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Thread: Looking for any of these unrollable nanos/IDs?

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    Post Looking for any of these unrollable nanos/IDs? Symbiants?

    Are you looking for any of these unrollable nanos/IDs? Symbiants perhaps?
    You may want to stay tuned to the corresponding Rimor Market Watch report.
    Even if the item is not for sale atm, the report will reveal who's
    selling it the moment the seller drops it to any of the RMW-watched trade channels.

    Click here for the twin Atlantean thread

    Recent Market Watch news:
    3-Feb-2013 - Market Watch permanently shut down. Moderators, feel free to unroot or remove this thread.

    22-Dec-2009 - Rmwbot replaced by Mwbot.

    18-Jul-2008 - Added Unique items report.

    30-May-2008 - Added reports for Explosif's Polychromatic Pillows and Extruder Nutrition Bars.

    Adventurer - Aggregate - Symbiants
    QL10 Cyclic Frost With Snow
    QL17 Cyclic Jacket of Blades
    QL24 Cyclic Enshroud with Barbs
    QL24 Improved Soothing Breeze
    QL30 Cyclic Firefly's Fury
    QL40 Cyclic Cloak of Fire
    QL47 Cyclic Sparking Touch
    QL50 Blissful Calm
    QL50 Improved Blissful Calm
    QL57 Cyclic Porcupine Barrier
    QL60 Eleet Friend
    QL66 Cyclic Fiery Wrap
    QL73 Cyclic Skin of the Toad
    QL83 Cyclic Arctic Gale
    QL90 Cyclic Guard of the Grizzly
    QL90 Improved Zephyr from the Grove
    QL90 Zephyr from the Grove
    QL93 Fangs of the Snake
    QL99 Ballad of the Desperado
    QL99 Cyclic Nest of Vipers
    QL103 Anger of the Porcupine
    QL103 Bite of the Wind
    QL103 Vision of the Wolf
    QL106 Leetas Friend
    QL109 Cyclic Magma Coating
    QL116 Freedom of the Ranger
    QL116 Toothy Grin
    QL119 Cyclic Protection of the Storm
    QL119 Lesser Lick Wounds
    QL126 Cyclic Biting Blades
    QL126 Howl of the Wolf
    QL132 Cyclic Corrosive Barrier
    QL136 Boon of the Ranger
    QL136 Cyclic Fiery Vengeance
    QL139 Cyclic Razor Barrier
    QL139 Dichotomy of Nature
    QL139 Gaze of the Hunter
    QL139 Improved Tranquility of the Vale
    QL139 Tranquility of the Vale
    QL142 Ballad of the Pistolero
    And more...

    Agent - Aggregate - Symbiants
    QL66 Blanket of Shadows
    QL73 Utter Concentration
    QL76 Trueshot
    QL93 Guidance of The Executioner
    QL103 Shatter Chains
    QL110 Evade the Chase
    QL126 Enhanced Sureshot
    QL129 Cloak of Night
    QL132 Steps of The Executioner
    QL142 Absolute Concentration
    QL146 Enhanced Trueshot
    QL149 Path of The Executioner
    QL154 Demolish Shackles
    QL164 Close Escape
    QL166 Dire Circumstance
    QL169 Gnat's Wing
    QL169 Meld With Background
    QL179 Form of The Executioner
    QL200 Jail Break

