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Thread: Tradeskill sites

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    Tradeskill sites

    These sites give great information about tradeskills. Have a look!

    The Workshop

    Engineer site, but alot of general tradeskill information

    AO Med Center

    Covers stims, treatment kits, blood plasma, treatment and pharmacy libraries.
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    Opening this up for you all to post your good sites in here. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread for spam and off-topic discussions (please only list websites).
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    German tradeskill site, but alot of general information .

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    Anarchy Arcanum launched today (22.August) and will provide guides to pretty much anything you can shake a Leet at!

    Hope you like it!

    Ellusion & Twicer

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    I just thought...

    ... I would comment on my partner in Crime Ellusion there - its not only tradeskills on the site - a lot of the site will cover areas like clubs, and unique monsters, and everything Rubi-Ka has to offer, but yes - a lot of it will be tradeskills, that is true =)

    *goes back to trying to write more guides*
    Anarchy Arcanum
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    Well Twicer old bud Very nice site and applause to both of you.

    If you need any confirmation or help with the tradeskills area, feel free to give me a call.
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    by far the best site out there is i've used most of their guides and enjoyed them all. bravo boys.

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    Cool WebSite, yes... But not only !!

    Website are quite useful but when you need the info ingame ?

    Check this and your hopes will be fulfilled !

    The ingame guide to Tradeskills, easy to use, English and French version available.

    Beware, it's addictive stuff...
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    Wow that arcanum site is nice.

    I've been on the AO med site but it makes the instruction mistake of assuming that you know some of what they are talking about.
    Meanwhile the treatment library instructions on the arcanum site assume that I am the ignorant goof that I am

    It also answered some questions I had on bronto armor and such, as well as giving much info on crazy stuff I'd never know.

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    A tradeskill based org

    Level 200 Eng

    My name was nerfed if you wish to contact me ingame please use superslang

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    Have a bunch of tradeskill guides at my help site

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    I know this is not fair, but I couldn't help laughing when I read 's description about engineer mobs:

    Wielding pistols and light armor, Engineers are one of the weakest mobs. They don't cast any programs, and they surely don't have any 2t slayerdroids lurking behind a corner.

    I expect that the nice boys on the site will change the description soon.

    Keep up the good work, your site is awesome.

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    The is the best site around.
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    The Tir School of Engineering is a tradeskill site that Ive been working on for a while. I hope everyone enjoys it
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    I belive that is the best site these days!

    Good job!

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    Umm I'm going to do like the other 8 people and put hehe
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