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Thread: House Building Guide

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    House Building Guide

    There are two types of steps for tradeskills:
    - those that require Chemistry and Pharmacy
    - those that require MechEngi, ElecEngi, and FieldQPhys

    In placing the house you need CompLit and Psychology, and org rank equal or one less than the leader (in most cases President or General).

    Basic House process:
    Generic House Template + Basic House Blueprint = Basic House Base

    Generic Wall + Basic House Base = Basic House with 1 Wall

    Repeat 3 more times to produce Basic House with Walls

    Generic Personalizator + Basic House with Walls = Basic House

    these steps require 8x ME and EE, and 6.5x QFP of the QL of the Basic House Blueprint (which produces same QL Basic House). All other items used up in the process have to be at least 80% of the QL.

    Generic House Template drops as random loot off robot-type mobs in Rubi-Ka
    Basic House Blueprint drops as random loot off robot-type dyna bosses in Rubi-Ka
    Generic Personalizator can be found as loot in Rubi-Ka mission 'broken machine' type of chests.

    Generic Wall process:
    Blood Plasma + Kizzermole Saliva = Biochemical Brick

    Biochemical Brick + Notum Cement = Generic Wall step 1

    Add 3 more Biochemical Bricks to the Wall, until you get Generic Wall.

    Blood Plasma comes from organic mobs as Monster Parts, convert them to plasma using BioCommuter. Notum Cement comes off organic dyna bosses in Rubi-Ka. Kizzermole Saliva, I've only ever found it drop randomly in Arterry Valleys on spider-type animals.

    Initial QL of the Blood Plasma determines end Generic Wall QL. Skill requirements: 7x Pharmacy and 6.5x Chemistry.

    This house doesn't give anyone any benefits, but it's a nice starting point, and all other 15 types are further derived from this basic one.

    What do you guys do while waiting for launch? Write about delivery of your order, decide on leet you'll use, data-mine the web for info on how to build houses?



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    nvm =P
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    Its not even April
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    People have to much time on their hands =)
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    He broke the NDA Ban him!

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    If you can't live without them, why aren't you dead yet?

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    Congrats...i really thought i missed sumthin in beta =)

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    Wow going to be hard to find someone with 1400 pharmacy.

    I hope the pharmacy and the chemistry step are two different ones, so that this can be done with 2 different tradeskillers?

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    lol, nice

    1400 Pharma isn't hard to get. Shabura has 700 without a single IP in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bhalash
    lol, nice

    1400 Pharma isn't hard to get. Shabura has 700 without a single IP in it.
    Maybe that's true, but IMO not many people would have such high levels of Pharm unless they were a hardcore tradeskiller. Doesn't seem likes its needed for too many tradeskill processes from stuff I've read (at least not that much pharm).
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