    Bureaucrat - Aggregate - Symbiants
    QL37 Improved Bot Reproduction
    QL47 Emergency XP Loss Reducer: 30
    QL62 Bypass Limitations
    QL71 Lesser Exoskeleton Pulse
    QL74 Appeal for Freedom
    QL78 Beseech Freedom
    QL90 Improved Soothing Calm
    QL94 The Right to Movement
    QL101 Negotiate for Freedom
    QL107 Exoskeleton Pulse
    QL109 Circumvent Restrictions
    QL116 Improved Red Tape
    QL124 Petition Freedom
    QL131 Gallant Hero: The Bitter Clerk
    QL137 The Prerogative of Mobility
    QL146 Evade Responsibility
    QL149 Bribe for Freedom
    QL150 Superior Exoskeleton Pulse
    QL152 Gallant Hero: The Irate Attache
    QL159 Improved Cut Red Tape
    QL161 Corporate Leadership: Impunity
    QL169 Demand Freedom
    QL173 Gallant Hero: The Incensed Retainer
    QL174 Subpoena for Freedom
    QL180 The Privilege of Speed
    QL190 My Way
    QL192 Greater Exoskeleton Pulse
    QL194 Corporate Leadership: Exoneration
    QL199 Gallant Hero: The Vengeful Butler
    QL199 Pay Bail
    QL200 Guile of the Snake Oil Seller
    QL200 Solicit Freedom
    QL215 Mass Layoffs

    Doctor - Aggregate - Symbiants
    QL76 Improved Hearty Constitution
    QL90 Improved Instinctive Control
    QL99 Improved Nano Repulsor
    QL119 Vaccine of Deprivation
    QL146 Improved Continuous Reconstruction
    QL164 Vaccine of Plundering
    QL179 Wrack and Ruin (ID)
    QL182 Life Channeler (ID)
    QL185 Alpha & Omega (ID)
    QL185 Sentient Nano Gorger (ID)
    QL185 Uncontrollable Body Tremors (ID)
    QL197 Vaccine of Divestiture

    Enforcer - Aggregate - Symbiants
    QL63 Force of the Thunderclap
    QL89 Edge of Molybdenum
    QL89 Skill of the Highlander
    QL93 Talon of the Anun
    QL121 Imminent Storm
    QL129 Talon of the Roc
    QL133 Anvils Bane
    QL133 Edge of Titanium
    QL133 Skill of the Guardian
    QL133 Thugs Glory
    QL163 Power of the Thunderhead
    QL173 Edge of Diamond
    QL173 Skill of the Reaper
    QL173 Thugs Jubilation
    QL173 Wrecking Ball
    QL174 Talon of the Dragon
    QL197 Calling of Thor
    QL197 Rampage of Juggernaut
    QL197 Rampage of the Berserker
    QL197 Skill of the Guillotine
    QL197 Vlad's Revenge
    QL199 Call of the Maelstorm
    QL215 Improved Prodigious Strength
    QL215 Mongo DeCrush
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    Engineer - Aggregate - Symbiants
    QL76 Greater Energize Shell
    QL83 Coherent Sloughing Protective Barrier
    QL84 Polarized Screening
    QL97 Intrusive Aura of Binding
    QL102 Lesser Conductive Spike
    QL107 Sloughing Defensive Shield
    QL118 Superior Polarized Screening
    QL128 Conductive Spike
    QL132 Intrusive Aura of Malaise
    QL133 Coherent Sloughing Defensive Shield
    QL136 Monitor Aggression Subsystem
    QL141 Sloughing Shielding Field
    QL149 Greater Polarized Screening
    QL154 Greater Conductive Spike
    QL158 Enhance Aggression Subsystem
    QL159 Team Beacon Warp
    QL166 Intrusive Aura of Sloth
    QL174 Boost Aggression Subsystem
    QL181 Sloughing Assault Shield
    QL192 Shield of the Obedient Servant
    QL193 Coherent Polarized Screening
    QL193 Coherent Sloughing Assault Shield
    QL193 Overdrive Aggression Subsystem
    QL196 Sloughing Combat Field
    QL197 Energized Casing of the Faithful Servant
    QL199 Intrusive Aura of the Humble Servant
    QL200 Omni-Pol Pacification Logic System
    QL212 Isochronal Sloughing Combat Field

