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Thread: The all in one legacy clan and Omni info thread

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    The all in one legacy clan and Omni info thread

    Just putting all the storyline information in one thread for easy access =)



    The Legacy Clans (omni departments can be found in the third post)


    Conservative: This means this clan takes a long time to decide over something and will go for least change in the rules that already exist. Their policies on the other hand will cause least uproar and tend to be well founded.
    Moderate: This is the middle road between conservatives and radicals. They tend to be more open for bigger change and tend to be quicker in deciding, but will mostly be led by well founded arguments and policies. Moderates are the masters of compromise.

    Radical: Radical tends to make policies based on whims and emotions. their ideals/beliefs tend to black out any form of compromise and if they do it'll be very reluctant and after as much delaying as possible.
    When they decide however they want it to happen As soon as possible and will work to accomplish this.

    Radicals tend to allow for quick and big changes, but often the changes in policy tend to be less thought through than for example with moderates.

    The Knights of Avalon
    (conservative decision-making. undecided in omni/clan conflict)
    Leader: Sir Tristram Solis
    Location: Avalon
    One of the most attractive clans to new Rebels, their leader Lord Galahad demands that they live by the ancient English chivalry code of the early middle Ages. They are courageous and idealistic and a definite thorn in the side of the hyper corporation. (Stratics)

    Tristram was a foundling raised by his father Sir Jeromey Solis a member of Lord Galahad’s Inner Circle and best friend to Sir Beargar as they assisted Galahad in his work for the Clans and Redeemed. Jeromey was one of the Knights leading Galahad’s first front attacks against the unredeemed and lost his life early in the beginning of this struggle.

    Showing many of the same characteristics his father had Tristram was sent to train in Galahads Shadowlands sanctuary to learn and train to serve Galahad in the same capacity as his father had. His easy manner and commitment to the cause of the Redeemed and his Lord Galahad this young man was sent to replace his fathers Knight brother Beargar in representation to the Council of Truth.

    Feelings about the CoT:
    Lord Galahad may as well have Tristram on his lap and be speaking as a ventriloquist for the commitment the Knight has openly to his Lord’s agenda. Galahad wants the Clans united as a cohesive body in order to fight off the Unredeemed and Omni-Tek threats. The inner squabbling must stop in order for everyone to see the truth and the plight of the redeemed should be come paramount.

    The Sentinels
    (Radical decision-making. pro-conflict in omni/clan conflict)
    Leader: Simon Silverstone
    Location: Tir/Mort
    Based in the town of Sparta, which doubles as a military base where basic training is offered to new clan members. They do not hesitate to use violence to complete a mission and whenever something happens to the Corporation they Sentinels are the first to be blamed. (Stratics)

    Much is known about the Sentinels, as they are perhaps the most outspoken of all the clans, and are quite large. They rule all of Tir, as their guards have free reign through the city. They are pro-war and want nothing but to completely destroy the corporation.

    They are almost as angry at the neutrals, if not more so, for their inability to choose a side. They made this apparent by completely banning all neutrals as well as Omni citizens from Tir.

    Simon Silverstone is a charismatic, powerful, and overall very cocky leader. He is outspoken and very opinionated, and is unashamed of his hatred for just about every who disagrees with him.

    As well as being perhaps one of the biggest and most powerful clans, the Sentinels are also seen as the most destructive by every other clan. Even if they had wanted to be a strong force in the Council, the Council probably would have refused Silverstone any major power in it. The only people who dislike the Sentinels more than the other clans, though, is Omni-Tek.

    The Sentinels are responsible for numerous incidents that the corporation has deemed "terrorist attacks," and the only thing longer than the file Omni-Pol has on Silverstone is the recently published Encyclopedia of Everything (which is, as the name would suggest, an encyclopedia that details EVERY piece of knowledge and history that solitus’ have acquired in the past; everything from quantum mechanics to recipes for goloala burgers, "If you've thought about it, we wrote about it in the Encyclopedia of Everything.").

