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Thread: On the nature of the AO setting

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    G vs E

    All throughout this thread (which I posted to earlier without reading it through...and Im still not done), I have heard OmniTek referred to as the Bad Guys, and the clans as the Good Guys. I think y'all are going to be in for a rude shock. Before you start to speak autoritivley about how/where/when the storyline is going, Read The Book. Its going to wind up as Us agained Them, Humanity (yes, omni AND clan) againsed The Others. And you'd best hope that Humanity are the Good Guys....
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    Rats, now you spoiled the book for me
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    Unhappy Funcom Better do Something Fast

    Gaute Godager has some good ideas and the view he has on things i like, that thing with starwars was so stupid making the force sceince and not mystic come on! sorry just had to comment on that one.

    Been playing ao for a year now, and right now am just tried of it, i like the game very much, and would hate to see it go away,what i would do is make the story in game. things happing all the time imgaine a big ship just comes in to athens and drops about 50 guards at the city and everything just gets crazy out of know were now thats what am talking about or some crazy monsters that we never seen and are fast come out to the town and just start attacking everybody !

    Forget about reading for it at the website or anywere else! it belongs in the game !! have events take place all the time showing the conflect like at the end of the ao opening were all the ships came in and there was a big war going on show it in the game !! with real characters not npc.

    Freak !! the npc i dont give a a crap about them i got online to
    play with real plp from all over the world not to talk to some npc!

    You guys have some great ideas and art but you really have to do something about add a hell of alot more detail to the game more monsters less way less missons i hate them !!

    For gods sake am sick of them the whole game just became missons ! we want to go outside and hunt expolore be mistfy be on the great conflect be in the war fight lose win everything be on the battle dammit not read about it

    Am really sorry guys am so freaking going nuts here bad spelling grammer but i hope you understand what i mean thanks and hope ao kicks @ss in the future! Gaute Godager PLEASE SAVE AO !!
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    AO and "shadowrun"

    When I first started playing AO I saw the 'shadowrun' like elements right away and it got me thinking. Would it be posable to turn an RPG book based RP world into an MMORPG? I beleave that the Shadowrun system would easely convert to PC, tho some elements would have to change. Having a bit of programing back ground makes me realize the complexity of these games. Its realy amazing that they even work! If Funcom or some other computer game company would licence Shadowrun system / world and produce a shadow run game I would be shure tho pick it up and play for ever. It would be intresting to mix two games into one, the net would be one 'world' and then the 'real' world would be the other. I would, if I were working on such a game, make the 'real' world first with limited decker options, then releace the net shortly after. That they are almost 2 entirely different enviroments mixing them would make for a hudge amount of elements to work on. Also you would have your hands full with the whole 'real' world alone, what with cyberware, bioware, rigers, magic, guns and all. That ALONE could be one game. Then throwing in decking after that and, if done well, would probably dominate the MMORPG marcket! Just an idia, I am a big sci-fi fan and LOVE shadowrun. Would love to see it come out. As for AO, I love AO. I just wish they had beta tested a lot longer before the releaced. I feel that their problems with the first release was their destruction. I still have friends that will not touch AO because of other friends telling them about how bad it was. Its to bad. I also felt that the developers did not have the tools to implement the story line the way they wanted to. Another thing that should have been fixed in beta. If they wanted my opinion they should have been in beta another half a year or longer. I dono if funcom reads peoples posts but what the heck... Does your development teem even play AO? Advents were waiting for a very long time for new stuff and then you add items that 90% of advents can't use. AKA psyco mod... I know a lot of advents that don't use that nano skill because they lines that used it were not that gread, now a totaly unrelated skill has been added to progs. You have been good about keeping skills reasnable but this time not, never have I seen a nano prog that buffs damage use psycho mod... Oh well, besides that I love playing the game and I know that its hard to balance an already running game. BUY SHADOWRUN! MAKE SHADOWRUN! <grin> drooling already and nobody is even working on that.. (Not that you need my idias but my friend and I have worked out a lot of consepts for the system if we were to convert shadowrun to an MMORPG.)

    side note, yes I like shairing my idias and yes I am trying to get funcom to make shadowrun the MMORPG, and NO I have no reason to beleave that they will even consider it..