    Fixer - Aggregate - Symbiants
    QL1 Improved Poison Modification
    QL10 Improved Lesser Nano Boost
    QL27 Improved Contact Poison
    QL40 Grid Runner (Team)
    QL43 Improved Hasty Augmentation Cloud
    QL53 Kitchen-sink Surgery
    QL57 Leech Grid Vector (Team)
    QL60 Improved Venom Modification
    QL60 Summon Grid Armor Mk I
    QL63 Burst Bonds (Other)
    QL63 Jury-rigged NCU Analyzer
    QL70 Blackmarket Prescription
    QL73 Major Suppressor
    QL76 Grid Surfer (Team)
    QL80 Improved Nano Boost
    QL90 Improved Lifebane Modification
    QL90 Shatter Bonds
    QL93 Biosign Rejuvenator
    QL93 Deck Recoder
    QL93 Summon Grid Armor Mk II
    QL106 Improved Augmentation Cloud
    QL106 Partial Grid Jump (Team)
    QL106 Supreme Suppressor
    QL107 Shatter Bonds (Other)
    QL109 Nano Cauterization
    QL116 Summon Grid Armor Mk III
    QL123 Recompiling Memory Analyzer
    QL123 Systolic Equalizer
    QL132 Backyard Revitalization
    QL132 Grid Phase Accelerator (Team)
    QL132 QuarkStor NCU Core
    QL133 Rend Bonds
    QL136 Improved Greater Nano Boost
    QL136 Spray With Lead
    QL140 Summon Grid Armor Mk IV
    QL142 Improved Advanced Augmentation Cloud
    QL146 Cellular Crashcart
    QL149 Active Viral Compressor
    QL149 Improved Targeted Augmentation Cloud
    QL152 Dr Hack 'n Quack
    And more...

    Martial Artist - Aggregate - Symbiants
    QL43 Presence of the Master
    QL113 Presence of the Overlord
    QL152 Presence of the Dominator

    Meta-Physicist - Aggregate - Symbiants
    QL25 Boon of Ergo - Aban-Shere
    QL50 Boon of Ergo - Ocra-Bhotaar
    QL75 Boon of Ergo - Ocra-Thar
    QL390 Lien's Crystalizer
    QL100 Boon of Ergo - Ocra-Roch
    QL115 Boon of Ergo - Ocra-Xum
    QL120 Modulate Manifestation
    QL130 Boon of Ergo - Ocra-Shere
    QL140 Boon of Ergo - Enel-Bhotaar
    QL140 Evocation of Maddening Wrath
    QL160 Boon of Ergo - Enel-Thar
    QL163 Succor of Expediuum
    QL177 Evocation of Pure Malevolence
    QL180 Boon of Ergo - Enel-Roch
    QL390 Saemus' Crystalizer
    QL190 Creation: Gold Acantophis
    QL200 Boon of Ergo - Enel-Xum
    QL200 Evocation of The Abomination
    QL205 Creation: Shield of Asmodian
    QL215 Creation: Azure Cobra of Orma

    Nano-Technician - Aggregate - Symbiants
    QL80 Enfraam's Toolkit
    QL90 Nullity Sphere
    QL106 Specialized Ball and Chain
    QL106 Specialized Bewilder
    QL120 Gridspace Maelstrom
    QL129 Specialized Gravity Pull
    QL129 Specialized Project Calm
    QL139 Rend Constraints
    QL145 Fluctuate Gridspace
    QL159 Nullity Sphere MK II
    QL161 Izgimmer's Transposed Restraints
    QL166 Living Codex of Izgimmer
    QL170 Coherent Gridspace Anomaly
    QL180 Sunder Constraints
    QL182 Izgimmer's Mockery
    QL185 Izgimmer's Little Nuke
    QL190 Corruption of The Pest
    QL190 Partial Gridspace Inversion
    QL193 Lick of the Pest
    QL195 Candycane
    QL195 Cellular Re-Structure
    QL200 Resonance Blast
    QL204 Specialized Discourage Involvement
    QL204 Specialized Feet of Lead
    QL205 Poisoned Thorns
    QL211 Frost Blades
    QL212 Izgimmer's Last Word
    QL212 Kel's Neutronium Plaything
    QL215 Magma Covering
    QL215 Specialized Burden of Atlas
    QL215 Specialized Peaceful Intentions

