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Thread: On the nature of the AO setting

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    Originally posted by iosa
    If so many people are dissatisfied with the lack of story, then create one.
    create an organization with a story and act it out.
    find a bar or an outpost and hang out there on a regular basis.
    arrange alliences with other organizations.
    pick an opposing org and battle them.
    I'm sure people can come up with some grand stories that others will be willing to participate in.
    This is my first experience of an MMORPG, and I must say I am starting to feel a little cheated. What really gets up my nose is that the most entertaining storylines appear to come from the players themselves, and we're paying money for the privelage! Okay, so it's a simple process of cancelling my account rather than let you all suffer my whining, but I happen to like a lot of the people I have met here, some of whom have provided rich role play events worthy of any tabletop session. The problem is that Funcom can't rely on the players for the duration of the game, or they'll quickly feel cheated and opt for something else. The problem with relying on the role players is that others will wonder how relevant such activities are to an official storyline. I myself have become increasingly frustrated as I continue to wonder if my involvement and interaction with characters is all just a waste of tim. Only time will tell.

    Well, I dare say I'll still be here a while when so many of you contribute to making me feel like a character and not some cardboard cutout, but I think Funcom should tread very carefully, particularly as I personally find the Neutral community to be a richer source of those interested in role play.

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    Good vs Evil

    I think that Shadowlands hint for something more sinister than good vs evil being clan vs Omni-Tek or otherway around.

    For me it sounds more like humankind (including all those weird mutants like Opifex, Nano and Atrox) vs new outside threat. This was also speculated at the start by some RP'ers in which the speculation ran like:

    Year one:
    Clan and Omni-Tek fights for the control of planet.

    Year two:
    Shadow player emergences. We get to know that SOL banking is behind rebellion and after clans and Omni-Tek have weakened themself enough, SOL banking tries to take over attacking both sides.

    Year three:
    Planet is in ruins. Battle is waged on three fronts (triangle from clan/Omni-Tek/SOL banking). War is not going anywhere. A NEW outside threat emergences uniting all to fight against this new threat (aliens, demons).

    Something like that...

    And what comes to Omni-Tek being evil and Clans being good, I think thats hardly the case or even that it was so clear cut.

    I see it as following:

    Omni-Tek = Lawful Evil

    Quote from some web page:

    These characters believe in using society and its laws to benifit themselves. Structure and organization elevate those who deserve to rule as well as provide a clearly defined hierarchy between master and servant.

    To this end, lawful evil characters support laws and societies that protect their own concerns. If someone is hurt or suffers because of a law that benifits lawful evil characters, too bad. Lawful evil characters obey laws out of fear of punishment.

    Because they may be forced to honor an unfavorable contract or oath they have made, lawful evil characters are usually very careful about giving their word. Once given, they break their word only if they can find a way to do it legally, within the laws of the society.

    Quote ends:

    Now, you have to understand thought, that by the laws of interstellar society we DO have the lawful right to be here and do what we do, even if it means trampling down some unfortunate local species, strip mining resources, etc.

    Then why would we want peace with clans? They are basically insignificant as long as they dont distrupt notum mining and our profits. Who cares if they call themself kings or that they wish to rule "their" planet. Let them have their fantasies as long as they dont trouble us. If they do, crush them.

    Clans = Good?

    Hardly. They act against law. Sure the law might be against them, but hey, it IS the law as defined by interstellar society.

    They started rebellion AGAINST the law. The main reason for their rebellion is greed. Sure, the spark that set flame on this greed might have been bad working conditions etc but at the end it comes to the fact that they want to have this planet for themself and own the resources to benefit themself. In that way, they are nothing different from Omni-Tek.

    I RP my Omni-Tek characters so, that I view clanners not as enemies but as misguided children, lead astray by their greedy selfserving leaders who are blindingly allowing themself to be manipulated by SOL banking.

    I help clanners as long as it is not against Omni-Tek trying to bring them "back" to the fold and see that they have been just misguided all this time.

    Omni-Tek is father, Omni-Tek is mother

    It is time to come back home children...

    Zarch and da chars
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    Aye, I liked the article. I am glad you took the time to write about it.. I love good stories I can get into and roleplay. Perhaps I'd make a great actor....