    The Sentinels have few allies, as most of the clanners either love or hate them, and those that love them usually just join up with them. However, most of the Council realizes the importance and the power that the Sentinels hold, even if they are totally disgusted by it. Ultimately, as far as how the Sentinels view the other clans, if a clan isn't pro-war, it isn't with the Sentinels.

    Feelings about the CoT:
    As much as the Sentinels wish to completely ignore the other clans, and as much as they probably could and get away with it, the Sentinels have an appreciation of PR in their own way. Ultimately, the majority of clanners are in favor of the Council, and while the Sentinels don’t care much about impressing Radiman or any of the major clans, they do understand that they have a lot of support from clanners that they would loose if they completely disregarded the Council. So, the Sentinels reluctantly take part, and try to point out as much as possible that they don’t think they should need to take part in the Council.

    Attitude Towards the Other Clans:
    Unionists: The Sentinels have a lot of respect for the Unionists for their willingness to work, as well as their mutual hatred for Omni-Tek.

    Terra Firma: The Sentinels see politics as a necessary part of war, and so they understand the necessity for Terra Firma.

    Knights: The Sentinels see the Knights as weak powerless due to their indecisive attitude towards the war. To the Sentinels, the Knights are all show and they see them more as Radiman's yes-men than anything else.

    New Dawn: The Sentinels have no love for New Dawn, mainly because they have no desire for any negotiations with Omni-Tek.

    Pilgrims: The only thing the Sentinels despise more than the corporation is neutrals, and the Pilgrims' willingness to help neutrals as well as Clanners has put them on the Sentinels bad list.

    Vanguard: To the Sentinels, Vanguard are nothing more than spineless businessmen, and this view is quite similar to the one the Sentinels' have of Omni-Tek.

    Eco Warriors: The Sentinels respect the outrageousness of the Eco Warriors demands, and while they have no plan of leaving Rubi-Ka anytime soon, the Sentinels have no problems helping everyone else leave the planet.

    Gaia: Like the Eco Warriors, the Sentinels respect that Gaia is so 'out-there'. However, while they are not against Gaia, the two clans have little in common other than their radical attitudes.

    The Pilgrims

    In a surprising turn of events the Prilgrims decided ... to leave the
    terraformed regions of Rubi-ka to travel into the outzones.

    (Moderate decision-making. Pro-peace in omni/clan conflict)
    Leader: Kreista Tobarl
    They have no fixed headquarters living in a mobile tent city to the North and East of Camelot. It is said that a message sent care of the Knights will read them though. Loc: 1550 3654 505

    The Pilgrims have a history of wandering the wilds of RK saving Neutral and Clanner folks who end up attacked by a dangerous animal or too deep in the desert without water or food. Kreista was one of these saved though the salvation was a reluctant one. A woman of middle-age she had left her husband and children behind in Newland City when she felt a “Calling” to the wilds. She heard the land crying to her and began to wander North and was found by a group of Pilgrims near death. Meeting people that felt and understood her unexplained physiological calling by the land drew her to The Pilgrims instantly and she fell into their fold; her new family.

    Feelings about the CoT:
    As a guild, The Pilgrims are dedicated to the search for knowledge and discovery around the world of Rubi-Ka. Their desire for learning new things and exploring new places lead their members to roam the wilds of Rubi-ka from North to South. It is for this reason that they are unhappy with Omni-Tek and its restrictive policies keeping their members from roaming as freely as they would wish. This stifling of access to knowledge in the Omni-Tek territories is one of the Pilgrims main points they will bring up and wish for from the Council.

    Terra Firma
    (Moderate decision-making. pro-conflict in omni/clan conflict)
    Leader: Hayden Okoli Solitus
    Location: unknown
    While Terra Firma is relatively new and small as compared to the other clan guilds, it has quickly gained a lot of support throughout the North due to Okoli's political charisma. Terra Firma does not seek conflict out of a desire for a completely clan-ruled planet, but instead they seek a democratic Rubi-Ka where both Omni-Tek and the clans have an equal part in governing the planet.