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    Now I don't want to get started on a rant here but, there is no storyline in AO or on Rubi-ka, however you want to put it. The only story so far is Omni-tek doesn't like Clan and vice versa.

    Well DUH!

    As for comparing this game's storyline to many sci-fi movies and other forms of media, let's just say "AO doesn't have a plot (yet)." At least that's what myself and I'm guessing a lot of other players are hearing from FC. So Shadowlands is supposed to introduce storyline, hmm? Where have I heard that lie before? Oh yeah, when AO was released initially.

    I think it's fairly simple to see where this story is going. I mean if Notum = ****e and Omni Prime = Geidi Prime then there isn't going to be much I haven't read already.

    But hey, I think that's cool that this game is trying to blantantly plagerize Dune, after all it was a great story. What I think isn't so cool is that we haven't heard a thing in the way of this actual 'story' since last October when we got a snowflake off the tip of the iceberg of story we're supposed to have, and we players need to wait until FC releases an expansion, which we all need to rush out to buy, for more. It's like we've been given a prologue with typos everywhere (all the bugs that everyone has to deal with from day to day) and everyone has to pay to read chapter one. The only problem is, no one cares at this point, because they don't want little bits of story every year when an expansion is released, they want a complete story, then perhaps a sequel when the expansions come out.

    What the players want doesn't seem to trouble FC though. Maybe when SWG is out and everyone goes over to a game with an established story that wasn't written by some nobody from Norway (Gaute Godager), he'll realize this monolithic flaw in his logic that's been staring him dead in the face since day one. This story needs to have some sort of background, some sort of development, and needs to hook the audience. God, I sound like an english teacher when I say that, but it's true. What we've seen so far is a story which hasn't even started. I wouldn't compare it to a movie in any way other than perhaps picking up a DVD at Blockbuster and reading the paragraph long description of it on the back of the case to the plot we've had in this game so far.

    Why am I still playing then? I paid for 6 months, hoping FunCom was going somewhere with this, but over the last 4 I've seen zip. Nada. Nothing. Hmm... let me think, do I really want to stick around for another six months, pay for an expansion, and just pray to Gaute that he does something? Yeah, sure, and maybe I'll just roll up a hundred dollar bill and smoke it while I'm at it. I don't think so.

    End Rant.

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    I particularly enjoyed the barb at Star Wars... Thanks Gaute, I was entertained.
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    Thumbs down NEUTRAL

    I would like jsut to add a little thing :

    Gaute in expention let the neutral to be realy neutral

    that mean DON T shoot neut with clan soldier or omni soldier or what ever u whant

    A neutral have to be like that (hystori exemple ; 2nd world war how would be if Switzerland neutral and every 2 side play at killing all guy s in that country)

    So ---> bad / good / neutral

    or just cut the possibility to other side to come free in NEUTRAL place

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    Angry Get your act together We Need a great Plot!

    Hmmm i agree with Ayvalen i dont get it funcom is going to lose Ao,and i would really hate to see that,

    Once swg comes out and othere rpg games, there in for some top players, forget that omni vs clan stuff and get some othere kind of plot!

    Somthing greater then that get some super aliens to envade ruba ka and start taking over everything or something big !add worlds to travel too back and forth but dammit get that plot going we need something great ! a battle not for the that world but the whole Universe!!
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    Cool Uhh RK2 assult on 2ho

    If anyone rembers this on RK2, a short time ago there was a clan assult on 2ho, there were dregons leading the attack and MP casting summining spells and kicking ass. That was the most fun I had in awhile and we ned more stuff like that.

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    Cool Whaaaaa?!?