    It was AO's back story, and the fact it seemed to hold promise of going in unknown directions that got me to purchase it. Also that whole Neal Stephenson, William Gibson cyber punk crossed with Dune thing, yeah, I have always thought you could liken the world of AO to all of that.

    Yeah, the midichlorians thing got me. I liked the mysterious "Force" as opposed to the living beings in the blood thing, heh.

    The whole Shadowlands thing also reminds me of StarGate, the movie. Well, at least that awesome portal and the idea of stepping into another dimension. My character is going to be at home studying this new dimension. He's going to find the mystery behind the soul stones, AND notum.

    Anyhow, can't wait for Shadowlands to come out... look forward to making alot of visits to Jobe. Jobe.. hmm Lawnmower Man reference?? ehhe
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    People still confused over who is good and who is evil, have a look at the old site.

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    Exclamation here we go again

    okay first off:

    Where is the story line: Yes, same ol' same ol'... Blah its there at the begining of the game, never adapted, why? ect. etc.

    Why must there be a right and wrong side... why call it light and dark? Why have this pre-disposed storyline dictate who is automatically bad and who is good....

    This is what I don't understand....
    (refer to my post in storyline discussions -> is my voice heard?)
    Why is it that the current event story line have to be written before the events take place? Cannot the programers make the game able to evolve the story through the players? (yes this could lead to potential logistical nightmeres, and yes this is not a perfect world with unlimited resources)

    If this game is truely going to work, we need to build apon the reality established from the past. We know the storyline of the past, it's history... So what is in the future? Isn't it up to the poeple in the game to decide that??? When will a game be made so that what we as end users do to change the game, make a new history founded on the past? Why is it that we have to react to an event programmed in, pre-thought out (barring that of programmers) why can't it be us that causes the events, and the reaction comes from the others affected by it? Why not had hp to buildings, why not have construciton models, or org trad OPs that can be raided and destroyed of the map? When can real players become actuall citizens of rubi-ka, where is this underlying anarchy supposed to take place in this massive civil war. or is it going to be some other force we fight against, setting asside our petty differences and fighting for the common good.... BLAH! Done Done Done.... let us create something new, let our lives change others....

    Sorry about the rambling...

    -The Mystro

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    Ok so I havn't been here from day 1, but I have been here since the start of last November, and the thing that has most dissapointed me is that no one, or very few people care about the conflict. Why is this? There is one simple reason. It's been mention earlier and it's the pvp system. It probably started with the proffession balance issues. In my opinion these have pretty much been cleared up now. I think a lot of us should check out the top 10 pvp list and see that many of the "Gimped for pvp" classes are on there, and far less of the "uber" pvp classes are. Anyway lack of 25% zones meen most omnis have no real reason to hate clanners and vice versa. Theres no real reason to push for peace either because, apart from a few rogues there isn't really a conflict going on.

    I am tired of being called "gay" for refusing to buff clanners . I am sick of spending 3+ hours to get a team of all omni's.

    I don't pvp, the 3 times that I have, I was ganked in 30seconds. not everybody's idea of fun but I loved it. More 25% zones means more players getting ganked, this forces them into a choice. they either try and equip themselves to retaliate or join a movement to bring peace ie - bring back the surpression gas. This Argument is carried out on the forums all the time, some people want the surpression gas others don't, why not bring this into the game. You would then have all the factions that this story started with made up of the players:

    The Omni's who want war - Omni's who want the right to pvp anywhere.
    The clans who want war - Clans who want the right to pvp anywhere
    The omni's who want peace - Omni's who don't want to be ganked on the way too or from missions
    The clans who want peace - Clans who don't want to be ganked as above
    The neutrals - These are many factions, some with their own war agenda's some who want to profit from the war and those who just don't want to get involved for any reason.

    We need Guild leaders to have more powers within the game, even a gathering of the leaders of each side for a debate and vote once a month would be enough, the outcomes of these debates could affect the spread of surpression gas over the next month. These events would have to be FC organised. One other change should also be made to make life a bit fairer for those who really don't want to be ganked - NO LOSS OF XP from pvp, I think that it would make a lot more people be less wairy of 25% zones.