    Terra Firma bases it’s guild on the same democratic principles which it hopes to see being used to govern Rubi-Ka in the future. When asked how he continues to be the electoral victor in leadership contentions Okoli basis it on the respect he has earned. "The system works," he says, "and one day it will work for Rubi-Ka." It is widely believed that if democracy did come to Rubi-Ka Okoli would be a shoe-in for high office.

    Hayden Okoli is a politician through-and-through. Though he has compassion and desire for the clans to be free, he knows only bureaucracy, and so his plan for freedom is not simple. Though he once sought to end the conflict through peaceful means, he has realized that this is an unrealistic goal.

    Feelings about the CoT:
    Terra Firma whole-heartedly supports the Council in all its efforts to try to end the conflict, though it is wary of how often they seem to pander to the will of Omni-Tek. Terra Firma is an active and proud member of the Council. They believe that the Council is a good example of the effectiveness of democracy and the power of the people.

    Attitude towards the Other Clans:
    Unionists: Terra Firma allies itself closely with the Unionists, because Okoli feels that since the Unionists are seen as the clan for the working class, it would give Terra Firma a lot of pull with a large population of the Clanners.

    Sentinels: Okoli has been known to support Simon Silverstone and his Sentinels, hoping to get their support for the war to come and for after the war. Terra Firma's dealings with the Sentinels are mostly behind closed doors, though, since the Sentinels are so unpopular.

    Knights: Terra Firma finds itself conflicting most with the Knights, as Terra Firm sees the Knights' sense of honor and justice as crude and out-dated ways of going about things. To Terra Firma, honor is nowhere near as important as results.

    New dawn: Terra Firma sees New Dawns' desire for a peaceful resolution both as unrealistic and in conflict with Terra Firma's desire for a diplomatic Rubi-Ka, which it thinks Omni-Tek would never support.

    Pilgrims: Like the Unionists, Terra Firma realizes the popularity and therefore political power of the Pilgrims. While the Pilgrims pacifism counts against them in Terra Firma's eyes, it still sees the Pilgrims as an untapped resource as far as getting support from the other clans and the neutrals.

    Vanguard: Politics need money to run, and so Terra Firma has a special place in its heart for the Vanguard clan.
    Eco Warriors: Terra Firma sees the Eco Warriors desire to leave Rubi-Ka as both unreasonable and infeasible.

    Gaia: To Terra Firma, the environmentalist vote is currently a non-issue, and like the Pilgrims, Gaia is pacifistic and so that makes them lose points with Terra Firma.
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    Eco Warriors
    (Radical decision-making. undecided in omni/clan conflict)
    Leader: Kisra Delus (formerly Red)
    Location: Aegen, Rising Sun
    To ask where the Eco Warriors stand on the conflict would be the wrong question to ask. They have no stance on the conflict, as they think both the clans and Omni-Tek, and the neutrals for that matter, should leave Rubi-Ka all-together.

    The Eco Warriors are an extremist group headed by an eccentric leader known as 'Red', and they are most well-known for allegedly introducing the rhino-man population to the wilds of Rubi-Ka.

    To Red and the rest of the Warriors, Rubi-Ka is a sacred place, and that the occupation of the planet by Omni-Tek amounts to nothing short of sacrilege. Since the opening of the portals to the Shadow Lands, Red has only been emboldened in his struggle for the de-population of Rubi-Ka.

    His argument is that the Shadow Lands are only foreshadowing what Omni-Tek will bring to Rubi-Ka: which is the literal collapse of Rubi-Ka itself.

