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Thread: CSS/Supple/Shroud and Stuff

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    Random Stuffs !

    Will run auction for 24 hours on notice of minimum bid, after 24 hours is up will send tell ingame to arrange delivery/collection etc etc.

    Any BO's i will try to drop a tell within 5-10 mins of me noticing

    QL200 Combined Sharpshooter's Jacket SOLD

    QL200 Supple Armor Sleeve SOLD

    Shroud of Darkest Night
    MIN 70m / BO 100m

    Omni-Tek Engineer Corps Merit Board 40m

    Merit Board of the Angry Men 40m

    Superior Perennium Sniper 30m

    Good luck ^^
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    New Items Added ! buy plx

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    Dropped prices on token boards... ^^ bump

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