    Soldier - Aggregate - Symbiants
    QL64 Power Burst
    QL68 Crowd Disperser
    QL80 Hail of Metal
    QL88 The Power of Three
    QL90 Feelings of Mortality
    QL106 Metal Storm
    QL140 Metal Strike
    QL161 Art of peace
    QL170 Metal Barrage
    QL178 Swiss Cheese
    QL180 One Foot in the Grave
    QL200 Soldier Clip Junkie

    Trader - Aggregate - Symbiants
    QL80 Bought Freedom
    QL118 Reroute Impediments
    QL120 Writ of Passage
    QL160 Bought Indulgence
    QL170 Gift of the Travelling Salesman
    QL200 Writ of the Errant Salesman

    Keeper - Aggregate - Symbiants
    QL50 Fury
    QL135 Sharpen Instincts
    QL144 Fervor of the Disciple
    QL163 Venerated Sanctifier
    QL164 Fervor of the Fanatic
    QL170 Guardian of Might
    QL190 Elude Pain
    QL196 Fervor of the Zealot
    QL197 Reverential Sanctifier
    QL203 Vengeance of the Pure
    QL213 Imminence of Carnage
    QL214 Vengeance of the Immaculate
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    QL149 Calia's Form: Parrot 2m
    QL156 Calia's Form: Wolf 2m

    gonna have to outbid you sorry

    3.5 mill each.

    /tell ablont
    157 Adventurer

    89 Engineer

    122 Keeper

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    Are you offering these? Or just shilling your service?

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    he's not selling. He simply gives you means for finding ppl that DO.
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    some others, etc

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    QL197 Rampage of Juggernaut
    QL197 Skill of the Guillotine

    send a tell to kozeklompen

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    ill take feelings of mortality

    /tell Jargo or
    /tell Tiago

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    he is just advertising his program. btw i checked it up and it looks like the next hottest thing in AO.
    like dovve map and clicksaver.
    vega2 RK2 fixer 213/13
    Unit Member of Genesis

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    umm had to fix post please root

    But BUMP for great program
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    make it sticky plz :P
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    Originally posted by Vega2
    he is just advertising his program. btw i checked it up and it looks like the next hottest thing in AO.
    like dovve map and clicksaver.
    Thanks! Feels good to be compared with those fine products

    Confirmed: I'm not selling nanos anymore. I'm just advertising a free service that generates real-time organized reports on who's selling them, a service that everyone can use to get those hard-to-find nanos, and the rollables also. Editing the post to make this point clearer anyway...

    About making it sticky... I guess I have to request it to some moderator? Cz?

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    Might also post on Life on Rimor for instance..

    on another note, any chance of getting accounts/profile support? so I can watch several in one window?
    Azance - 208 doc soli RK2
    Abrayndr - 138 atrox NT RK2
    some others, etc

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    Originally posted by Azance
    Might also post on Life on Rimor for instance..

    on another note, any chance of getting accounts/profile support? so I can watch several in one window?
    I may add some sort of accounts/profile support later, but you can already watch for many reports in one window to some extent. You will find info on doing that in any of the RMW reports: Look for the "Netscape tab bar" image near the bottom of any RMW report.


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    This is awesome. You should get a medal.
    I never lost a patient I liked

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    OH nvm :P Thanks for the info
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    Why isn't this rooted yet?!

    EVERYONE will want to use this when they see it. Especially Doctors hunting down Omni-Med Battle Armour ID's.
    I never lost a patient I liked

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    Well, I sent a rooting request yesterday and it was rejected on first instance because there was some ad in my site for a site that dealt with AO credits buying/selling. I think it was one of the Google-generated ads, so I've filtered that site out of Google Ad generation, navigated through my site for a while looking for the Google Ads, and haven't found no offending site now.

    I've resubmitted again the rooting request. Waiting for an answer...

    In the meantime, Thanks all for the medals, bumps and other words of encouragement!

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    just a little post to bliss you for this thread

    very very great engine


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