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Thread: First I laughed, then I cried..

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    First I laughed, then I cried..

    Just got Grid Armor mkI off a regular baddie in a solo mission..

    Hardened Clan Informer to be exact.. around lv 70/71ish.

    What to do, what to do..

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    hummm.... its got about 10 levels of usefullness left in it, if you dont want to use it, give it to me or yy or gen or something, it will go to a worthy home.
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    You know GA would be nice.... but right now even if I had GA i still couldnt use it unless i can get my implants first. :P

    and btw Dhar I sat out in mort and made 200K in XP last night heeh.
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    Sorry to everyone that wants GA (me inclouded) but SELL IT!!!! If you are a fixer use the $ for the next QL GA.

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    i dont think that he'll be doing that...
    My lungs arent blackened by tar, they're blackened by SIN!

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    GA Mk1 can last you way more than ten levels (if you're level 70, that is).

    I'm using it at 101 still, and it holds up ok doing 177 team missions, though it IS a bit shaky at that level. But under that, it is (for me) still way better than the ~3k AC I can muster up in regular armor.

    Hell, I was the tank/puller last night in 150 missions, did fine. Max evades, and it should last you a nice long time.

    I personally won't worry about GA Mk2 until I break 110 and/or I have the IP to self cast it, which will be right around then.

    Another thing to look at is the actual QL of the armor (not the disk or nano-formula). Mk1 is QL60 NF, and QL78 item. GA Mk2 is QL93 NF, and QL111 item. The QL of the item (NOT the Nano) is about when you could expect to self cast it if you went strong into MatCre, and a better indicator of its usable lifespan.

    Now, if you can get your hands on Mk2 earlier, and are willing to put up with the Mochams buffing and OE worries, for sure go for it, it's obviously going to be better than Mk1.

    But if I were you, I would not sell that Mk1, I'd get it made and USE it.

    Another thing to think about, is that having Mk1 as well as Mk2, means you have something to fall back on if you get divested/plundered, or just can't find that friendly MP to Mochams you into Mk2.
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    I decided to go for it. Spent some time this afternoon further gimping an engineer I have access to in order to create the crystal. Talk about a pain.

    Had to reset my sense imp to do it, was heavily biased in that direction so I could cast leech grid vector. Had to 3 implant MC, but I'll swap the hand back out once I can.

    Did a quick run through a mission I was putting off and was pretty happy with the results. Definately less than 10% of attacks hit me, though when they did land they tended to be hard. Even when debuffed it wasn't THAT bad.. unmake, ransack, ect.. multiples would definately cripple it though.

    Guess I'll re-implant RI when I get a chance, had it locked at 300 with a kerans so I could toss extra ip elsewhere. So used to full speed gunning it's a little hard to get used to 50-75%. Have a couple skinchips I could use too, just need to get em off my doc.

    It's very wearable at 73, can self-cast with expertises. I'm still in shock that it just fell in my lap this morning, I had a pretty clear cut path in my head where this character was going skill wise and I never once considered grid armor.. never planned on looking for it.

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    Teuf - you are a bad, bad man.

    Dharien - grats. Hope you enjoy it. Did you get in touch with RBF or Yy or Genf like I toldya to? =)
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    Originally posted by Kiryat-Dharin
    Teuf - you are a bad, bad man.

    Dharien - grats. Hope you enjoy it. Did you get in touch with RBF or Yy or Genf like I toldya to? =)
    Bah, I'm hiding under a pile of Reqs, Purchase orders, and inventory sheets... Call me cord man as I think I may have a cord of woods worth to sift through...

    Don't worry too much about the Mk-Next version, I'm working on a lead, it will go to someone.
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    The same thing happened to today.
    I was doing some team mission solo, partly for the exp,
    but I also wanted a full suit of Servants of the eight.
    I'm lvl 80 and the mission was set for QL72 so the mobs were mostly green and orange-green.
    I killed one fixer mob and it had an insctruction disc and I thought "Hey, is that a GA disc? Nah".
    I've publicly sworn that I'd delete any GA Mk 1 discs that came my way
    beacuse I didn't believe they were worth the IP-sink.
    So I wasn't that annoyed that the disc turned out to be delayed retreat.
    I continue the mission, kill a few more mobs (btw MA mobs that do fire damage? Ouch),
    then I ran over another fixer mob.
    It too had an instruction disc, but this time it really was Summon Grid Armor Mk 1.

    With the help of my family I quickly turned into a crystal, had to change my shirt after that.
    I felt like I was walking around with a million dollars in my pocket, I was dead certain
    that some crazy GM would turn the grid into a 25% zone and I'd be ganked
    before I made it to the save terminal.

    After using IPR I'm able to selfcast it with expertise, but I surely miss those 300 points of Ranged Init.

    Grid Armor Mk1 is still worth it at lvl 80.
    May your RD always kick in between death and reclaim.
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