)
    Newish this bug as been around a while
    Clicking perk actions always cancels sneaking
    When sneaking, you always immediately become visible as soon as you click a perk action, no matter if it can actually execute on the target or not.
    New, 16.0, still waiting for feedback if intended or not
    Looting while perking
    If you try to loot while a perk is executing it will bug out all your perks until you stop fighting and wait a little while.
    Please wait until...
    Perks lock up sometimes and give the message 'Please wait until previous action is finished' even though there's no previous action that needs to be finished. Can usually fix it by casting a nano or (un)equipping something. May be a problem with using items and perks at the same time in a certain way, how exactly to reproduce this one is unknown.
    Kyr'Ozch Energy Rapier, Sword of Dusk / Dawn glow effect/Shadow
    The glow effect remains visible when its wielder goes into sneak mode, and follows the player around while in sneak.
    New in 17.0: Rapier glow effect and the players shadow follow the player around regardless if the player is not visable to the players around them.
    Blood-Soaked Cloak of Dishonour
    Looks bugged (mostly in combat) on opifex male. The cloak goes through the shade's body.
    Pix (thanks to DrDyrego)
    Now with screenshot
    The special attack from Sublime Rapport 10, does not work. The action appears in the perk list, but clicking it does absolutely nothing.
    Backstab animation
    Is missing. Currently we do a /wave when executing the Backstab special.
    Appears to be fixed in 16.4 currently on TestLive. Others say they broke it again. Cross fingers.
    Rapier glow sometimes doesn't work
    Sometimes after zoning, the rapier glow effect doesn't show.
    If anyone can reproduce this, info please =)
    Rapier glow effect moves with the shade while they're hiding
    When you hide the glow effects of rapiers move with you allowing people to see where you are. To reproduce: equip rapiers, hide, and move around while having somebody else watching to see the rapiers move around.
    Update 17.6 patches seemed to change the coding on and sometimes the rapiers hide when you go into sneak and sometimes not as seen here


    Diffuse (Shadow perk)
    Does nothing if you're not fighting (the effect is applied to the fighting target, not the selected target, even though it is possible to run the perk without fighting anything), but still locks it.
    Fixed 17.5
    Ceremonial Embrace
    Nano is missing.
    Fixed in patch 15.9. Nano available in Pandemonium Gardens
    Blur (Shadow perk)
    The skill lock on this special doesn't work properly when it is resisted. AO gives the wrong feedback message. It also does not grey out when used.
    Fixed in 16.0
    Chaos Ritual (Shadow perk)
    No grey-out.
    Fixed in 16.0
    Primordial Dissipation
    Nano is missing.
    Fixed in 16.0. Nano available in Inferno garden
    Is bugged.
    - When you go into sneak mode for the first time after zoning, the server doesn't register it properly. When you then unsneak, the server will think you're sneaking while the client thinks you're not (resulting in lots of rubberbanding). Hide a second time and from then on it will work as it should.
    Fixed in 16.0. Sneaking now works on the first try
    More Conceal
    Sneaking does not work indoors. Everything appears to work except you're not invisible to others, they can still see you sneaking around.
    Looks like it's fixed
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