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Thread: Xan Rune Language

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    Xan Rune Language

    Using Dyna18's partially translated Runes, I have managed to /partially/ translate what I consider to be 75% of the Rune texts displayed on walls, statues, and various other locations and from what I understand and see...

    95% of what I have found is bunk.

    Here are some translations from Mordeath Sanctuary Statue:

    aoea ei_c vnLhc _ _ s < wtf?

    Here is some translation from inside Number 9's pyramid:

    _ _ gy _ n _ i _ iav


    That's pretty messed up and considering B F J K Q R W and X don't have runes to match (I've found non translated runes but I can't match them to letters because nothing is spelled) it's bunk.


    Story? Where? Oh. Pandemonium Backstory thread, eh oh el, how about some damn clarity...

    Or do I have to go to EQ for that?

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    rofl they didnt even manage to make some silly word atleast?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charfbiz2
    rofl they didnt even manage to make some silly word atleast?
    aoea ei_c vnLhc _ _ s <--- Try saying that fast :P Yup, that's a silly word, if you can call it that ^^
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    You guys suck.

    You guys are no help. ><

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    Pfft, if you'd translated old viking runes, they would make no sense to you either. It's written in Xan language!

    I bet "aoea ei_c vnLhc _ _ s" means something like "enter here and die" in English.
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    or "last one in is an immortal fungus"

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    "95% of what I have found is bunk."

    could be written in the 'Xan language' or whatever... it was pretty odd one, from the samples you can find in item descriptions:

    'Anun Laeth Thum' -- (Flux Pistol)
    'Julead An Panc' -- 'Find a Target' (Jake)
    'Nader Awad-Ero Manacthabol' -- 'Beauty that brings tears to your eyes' (Turn Spirit of Beauty)

    and so on... though would be cool if the writing was actually possible to understand ^^;;

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    I think it IS disappointing that some of the Runes DO seem to translate (as per Dyna18's translation) but that some of the Runes DO NOT seem to translate. I've often wondered if the writings on the Pyramid in Home meant anything, since they seem similar to the ones in SL.

    Guess that FC spent more time coming up with strange mob names rather than coming up with an ancient language!
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    its 1337 speak yo.

    it says "I pwnzored El Feret cuz hes a biznitch"

    also says "Galahad suxx0rz"

    obviously this is unredeemed propoganda graphitti

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    You could say that sometimes it translitterates to English quite well and other times it requires a knowledge of the ancient language of the Xan (and dialects), if you are an RP type... which i'm not :P
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