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Thread: Adventurer profession - Guides and useful threads

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    Adventurer profession - Guides and useful threads

    Howdy folks, to preserve "sticky space" at the top of the forum here this thread was created to maintain a list of useful reference threads in one easy-to-find place. If anyone has any suggestions for additional threads for this list, please send a pm to either Vassilis or Glarawyn

    1. The Adventurer's Handbook (Table of Contents)
    2. Adventurer Website by Kaelien
    3. Results of 1k+ AMS Multiplier Testing by Jayde
    4. Where to find Adventurer nanos by Glarawyn
    5. Viable Weapons (and other Options) by Gothy (Needs updates for LE)
    6. Backstabbing Explained by Shelana
    7. Ring of the Falcon Talon Guide (Adventurer Profession Ring) by Katth
    8. Symbiants for Adventurers by Glarawyn
    9. Atrox Adventurer Twink by Niles
    10. Ranged Adventurer Guide by Nwalker (Also in French)
    11. Guide to Adventurer Research Actions (Procs) by Glarawyn
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