    Ok this article raises a lot of issues, and as usual doesn't give us any answers. There is G vs. E which could either be a great thing (i.e. Shadowlands incorporates more char depth w/ good and bad on both sides of the line) but if past performance holds true then the most "interesting" thing in the expansion will be the revelation that the Clanners are "bad" or something silly like that.
    New STORY sounds great to me. You know something we can get involved in that is better than a shoulderpad "quest" which i actually enjoyed btw. Realistically though this looks like we could get another fizzled out Attack of the Clans narrative like the lame Dust(GM)Brigade .....who btw attacked both Omni and Clan targets. Which was followed by finger pointing and wanking in the forums and no actual story dev. in game. All with a sticker price to pay for on top of it. *sigh*
    I hate to say it but this article isn't very optimistic, like alot of others i make my own story as i go along and i enjoy the environment of the game world ,but as i cruise through the suppresion gas i wonder if i will ever see the Anarchy or if this game was just a money generating tool for another venture that we might be suxxor enough to buy into.
    When i started playing i wanted to play an "evil" self motivated $$$ neutral like Han Solo meets Neuromancer and in Anarchy it looked like i could do just that. I have been waiting 1 year. FC this is your last chance for me and alot of others. You are lucky we are all pretty chill generous peeps. DON'T MESS IT UP!!!!

    TIP: FC might revitalize us all with some take and hold rules much like DAoC has (the only reason any one plays DAoC instead of AO) but we were promised that at the beggining of summer and we still don't have it.
    See you all online, until SWG comes out or we get something good goin here.
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    I think FC has heard plenty of our complaints and I am sure more will come. I am wondering if FC is going to respond to any of our posts? I am sure everyone would like to hear a few FC rep's opinions on the lack of story, less missions, more hunting outside, etc.

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    When I bought AO it was definitely not CLEAR to me that Omni Tek was evil and Clans were "good"

    The way it looked was that OT was for technology and clan was not.

    That is how it looked to me.

    I n game, I am OT, and I help everyone out no matter their allignment, no wwhy should I be simply labelled as evil when I am all about being good?

    This is lazinesss on the side of the game developers and storymakers!

    Good and evil are never two sided. And if you want it to be two sided you wil bore the hell out of people and lose your player base.

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    Well, Omni-Tek is a corporation. A world spanning govermental corporation, but a corporation none the less. And corporations are, by there nature, typically, if not actualy evil, at least amoral. Profit and the company comes first.

    Now, just because the corporation is amoral/evil, doesn't mean the components of it are (ie the employees).

    The clans are a loose collection of semi-anarchistic groups. Such tend to be more moral, and hence, good. however, that doesn't make the individulas in them necessarily good, or even all the groups good...

    So, its a simplification in a way, or perhaps a reflection of what you've chosen to stand for... amoral order, or (more) moral chaos, rather than what you actually are...

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    Now it looks like gaute wants RK to be an out-of-the-way Berlin in an ultra-modern Cold War instead of a place with lots of expensive resources but hard to reach.

    Now this is starting to look like a real plot, and foreign powers shouldn't be able to jump in because the planet is so far away (first ship had a one-way trip to RK, and that took a long time).

    One part was missed, however, the unexplained parts of sci-fi are there because the technology is so advanced.
    Still, it doesn't seem correct that someone punching a monster should do more damage than my year 30k nano programs.

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    My 2 cents......

    I skip all replies that are really long and dont have Paragraphs

    Super long replies without paragraphs need to be nerfed
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    Is the story line only going to be followed on RubiKa 1? I've seen none on Rubika 2?

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    Well, it's nice to see that there is a topic about a storyline of any sort here. Back in EQ, there is no story. Period. And no attempt at one. Just lots of quests with bad rewards

    At any rate, I think funcom has done a great job fixing this game up from what it started as. But it's not easy of course. and keeping a constantly changing storyline going is very hard indeed. To truly keep it going, there have to be lots of in-game GM events.... but those are rare, and hard to do, in ANY mmorpg (heck, I cant even remember the last *big* EQ event... oh, yeah, now I remember, it was last halloween. It did rock, however ).

    But at least they HAVE a storyline
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    You know what's funny about this?

    Funcom's line has always been, "A world where players impact the world and story."

