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Thread: Corrupted files or patching problem?

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    Ok folks, our dedicated patching related programmer has come up with an easy-to-use tool that should hopefully help people who are having problems with their Anarchy Online installation having corrupted files, missing files, or other general problems that might occur while patching.


    1) Corrupted files error messages
    2) Missing files error messages

    The tool is located here:

    How to use:

    Download the tool, and place it in your Anarchy Online directory. Run it, and make sure it properly detected the right directory for your AO installation (it it didn't, change it to the right one). Then hit "ok" and let it do its magic.


    This tool will not work if you have an error message saying the file is missing. That is a major installation problem, and must be fixed by uninstalling, deleting the AO directory, and reinstalling.
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    Scenario #2:

    "Could not find the requested patch on any of the specified patch-servers. Please try again later. "

    Initially there was a problem with the patch server. This could mean the patch server is really busy (try again in a few minutes). If you still have trouble, delete the anarchy online\patches folder and try again.

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