    Again I am no big pvper but I think I would be if rubi-ka was more dangerous. Missions are repetitive and boring, but would be a lot less so if they wern't the only thing to do after level 80.
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    Happy to see an new official article.

    Just one thing I want to say, you wrote: "It's a free universe, not constrained by rules of narrow-minded labels. This freedom is very important, because it means that we can also hand more of the reigns of the setting to you, the players."

    True, but we, as players, lack freedom !!! Someone in the first replies said "order online" in place of "anarchy online". I have to agree. Too much constraints, to much choices are made for players (and moreover when you are neutral).

    This freedom lacks in creation of houses, shops, clothes, customization. Defense of guards attacked in our own city (see Newland). Penal system. Private life (why can't I hide my personnal info from other players, did you realize that it's the first thing that actually make a role playing game, interaction with other players, secrets, ...). And many more features.

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    I asked about the storyline.. person was storyline ark or something who should know about it.. answer was. oh.. i think funcom isnt going to make that until expansion pack.
    Now, the story ended along time ago.. someone please explain to me what is this, wheres the 4 year they promissed?

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    Unhappy Oh well.....

    After playing Ao for 10 month's now I think i will be leaving soon... there is no "conflict" unless you try to run through MMD and get you're ass Gnanked lol, most trade skill's are next to useless, the only item's actually WORTH having are spawn camped and I really dont want to wait around for 18 hor's for something it MIGHT drop, too much of "well if you're not in a big guild it's not my fault you cant get anything" and i think that's say's alot about some poeple. I prefer to solo most of the time, but it's getting more pointless, and when I do team there are alway's the "Ninja looter's" to deal with and the people who just dont know how work there char's and it get's other killed, which "and call me old fasioned" isnt my idea of fun.... sorry.
    In my own personal experience the game's got worse over the last six month's... but I've stuck with it hopeing for better time's.. but I havent seen any... the storey did vanish when all the movie's stopped but nothing was said, I dont agree with FC removing post's form the messege board's, edit them yes.. but dont remove them. Makeing change's with out telling the people it will most effect, item's vanishing ffom Inv. bank's and back pack when server's spitting people out, only to be told "there's nothing we can do" the policy of "well, you all got kicked out, logged back in to find all mob's respawn and you got you're ass's killed and lost a couple of mil Xp each, sorry but there's nothing we can do".
    The most annoying thing is... AO has such potential and could be fantastic game, but with crippling class's, alot of the trade skill's nest to useless and spawn camping.... quest's that arent worth the time and effort for what you get, gun recipe's that are only 90% working etc etc etc i think it's time for me to leave, this game is really good if you dont want to solo and get as much out of you're char as you can, but if you do want 100% out of you're char, and want to solo then it's not.... UBER guild's = lot's of fun if you dont want to try hard and get dragged up lvl's without ever really knowing how use you're char 100% and what you are capable of....
    Solo = lot's of frustration and never really being able to have fun.
    So.... go ahead and flame the bejeezuz out of me. please I want you to as I'll be gone by the time you all read this, it's just some parting thought's, Shadow land's = OOOOO new shiney thing, let's forget about the fundamental flaw's in the game for a while because we have new toy's to play with. But what happen's when all the bug's and flaw's slip into SL? back to square one me think's..... too little too late, an when you do flame me... please try to make it an intelligent response, not just to point out spelling mistake's... is you're life that empty and meaningless?
    So peep's of RK.. I shall bid you all a "Goodbye" and wish all lot's of luck with you're future gameing and I really hope AO live's up to what it promise's one day, and not changing the goal post's....

    "In the Kingdom of the blind... the one eye'd man is king" and this one eye'd man is now leaving... /bow /salute /wave

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    LOL that made be laugh !

    Sorry, but there would have to be a storyline before you could make comparisons to any literary genre or title. As a very long gone poster was always fond of saying: AO has as much storyline as Tetris. It was true a year ago and it is still true now.


    LOL very funny .... maybe cos its true LOL..

    "You dont have to be mad to play AO...but it helps ...pass the
    weed !"