    Feelings about the CoT:
    “The only chance any clanner has to change Rubi-Ka,” Red once said to the Council, “is to leave it.” The only reason the Eco Warriors are a part of the Council is because they see it as a great forum to express their belief that the only hope for Rubi-Ka is for everyone to move to another planet. The Eco Warriors also gain solace from the relationship that exists between the clans and the Redeemed, whom the Eco Warriors have grown to respect a great deal.

    Attitude Towards the Other Clans:
    Gaia: The Eco Warriors are obviously tied closely with Gaia, the other radical environmentalist clan. While they do not see eye-to-eye on the eventual outcome of the conflict, they both obviously agree on the conservation of the planet, though Red feels it is naive to think that one can conserve the planet while living on it and mining for notum.

    Vanguard: They disagree most with the Vanguard, as they think the Vanguard clan is just trying to reap the benefits of the planet for themselves and is willing to destroy the planet in the process.

    Sentinels: The Eco Warriors respect the Sentinels power and realize that if they have any chance to realize the de-population of the planet, they will need the help of Mr. Silverstone.

    Terra Firma: The Eco Warriors have no time for politics, so they think that Terra Firma is wasting their time.

    Pilgrims: The Eco Warriors feel that helping citizens in Rubi-Ka will only encourage people to stay on the planet. The Eco Warriors put no stock in the Pilgrims' claim of a connection with the planet, as the Eco Warriors feel no one can connect with the planet and still think it is a good idea to populate and continue to mine it.

    New Dawn: The Eco Warriors want nothing to do with a diplomatic solution to the conflict as they think that a diplomatic solution will only encourage both Omni-Tek and the clans to remain on the planet and continue to destroy it.

    Knights: The Eco Warriors respect the honor and loyalty of the Knights, and see them as a reasonable clan.

    Unionists: The Eco Warriors feel the Unionists are a major factor in the continuation of the mining and destruction of the planet of Rubi-Ka, so they have no desire to ally with them.


    (Radical decision-making. Pro-peace in omni/clan conflict)
    Leader: Sister Elsabet
    Location: unknown
    Gaia gave up on the conflict with Omni-Tek a long time ago, and figured it'd be best if they could terra-form another part of the planet and live peacefully without any possible interference from Omni-Tek. The only problem with this is that Gaia is no where near large enough to gather the resources that would be required, and this is where the Council comes in.

    While Gaia feels that the Council is unnecessary on this part of Rubi-Ka, Elsabet understands that she needs to convince others that the development of this Garden is necessary. As well, while she is against war, she feels Omni-Tek owes the clans money and resources. Gaia feels that between the resources they could gain from Omni-Tek and that of the other clans, the Garden would be more than feasible. Also, until they get their Garden of Eden, Gaia tries hard to emphasize the importance of respecting the environment of Rubi-Ka, both to Omni-Tek and to the other clans.

    Feelings about the CoT:
    To Gaia, the Council is a resource they are tapping to gain support for the formation of a Garden of Eden on the other side of Rubi-Ka. Other than that, Gaia sees the Council as a bunch of naïve clans who think they can change the world, but will ultimately fail to change anything.

    Attitude Towards the other Clans:
    Eco Warriors: While Gaia respects the Eco Warriors for their desire to conserve the planet, Gaia feels that the Warriors are a bit too radical and that their plan to leave the planet is misguided.

    Pilgrims: Gaia most respects the Pilgrims, both for their desire to help others, but more importantly for their self-proclaimed connection with the planet itself.

    New Dawn: While Gaia desires to reach peace with Omni-Tek and avoid conflict at the same time like New Dawn, Gaia feels that Omni-Tek will never agree to a complete allegiance with the clans.

    Sentinels: Gaia secretly respects the Sentinels, and would like it if the Sentinels got onboard with Gaia's Garden of Eden project, as Gaia feels the Sentinels would provide indispensable protection.

    Unionists: Gaia is strongly against the efforts of the Unionists, both in their desire to fight against the corporation in open combat, and in the conflict between the two clans' ideas of conservation as The Unionists are mostly miners and workers who are not immediately concerned with the environment.

