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Thread: Just combined peice 197/197 of new line of clothing horray for me picks comming soon

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    Talking Just combined peice 197/197 of new line of clothing horray for me picks comming soon

    Alright Finally done with all 197 peices of clothing.... used all of my own alts to help and had very little outside help... I htink i am the first person with a completed collection... *Cheers* It took me about 45 in game hours... first few were hectic but then got hte hang of it... im never making another pair of gloves... omg those were so annoying... Please post Grats and qiestions here and i will have a full line of pictures later tonight after i do my photo shoot....

    /tell speedyshoes will be ingame a for a while <-- Its meee >.<
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    lol gz
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    I did about half of them.

    sleeves are a pain

    so are pants and gloves!
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    lol crazy
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    Way to much time on your hands
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    Just did photo Shoot ty Tigger69 for being Camera Woman... Will try to get picks up asap...

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    ETA about 30 mins till picks up depending on connection >.<

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    more comming as soon as i find another place to host the images >.<....

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    May i have ur stuff

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    Congrats again on getting all of them, Speedy. See if I can help you out.

  14. #14 also have blue but females cant wear for some reason !?! also have green tank which was one i wanted most but bugged to say "not female" instead of female

    side note also ahve the White AUNO thred vest but women cant wear and have all back tattoos and stuff but also females cant wear... maybe i will get a male model soon for those...

    Hope you like the pics... i worked very very hard on this and im sooo happy at finally having the full 197 peices made finally
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    Very nice! Thanks a lot for posting this. It'll help many peeps find the right outfit/s for them so they know what to buy.

    Also your link for is broken.
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    jsut fixed that and 2 others >.< but thanks... alll should work now jsut checked them all...

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    Wow, Nice. Got our orgs cloak then (desert winds)

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    *bump* so more peopel can see the uberness of the new outfits

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    I must say, wow

    Now I know what suits to start working on in priority!
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    hum hum you look sexy can we date some day ?
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