    Good Luck FC

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    I just hope that you guys actually come through this time instead of running a story for the expansion at the same time PC Gamer happens to be demoing it for a review and once PC Gamer is done you dont drop the story like you did last time.

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    Originally posted by Rook
    If this stuff was so important to understanding the "conflict", perhaps it should have been available all along, instead of trying to milk another $20 from their players?
    That's getting into a different area entirely. But, again, from someone who admits to not having read the entire back-story, and presumably not having read much of anything else (getting to that), I think you just missed a whole lot of things FC actually covered and explained for once.
    Really? And how much nano does the demon require? More than zero? Then I suppose there is a scientific explanation for that, huh?
    Now you're just being silly. "If any component of the explanation involves science, it is pure science fiction" is what you're saying, and I cannot possibly imagine you actually mean then.
    Yes, it is qualified--but without nanobots it is not possible. Seems like a scientific explanation to me.
    Cue discussion of why doing all this stuff requires _notum_.
    Cue back-story involving the actual powers behind what is occuring on RubiKa.
    And where was it before?
    I think Reality has linked to one example. Then there is the back-story, dev chats, dev posts, etc etc.
    And we're supposed to cut FC slack for this? They never meant for anyone to stay neutral. And if they haven't implemented things in the game, with whom does the fault lie, exactly? The players, or FC?
    Only rarely would I suggest cutting them some slack. But what "the two of us" are discussing are things that did not need to be "implemented" (ie: Omni = Evil, Clans = Good), because they were _clearly explained_.

    Fault in these areas lies on both parties. Players for not paying attention; FC for letting it slide so long.
    This idea seems to be leaning towards, "Poor FC--so misunderstood. See what havoc the players have wrought on your masterpiece." I don't buy that for a second.
    You don't buy that huge components of the backstory have nothing to do with pure science fiction, either. So, basically, you're not going to buy any explanation that differs from what you want to hear.

    You are also bordering on confusing the havok FC themselves wrought on their "masterpiece" and problems caused or exacerbated by the players.

    I'm not now, never have been and cannot possibly be a FC apologist. My point, repeating it again, is simple: none of the "content" involved in the "Expansion Pack" is surprising or unexpected or in any way deviating from what this game has always been.

    Level restrictions and other mechanics-related issues are seperate things entirely. "Balancing" or "Fixing" classes only through an "Expansion Pack", or doing anything in general that forces people to get it, are totally different discussions.

    This is about story/content/direction, and _none_ of the good vs evil pseudo-fantastic stuff is in any way, shape or form new, unexpected or deviating from what has always been true of the _story/content/direction_ of the game.

    Geez, if you've even read the first 9 chapters of Prophet Without Honour, and I do believe you have, it is simply not possible to call this pure science fiction, and to avoid the knowledge that there are huge mystical aspects and implications of the whole thing.

    Most of what they've "announced" as far as what Shadowlands is supposed to accomplish should have been in game since release. Or, failing that, patched in for free.

    What I am trying to hammer out of people is the delusion that Shadowlands is somehow taking AO into some completely radical and new direction.

    It's not. live, you learn die, you learn faster

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    Hey, Gaute uses the same dictionary (Merriam Websters online Dictionary) as those people who support "Superslags" cause *scnr*
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    As a seven day free trial member of AO, and a long time designer/alpha/beta tester of various games, four year player of AC, I find this to be a very interesting discussion.

    I have sometimes thought that to make a true online RPG, you would have to do away with character leveling entirely......or make sure the players pass a RPG final exam before they are allowed to play.

    That being said, I would like to point out one more little fault with ALL the current online games, from an RPG point of view. There is no death.

    Being on design teams, I know the reasoning...."why punish players for a mistake?", "If players keep dying, they will cancel their subscriptions!"

    Oh boy, I'm not going into this argument again, but (giving away my advanced years) I remember BEFORE computers, we had RPGS, and NO-ONE stopped playing because their character died!

    "if we allow death, there will be players killing newbies!" Yes there will. Evil characters. Put a price on their head, flag them red, and track them down and kill them. Could be an interesting adventure, forming a possee, could it not?

