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Thread: Bringing up a Old Subject with a semi-new twist.

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    Post Bringing up a Old Subject with a semi-new twist.

    A: The Old Subject

    Previously, we had tried to get Funcom to instate a more social aspect to the social parts of the game. At this time, there is a limited way to dance, using a very limited, very choppy set of emotes. We, those of us in AO whom played for a more socialistic and non-power gamer point of view, had asked Funcom for a way to dance. This was shot down for multiple reasons and the new expansion that was coming out at the time, first Notum Wars and then the next time we brough it up Shadowlands. This was something that was pushed back and then, from all views that any could tell, shot down and dismissed.

    A: The "New" Subject and its twist

    And so... We reach the present and a new idea.

    Now, I realize that with Alien Invasion's recent release, there are bugs to be worked out and things that must be done but with Towns of Rubi-ka placed in with AI, there is no real way for a more social aspect expansion to come out.

    I first realized it when I returned to AO after playing Star Wars Galaxies that AO was lacking severly in the Social/Clothing aspects of the game. Now, before you give me the return to SWG line, listen to what I have to say.

    My main reason for saying this is that Anarchy Online, while most would say is a more battle orientated game, also has bars and other places for people to gather and party. Especially with the new Player Towns that are out.

    Creating a new profession would be difficult, due to animation and graphics work that would have to be done, and creating two would be a task that I'm sure Funcom does not have time to do what with trying to debug any problems currently in AO. But those of us who play AO not only for the fighting but for the Social aspects of the game would probably enjoy having atleast one profession that can benefit and even enhance those aspects of the game.

    What I am suggesting is the creation of a dancer/tailor profession like that which is in SWG but instead of two professions, combine it into one. Even a single dance would be fine and you could limit the ability to make clothing on what skills the person has thus making it almost like a crafting profession.

    I realize that this is a really weird and, if you consider how many times we asked for this in the past, overdone rant but it is something that I would like to bring back up with more detail.

    Thank you.
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    Without going into specifics, I fully support the idea for more social stuff to DO, besides simple chat and dance emotes that are ingame. It's like RL, it's more fun actually doing things together than speaking on the phone

    Some ideas:
    - Vehicles that can carry several people - useful for expeditions into the wilderness / sightseeing etc
    - Games within the game (anyone remember Astro-Chicken from Spacequest? ) But seriously, how bout a casino or a golf course?
    - Outdoor and indoor activities like for instance go-karts, amusement parks, canoes and fishing gear, home entertainment systems for appartments and/or guild HQs?

    Of course, all this stuff would have to actually WORK, not just be passive eye-candy.
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    I LOOOOOVE the casino idea....

    If you don't like my opinion, don't feel bad...
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    Maybe something to bring back the RP in MMOLRPG.

    That was about the only thing I give SWG for design. Hours of sitting around in a cantina talking trash, socializing, getting into brawls....

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    I agree we'd need new emotes, especially dances and such but the idea of a dancer/tailor or even musician prof like in SWG couldnt work here because the lvl systems are completely different:

    in SWG you can be for example a Pistoleer (combat) and Dancer (social) with same char, can get rid of skills when you want and get them back later with some grind, but in AO you'd have to start a new char and could only dance, play music or make clothe with this new char....not fun, not to mention all prof in AO share same skills just with diff color codes making them more or less expensive, but your suggestion would require new skills I assume...
    ppl would like to have (social) fun with whichever char they want, not a specific one, that wouldnt encourage more ppl to do social stuff only the ones currently RP'ing would use such feature, other could make such a new char and try it once then go back to their main and other alts...and a tailor prof could just not work at all in AO IMO

    so bump for new dances and other kind of emotes
    when most stuff is fixed in AI of course
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    I agree that the classes from SWG that where designed for social situations would not fly in a class based system like AO. But even without those, there seemed to be a much more active community in game for role playing/socializing. It probably was the world, Star Wars has some fanatical following amongst roleplayers.

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    Well, what amused me to no end while I played SWG was that so many people had said they would play AO insted due to the better gameplay content and the fact they didn't have to deal with "Jedi l33t pwnage" all the time IF there was better Social Content for them.
    Support the Social Aspects!!

    I'm not a b!tch, I just don't like your opinion.

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    Yea, SWG really kinda blew. There where some cool things and some great ideas and yet...The suckage was great.

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