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Thread: For those who said it was impossible..

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    For those who said it was impossible..

    Nichi (L 60/AL 6), opifex Engineer, Neutral, Unit Commander of Underworld

    casted Slayerdroid Protector last night. It was a long gruesome quest and hell of a twink session =)

    I'd like to thank the following for helping me along the way:
    Socialist, Nineah, Ryph, Xstyggax, Imaginya, Semantha, Martialmad, Icee, Roboloca, Thade, Uranos, Leiarres, Anomaly, Biggsby/Bewbsby, Xephydes/Zhoknerfer, Shelleci, Pillbaby, Vogonjeltz, Guojia, Everyone in my wonderful org Underworld, All the random buffers, And everyone I might have missed, Freyadoom for the first slayer mochs ^^

    pic 1
    pic 2
    pic 3
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    very well done indeed - awesome achievement

    now ... you gonna give a run down of how you done it - and that interesting armor your wearing?

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    An opifex neutral even! I congratulate you =)
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    ick, full suit of arithmetic for a temple twink?

    grats though, that's pretty crazy.
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    That's awesome, Kevoupe! I remember when it was challenge for a Solitus to ever self cast a Slayer(this was before any of the expansions). Its nice to see that the sky is the limit
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    Awesome work!

    Makes me wanna roll a engy totw twink =), plus pvping with could be fun also. =)
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    lol pretty crazy money to spend on a totw twink when way less can do the job but nice goin...
    for pvp i doubt it would be much success engies are extremely squishy at lvl 60 and with no hp armor and so on it's even worse engi would be dead before he could hit /pet attack macro ...
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    at 49 its totally awesome damage.

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    Hella nice work, congrats... now tell us how to like Drakus said that must be some (alot hehe) time of twinking ey?
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    the important equip

    wasn't able to add Gold Filigree Ring set with a Star Ruby which is +3 mc/ts atm but can go up to +5

    also the comm relay is low, can use higher which is another +2 mc/ts


    note: the enhance dna line was just for imps, will retrain for bio-shield

    also used the +20 int pistols for the boost, plan on cdr's or something eventually and with more twinking *sigh

    Underworld also has a ql300 city which helped a ton.

    have 150ish mc/ts implants in.
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    WOW, very impressive indeed. Bet you scared some noobs in the temple too
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    Very nice Kev my mp is getting closer as well
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    Dunno...Leet Form..sneak.../pet attack :P
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    Another question, you have a Pure Novictum Ring in your equip? I assume thats not what your wearing? :P
    Limefire, The Great White Hope

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    I'm wearing the pure novictum ring, and yes I did loot it from arachnis.

    nichi in inferno dungeon

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    Very nice, you make me want to stop my MP at 60 to try the same with demon
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    Incredible, hats off to you Kev!
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    Again, great stuff ... wish i had that sort of equipment on my engie lol .... one question though - the Arul Saba bracers are "self level 100" ... how are you wearing them? Are they bugged or was that a mistake ...


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    Heh how many tries did it take you to get through inferno with the zone dot, and get the guardian faction to get into inferno?
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    Thats some very admirable twinking!

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    Greatest twink ever, you certainly deserve a reward.
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