    What death does do is allow true consequences to your actions, and allows true good and evil. And allows a story line.
    Death does not punish the player. It punishes a character. It also advances a storyline. It allows for rank progression. "The king is dead, long live the king" RPG's in my day, were not about earning points. They were about being a character in a story. And very often, the DM would hand you a character and tell you to play it....I have been in huge games where ONE DM kept several groups in one story....and the story was changed as characters died or progressed.

    That little bit being said, I come to my true point. ALL on-line RPGs are the same.....different graphics, different pixels to chase across the screen, different backstory, but the same power-levelers chasing xp's for no other reason than they think they should. Same *****es on the forums. Been there, seen it.

    If any game designers out there are thinking of writing an on-line rpg, take a tip from an old gamer.....go back to the basics. play some of the old pen and papers for a while, find out what made them fun. There was true danger, and a true sense of accomplishment when you succeded....true sorrow if your character died. Leveling was used to keep the game fresh....Power level? why? You would miss SSOOOOOOOOO much! RPG's are NOT about leveling....they are about character interaction with each other, that very interaction IS the story. A DM can provide the setting....tell you who is good, and who is evil, but a DM does NOT affect the outcome.

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    Bravo! Travail1954

    I don't think anyone with a background or history in actual old school RPG games will ever argue with you.

    Death is actually the only element this game really needs. I had played on occasion Diablo II, But only on one of the dedicated servers where death to your character was final. It brought the game something no other game on-line has yet to match that I have played. It would destroy the power leveling game, it would destroy the camping, It would destroy the mission blitzing..

    But, it would increase the game ten times.

    How many would think twice who they team up with for a mission? How many would think twice about wanting to take on a high level mob(red) solo? Or for that matter who would even consider it should be possible to do so? How many would attack town gaurds if they knew that it was possible to loose their characters life for that measily 2k worth of xp? You talk about RP! Alliances that are made would actually be worth something, Missions would be worth more than a way to level. Wandering in the wilderness would be thought out more.

    And Travail said it sooo right, I never quit playing D&D when my character died. Most of the fun was seeing just how long you could survive on your wits!

    Bring it On I say, Bring it ON!

    (note: I know this will never happen in this game, any game set up in present standards would collapse because of the present mind set of those that play them, maybe, one day, A game will come around with just as unique story, background, and scenic scope as AO has, but has the balls to let Death be a factor as well,,, one can only hope)
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    Front Story, not back...

    Yes you can read the backstory. Yes, you could (if in USA and if you bought the game in a box rather than online) get a novella to read. That is a piss poor excuse for not having any of the events mentioned in the story affecting the gameworld.

    Game balance does not mandate that you can go anywhere in Rubi-Ka and expect to stay alive. Thats why you have a home city, and Clan/Omni controlled bases (Tir/Omni 1). Places like Meetmedere should be the norm, rather than the exception. Newland should not exist, with Omni joining up with Clan to do a mission that says 'Clan officials need you to go wipe out some Omni nest of scum...'.

    In fact, missions should be there purely to get you through when you need items or experience. The major push of the story must be the control of the planet. If some Omni comes through the Whompa and starts taking out Guards in Tir I wanna be able to stop them. There are usually 20- 30 Clanners surrounding the Tir whompa, all of us against an Omni intruder would be so much more exciting.

    And if this makes if difficult for low levels, remember that they spawn immediately, suffer no XP loss and dont lose skill points. They are able to get right back up and carry on. The mission booths just need to be dragged away from the whompas, so you do more in safe environments until you are ready for the 'border towns'.

    And as for who is good and evil - who cares. As long as the war is staged I will toss a coin for the side I choose. And I can even change my mind with a simple click on a form.

    We only do missions to level BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO DO. Even if you join a guild all you get is 'lets go attack an Omni base - no I know there is no point as we will just fight endlessly spawning guards - yes I know that is like spawn camping - youre right - ok lets go do a mission'

    I joined up to fight a war. Give me one.

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    Originally posted by Sxin
    Bravo! Travail1954

    I don't think anyone with a background or history in actual old school RPG games will ever argue with you.
    Not so. I couldn't disagree more. Ever play Rolemaster? You spend an afternoon creating a character, only to have it bite the dust in five minutes of gameplay. While I agree that RM is a lot of fun, there are quite a few players out there who aren't so masochistic.