    Terra Firma: Gaia dislikes Terra Firma because it feels they have no desire for anything but political power, which is not at all a concern of Gaia's.

    Knights: Gaia feels that the ideals of the Knights ignore the importance of the environment. Also, Gaia dislikes the Knights' indecision in regards to the conflict.

    Vanguard: As it distrusts Terra Firma, Gaia distrusts Vanguard due to its lust for power, though unlike Terra Firma, Vanguard lusts after money.

    (moderate decision-making. undecided in omni/clan conflict)
    Leader: Alan Jacobi
    Location: Old Athens North building
    If there is a way to make an honest profit on Rubi-Ka then Vanguard and Alan Jacobi will tell you about it and tell you about how much credits they made doing it. If there is a way to make money under the table and turn an even more respectable profit doing it. They will not admit to it because they prefer their niche market.

    Alan started on the streets of Tir running small cons and helping the bigger fish stay big fish. He never really cared much for protection racks or strong handling but his mind was quick and his calculator quicker. Using his skills with numbers and accounts he began his own nest egg and using profits from his employers he started his own company.

    Vanguard is the guild, which was created around this organization. Mafia Don isn’t quite the way that Alan Jacobi wishes to be seen but it’s the way that most outside of Vanguard view him and his Capitalistic Clan.

    Feelings about the CoT:
    A Mutually agreed upon solution to Clan and Omni-Tek and Clan versus Clan aggression is all Alan really wishes for. The more people that get alone and can come to some sort of agreement the more people are willing to trade with him and Vanguard. Yes, it comes down to what Vanguard will gain from these meetings and his presence there.

    The Unionists
    (conservative decision-making. Pro-conflict in omni/clan conflict)
    Leader: Aideen Landau
    Location: unknown
    The Unionists, like their leader, are mostly former or current miners, and they have no love for Omni-Tek. In fact, their hatred for the corporation is so strong that they want all Corporate-affiliated citizens exiled from the planet so that Rubi-Ka will be led by an all-clan regime.

    Their leader, Aideen Landau is a large atrox, and while most would assume it would struggle to put together complete sentences, when it opens its mouth, it is obvious that most people are very wrong. Aideen is no PhD, but it has worked in the mines and it knows exactly what it wants out of the conflict. It is also very good at making everyone understand what it wants, because despite his limited vocabulary, he is able to pick exactly the right words to express what everyone is feeling. He is very well spoken, and not just for an atrox.

    Feelings about the CoT:
    The Unionists are reluctant in their participation in the CoT, because they see it as a concession to Omni-Tek. The Council’s priorities are obviously centered in finding a mutually beneficial solution to the conflict, but the Unionists want no such thing. To them, agreements such as the Tir Accord are an affront to the clans as they say the language suggests that Omni-Tek has the rights to the planet and they are being nice by letting the clans live in their own territory. They do respect the Council somewhat, though, as the Unionists see it as a stepping stone towards what will one day be a clan-led Rubi-Ka.

    Attitude Towards the Other Clans:
    Sentinels: The Unionists have no patience for radicals, especially when they are focused on things as extraneous as the environment. However, the Unionists do have respect for the Sentinels' overall power, though they disagree with how extreme they are.

    Terra Firma: The Unionists are pretty close to Terra Firma since Terra Firma claims to best represent every man. They are a bit skeptical of Terra Firma, though, as Terra Firma is usually too political.

    Knights: The Unionists have a lot of respect for the Knights, and see them as the most honorable and reasonable of the clans.

    Gaia: The Unionists have no desire to leave the current terraformed lands of Rubi-Ka, and since they are mostly miners and laborers, they have little desire for environmental conservation.

    Eco Warriors: Like Gaia, The Unionists have little desire to ally with the Eco Warriors as they are against their extreme environmental conversation policies. The Unionists want to remain on Rubi-Ka and continue mining.