    Bah. Bah. Bah.

    First off, there is no story to impact. Story is simply not portrayed in the game. Lame GM events where GM's summon some invinicble NPCs to go around killing people is not "story." Sorry.

    So, what do "good" players do? They create thier own tangants. They role-play. They hold events.

    Even though most of the awesome RP events don't get ANY support or recognition from Funcom, at least people can impact the world in thier mind, with sites like AO Basher around to spit out the news.

    However, this is even WORSE.

    Not only are players not able to impact thier world, Funcom is now blatantly ignoring everything all players have done. Funcom is impacting OUR world, even though they've left US to create it.

    We do all the work. We try to make AO have a story. We work within the bounds of the history, while Funcom is lazy and watchs from afar.

    Then Gaute get's some grand idea, basically killing most of the story players have built up for themselves.

    Neutrals? Nah...we don't care that they've developed a vision and place in the story for themselves. Omni? Bah. All evil. I don't care what the players say. Clanners are my Angels! No matter that many clans openly engage in terrorism--even in my official story.

    Sorry, but if Gaute wasn't a cut & dry good vs. evil story, he should have done the following things:

    1) Not created the Sentinals
    2) Not made Omni attempt at peace
    3) Not let people even choose neutral, forcing them to dedicate to something they don't even agree with.
    4) Not written half of the backstory that exists, which portrays clanners acting in a non-good manner, or Omni doing things for the good of thier employees and attempting at a peace process.
    5) Not integrated the Tir Accords into the story. (Because, of course, no maniacal corporation would ever strive for peace!)
    6) Not given Omni a "legal" reason for being on Rubi-Ka and doing the "so-called" evil.
    7) Not explain that Omni basically took to floating rock of mostly uninhabited Rubi-Ka and made it into a planet capable of supporting life. (So, Omni terraformed the planet, allowed everyone to move there, privded tons of amenities...but they're "evil"?? How are we expected to buy that?)
    8) Force Omni players to automatically attack everyone on-sight.
    9) Not allow Clanners to PvP neutrals.
    10) Not integrate the ICC into the story at all.
    11) Not portray Sol Banking Corp. as just as "evil" as Omni--yet Clanners accept help and use supplies from Sol Banking Corp.
    12) Make all Omni employees be brutally treated. As it stands now, I can't see a single Omni "employee"/character who isn't "treated well" by Omni. Isn't this a primary tenant of Omni's "evil" nature? I thoguth the Clans were fighting for workers rights? Omni get better everything than Clanners, how are they being treated poorly?

    I could go on and on...but the backstory and current story is anything BUT black and white. This whole article is really a joke.

    Funny quote form the E3 interview I did with Funcom...

    Someone asks: So, what advantage do you think Shadowlands will have over SWG when it comes out?
    Funcom rep: Well, for one, Anarchy Online is the only game that will let players impact the story and the world. This is something we really view as a deciding factor.

    Hmm...well...I guess if that means Gaute spoon-feeding players and forcing thier hands into non-sensical story progressions well after the story has been a world where players can impact NOTHING, and in-game story is limited to 3 random sentances on each NPC--I guess Funcom has truly succeeded in thier goal! =P


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    Ok..i am way late at posting this but Rook said

    "You will note, throughout all the films, that Han Solo never once wields a light sabre. Why? Because he would get his butt fried."

    That is untrue..Empire Strikes Back, he wielded the the first half hour again

    Sorry, i know that's off topic, but I had to point it out
    AO is not just about pvp, or Rp or power lvling. It is about whatever the players choose to bring to it. Don't make it personal against one of these groups because you feel nerfed by the game company.

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    To Dargaria

    How can you expect them to know the movies they talking when they dont even know nothing about their own game

    Yeah, Han Solo uses lightsaber to cut that beast open so that they will survive the cold while waitin for rescue...

    Ofcourse Gaute prolly means that never used lightsaber for combat but then again, who knows what he means.

    Players having impact on story? You call water drop in rain hitting the windshield IMPACT? Damn...

    Zarch and da chars...

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