    In tabletop RPG's, you have a gamemaster/dungeonmaster paying close attention to everything. You don't get that in an MMORPG. You can't. You don't to face life-threatening lag in a pen and paper RPG, and the only bugs you encounter are a result of keeping food present while you game. Permanent death would be an interesting turn, but it's counter-intuitive to keeping up a decent subscriber base. There's no GM on hand to fudge the dice for you, nobody behind a cardboard screen making sure that you're not killed unfairly. Most importantly, players are dependent on established content without the presence of an authoritative GM to keep them happy and interested. You know how you could have the worst night you've ever had over a character sheet and a pile of dice, but the twiggy little nerd at the head of the table in the Bauhaus t-shirt can still make you laugh and have fun? know.

    Where you're wrong personally is that this has absolutely nothing to do with the "mindset" of MMORPG players. It has everything to do with the nature of the game, how it's played, and the conditions players are faced with. Personally, I think AO is a lot more fun than its competitors just because death isn't a big deal. You can spend more time roleplaying and less time playing cautiously.
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    A slap in the face of neutrals

    Thank you Gaute for Breaking it for us.

    We had to fight for recognition, surviving on bad equipment, agrro from BOTH sides, no token, no special items, no NOTHING handed to us.

    Still, We the neutrals are SURVIVORS. Some of us are approaching level 200. There are budding neutral guilds. People respect the neutrals. People Know they go into the neutral zones, they ain't gonna get annoyed, but in fact everyone wonders why it'S the neutral zones.

    We ARE the ones that never gave up. WE are your shades of greys. For crying out loud, We had a neutral top ten, and an article dedicated to us (on the role of neutrals).

    Now when you say "It's gonna be back to light vs Dark, no shades of grey" you just slapped us in the face man. Can'T we get some consistency in here?????
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    Re: A slap in the face of neutrals

    Originally posted by Mister_unknown
    Now when you say "It's gonna be back to light vs Dark, no shades of grey" you just slapped us in the face man. Can'T we get some consistency in here?????
    Uhm...I think you and MANY other people have sorely misread the article. Correct me if I'm wrong, but although Gaute did leave himself open to this kind of criticism by writing ambiguously, he did NOT indicate that Neutrals would be done away with. It sounds like he wants to spare the details of Shadowlands for later, but can't help but hint at how things will take shape. Besides, it wouldn't make good financial sense to piss off 20% of your player base. I'm pretty confident Neut's will be fine.
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    I have been playing this game since the day it went live. I eagerly followed the animated series while it lasted, I voraciously consumed every tidbit of background information and plotline hints I could find. I read the novel (an exellent read, I might add, I highly recomend it). I even read all the blurbs on items. As gameworlds go, Rubi-Ka has a lot going for it.

    I waited for this game for 2 years, from when I first heard that a SF MMORPG was coming. And frankly, the storyline and background thats been put in place is a good one. I saw the 'struggle between Good and Evil' coming a mile away, and Im satisfied with the world that has been produced upon which to carry out this conflict.

    Satisfied, that is, from an objective point of view. Subjectively, tho, the ball has been dropped in a big way. The storyline has ground to a halt due to a number of factors, including inept stewardship and indiffrent customer service by Funcom, a feeling of betrayal by the playerbase due to this, asd also a general lassitude from the players in reguards to Roleplay. Yes, this is a Roleplaying Game. That means if you want stuff to happen, you have to do more then just sit back and expect FC to feed you lines. You gotta develop a personality for you character, and then you gotta play that personality. I realize this is tough to do in a game thats more level-treadmill then anything else at the moment, but a living, ongoing storyline takes effort by both sides, players and gamemasters.

    All this being said, its been a year, and I still love Anarchy Online. Theres stuff that broken, but theres much more stuff thats been fixed. There are issues that still need to be adressed, solid gameplay and mechanical issues that REALLY need to be dealt with before we start mucking about with balance issues and such.

    Funcom, you are in a very precarious position. Think of this as a tabletop game, and you are the GM. Your campaign is lagging, and you are losing players because of that. You've got a chance to turn it around, its not too late. We really like your game. Dont drop the ball again, cuz we'd love to keep playing.
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