    New Dawn: The Unionists see New Dawn as a reasonable clan, though the Unionists are a bit skeptical of them as New Dawn is rumored to be in bed with Omni-Tek.

    Pilgrims: The Pilgrims are a bit too peaceful for the Unionists, as the Unionists see war as the only possible solution to the war. The Unionists have no desire to help neutral or Omni citizens, but instead want a Rubi-Ka to be led by the clans.

    Vanguard: The Unionists do not like Vanguard and feel that since Vanguard is concerned only with credits, they can not possibly have the greater good of the clan in mind.

    New Dawn
    (conservative decision-making. Pro peace in omni/clan conflict)
    Leader: Xeavier Humbold Solitus
    Location: West Athens North
    Probably the most peaceful of the Rebel clans, they seek peaceful co-existence rather than the utter destruction of Omni-Tek. They have a clan house in Omni-1 and it is also rumored that they are in secret negotiations with Omni-Tek while retaining strong links with The Sentinels and The Knights. (Stratics)

    Their current leader, Xeavier Humbold, as a young man in his early thirties grew up the son of a Successful trader baron. His father, although arriving on RK as a Clan allied man, set up a thriving business trading supplies from off world to supply both Clan and Omni-Tek outpost facilities. Although his dealings with OT supply officers was on the quiet his reputation as a good business man kept him profiting and alive.

    Xeavier grew up traveling to these bases and took over many of the supply lines from his father when he grew to his formative years. Having many among the OT and Clanner outposts whom he called friend he strived to get them to com to terms for their blind hatred for each other. It was through his actions in this endeavor that got him noticed by Ruth Montezuma leader of New Dawn. His talent and enthusiasm was quickly noticed and he rose in the ranks quickly to stand as one of her trusted advisors. Many speculate that he has also passed through her bed at one point or another as an aside.

    Feelings about the CoT:
    It is no secret that New Dawn as a clan has always believed in the diplomatic resolution of the disputes between Omni-Tek and the Clans. Xeavier will be more of an observer and a watcher to gauge the temper and overall design of the developing Council. He will speak up on behalf of his leader Ruth Montezuma who is still in hiding after the last Council disbanded hurriedly.
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    The Omni's


    Omni-Pol was, until recently, Omni-Tek's most visible department. A corporation-wide establishment, Omni-Pol is responsible for public safety and protection on all planets and in all cities and facilities that are accessible to both Omni-Tek and non Omni-Tek persons. Omni-Pol also handles law enforcement internally, along with Omni-InternOps. Amongst their ranks are, most commonly, guards and foot officers. Omni-Pol also has an expert investigation force, and handles judgment and execution of sentence both internally and externally.

    Omni-AF (Armed Forces)

    The Armed Forces division of Omni-Tek, Omni-AF begins where Omni-Pol ends. Omni-AF is a corporation-wide entity and handles everything from guarding internal facilities and employee-only cities and planets, to wide-scale action such as attack, defense and tactics in Omni-Tek's war with the Sol Banking Corporation. They operate under the control of Omni-Prime, however, they answer to the highest available authority when not told otherwise.


    Omni-Trans is where 7 out of 10 educated recruits on Rubi-Ka as of current statistics. The necessary manpower goes up as the usage of Rubi-Ka's transportation demand goes up and, as the population on the surface grows; more men and women are needed to man the systems responsible for the Wompah system and for off-planet transport of goods and raw materials from Rubi-Ka. Omni-Trans work closely with Omni-Com, which runs the Grid and all on and-off-planet communications.


    Omni-Reform has more duties and tasks than any other department on Rubi-Ka. Those that aren't classified include maintenance of prison and re-education systems, propaganda and information warfare, misinformation, sabotage/espionage and anti-terrorist activities. Omni-Reform officials ensure that employees remain loyal, while tending to the ones who do not. Standards for admission to Omni-Reform are unbelievably high, so much so that most people tend to believe that the people who are in it were trained for it from birth; which isn't entirely untrue


    The Administration section of Omni-Tek's operations on Rubi-Ka is unique to the planet, although similar cells exist on other planets and locales, operating with the same name and with the same goals. However, none of these cells are officially tied together other than the fact that they only answer to Omni-Prime. Omni-Admin is staffed by comparatively few people to other departments, and by hand-picked personnel to avoid power struggles internally. They are the second-highest authority on Rubi-Ka, subordinate only to Omni-InternOps.


    Omni-InternOps is the highest authority on Rubi-Ka, answering only to Omni-Prime and Philip Ross. They are the Omni-Tek's corporation wide human resources department, and work on such things as training and education of new recruits, internal news/media broadcasts, job placement, reports to Omni-Prime and internal investigation of those suspected of high crimes such as treason. Not much is known about the entire spectrum of InternOps operations, but InternOps agents and administrators are typically highly inquisitive, curious and observant.


    Treatment of the sick and wounded, monitoring insurance and cloning systems, developing implant technology and first-aid, stim and treatment technologies are the primary duties of Omni-Med. Comprised entirely of internists, Omni-Med runs hospital and treatment facilities, as well as performing monitoring and maintenance of the treatment and surgical facilities found in shops planet wide. In addition, Omni-Med was one of the first departments on Rubi-Ka to begin taking broad technical steps toward the future. Omni-Med is solely responsible for the conceptualization and creation of the Homo Opifex, Homo Nano and Homo Atrox deviant breeds, as well as almost all of the plant and animal life found on Rubi-Ka.


    Omni-Engineering is, by far, the largest department operating on Rubi-Ka. Like Omni-Tek on Rubi-Ka, they're but a cell of a larger, corporation-wide entity that develops Omni-Tek's technology. Omni-Mining and Omni-R&D fall under the direct jurisdiction of Omni-Engineering, though each department operates on its own once orders from Engineering come down. Omni-Engineering assigns tasks to these two departments; R&D for research, and mining for the materials needed to build. Omni-Engineering its self is solely responsible for construction and implementation of R&D's findings via the use of Mining's resources. Omni-Engineering was the first department to begin fully functioning on Rubi-Ka, setting up the first mining operations there and implementing Omni-Med's biological developments to begin the process of terra-forming.


    The R&D wing of Omni-Tek's Rubi-Ka operations works hand-in-hand with Omni-Engineering to develop and build tomorrow's war machines. In addition, they're also in charge of Nano formula development, which was once a side-project of Omni-Engineering, but was turned over to R&D's more skilled scientists by rule of Omni-Admin.


    This department oversees all mining operations on Rubi-Ka, Notum and otherwise. They also handle the allocation, out-of-corporation sales, and on-planet transportation of raw materials on Rubi-Ka. Due to a minor technicality that pre-dates Clan uprisings, Omni-Mining operates as an arm of Omni-Engineering, but has its own independent leadership. In addition, they have their own internal goals that include, but aren't limited to, anti-union enforcement and control of policing activity in mines and their associated facilities. Omni-Mining was once a quaint, quietly-run department, but once it was discovered that Clan activity originated in their men, they became much more authoritative and rigid.


    The communications portion of Omni-Tek's Rubi-Kan operations is one of the most shrouded in darkness, trailing only Omni-Reform and Omni-InternOps in its secrecy. One of there more well-known endeavors is running the Grid transit system in cooperation with Omni-Trans, who initially had some part in developing the necessary technology. Given the nature of the Grid, Omni-Com was more recently put in charge of information technology on Rubi-Ka; their experience in running vast computer systems is vital to such projects. The first major project they were given after developing the Grid transit system, as a part of their I.T. assignment, was handling the allocation of resources for maintenance and further development of the insurance system. Omni-Com also handles on-and-off-planet communications, be they local radio or larger trans-solar-system arrays. They're also Omni-Tek's electronic warfare experts, running communications interception operations such as monitoring Clan activity.
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