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Thread: The Online Manual

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    Talking Manual up dates

    Plz put some thing in about Weapon making for Fixers. it is something i would like todo for my guild, But it is hard to get into.
    Also Armor making & such it would be nice to know a few things.

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    It would be nice with information in the manual on
    1. The Grid and
    2. The mission tokens

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    Please change the description of the profession, when I read it (my first "MMORPG" game) I thought Engineers was the profession that builded A-Graded guns and armor, but I found out later (when I was level 80 or so) that Traders are much better building stuff (still don't get it)...

    Please change this - Traders are superior of making stuff, not Engineers (but Engineers is still the building class, descriptions says we can build a-graded guns that noone can, but can't traders do that better than us, they have the buffs)

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    my 2 creds worth

    Ok, here are a few things I feel are poorly or not at all explained in the helps.

    Implants - how make them, how to wear them, what stats are required.

    Specialty items in the game such as the Pillow with Important Stripes and guns with modifiers and how they work.

    New OE issues and what will happen when you do OE.
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    I would really like to see full city maps provided with the locations of stores etc.

    These could either be brough up only when in a specific city or simply make them available to DL and print.


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    A good thing to put in the manual would be, links to proffesion sites at the end of discriptions of proffesions. Also an ingame tip that tells n00bs to either goto the site and read the manual, or be forever doomed to being a n00b becuase experianced players dont feel like sitting around explaining the hole game to them.

    p.s. i know it has been said b4 but DONT START NANOMAGE CHACTERS FIRST! (or agents cause they minus well be nanomage)

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    Thumbs up Alot of ideas

    The Manual could contain :

    1) A list of the professions available

    - Info about what each profession is able to do (Do I have a pet???)
    - Info about the breeds and how your choice affects you.
    - The sides available ( Neutral / Clan / Omni )

    2) Intruduction to the skill system

    - Explain IP points and how light/dark skills work.
    - Abilities, what to they effect in general
    - Weapon skills, what are the skills for?
    - Trade & Repair; Explain the skills (eg. what is complit good for)
    - Nano Skills; Explain (eg. Treatment, First-Aid)
    - Protection (AC)
    - Speed; Explain Evades, Nano Init etc.
    - Spying; Explaing the skills and how they can help you
    - Explaing Navigation skills
    - Title levels
    - IPR points

    Alot to say about the skill system.
    Try to link topics to the specific skills if possible.

    3) Basic usage of the user interface

    - XP/HP/Nano bars
    - Slots and locations to wear stuff
    - How to get info about an item
    - How to use an item
    - How to use an item with another
    - How to trade items and money (explaing uniqe, nondrop items)
    - Examples to item descriptions and wear locations.
    - How to navigate
    - The commands available (/cc addbuddy <nick> etc.) + The help system
    - Shortcuts and show/hide modes + all buttons
    - Options and envirement
    - Skins

    4) The world

    - What is the grid
    - What is a whompa
    - Vehicles
    - Ferrys
    - Shops (basic/advanced/superior) Where is my nano programs?
    - items, requirements and Quality level
    - Armor types, Weapon types
    - Explaing the chat system (The noob channel) and the other channels available
    - Explain the Chat system + The Friends list
    - Explaing Maps and where to get them.
    - I just left the training ground... now what?

    4b) Nano Crystals

    - Nano crystals, what is that? Where do i get them?
    - Nano listings?
    - Kits and stims

    5) Missions

    - Where do i get a mission
    - The properties of a mission (money-bad/hidden-open etc.)
    - Explain the missions types (item, return, bring, kill, observe)
    - How do i FIND my mission (upload), the map + run direction
    - Coordinates... a small introduction.
    - So what do i get in return? Explaing Rewards and the tokens
    - What kind of token boards exists
    - ClickSaver?
    - Team missions, rules and differences

    6) Implants

    - What is an implant?
    - What do i need to make an implant?
    - Where do i get it?
    - Explain the cluster types and the "slots" in the empty implants.
    - Requirements to wear, what the implants skill is basing on.
    - The treatment skill and the surgery clinic (it adds +100 when you use it)
    - Tell about the portable surgery clinic
    - Nano Programming
    - Who to combine clusters, typical NP professions are? (hint)
    - Cluster QLs and Basic Implants QLs (what can be combined)
    - Link to Nano Nanny?

    7) PvP

    - Explaing the PvP rules
    - The Titles involved
    - Where can I find PvP zones?
    - Who can kill who?
    - The 15 sec Grace period

    8) Teaming

    - Benefits
    - Team Level
    - Who can i Team with (Level range)
    - helpbot?
    - How is XP devided?
    - Team commands, loot, leader etc.

    9) Words and phrases

    - Explain abbreviations and slang words used in the game.
    : Whompa, Mezz, rez, buff, blitz, calm... etc.

    10) Guilds and organisations

    - What is a guild
    - What is the benefits?
    - What types of guilds exists? (Feudalism, Anarchy.. etc)
    - How to MAKE a guild, the leader, boards members, genereals.
    - The guild commands
    - Who can invite/kick?
    - Guild bank???
    - Voting...

    11) Trade Skills

    - The typical trade skill profession?
    - The trade department
    - Books
    - How to make a nano crystal
    - How to make weapons or where to get that info.
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    Thumbs up

    lots of games have nice lead you by the hand walk through's and as others have said is what is needed here..maybe your own noobie guide nano that builds you a pet guide that leads you thorugh your fist few lvl's in a back yard and disappears when you leave it, explaining how you pull up the different gui menu's what they mean etc.. what to put your basic ip into.. how to attack.. protecting you for a few kills by maybe stunning the pet until you get the hang of it..nothing like hitting attack then dying straight away and having to wait for your health to return etc to make the start slow and frustrating.

    1) and why..give them a belt to start that provides the default 8 ncu you begin with, so you have to learn about uploading it and putting say a few of your starter ip's into complit so you know what to raise etc.

    2)implants same as for ncu a few v basic ones to build to start with saying you need np etc but maybe you can get others to build them for you later as may not be suited to that task as an enforcer etc..

    3). guide says hey lets go kill some leets....use the follow command (/follow) now tab to target leet or select with your pointer...hit q to intiate combat.......fight starts..(ooh nice crit hit) see how it does extra HERE to learn more about crits... balh blah blah...ok now lets make a me and..etc.....Wow! that was close you almost died ther lucky you had a team buddy to heal you and tak teh mobs agro ...etc etc etc

    <nothing like actually doing stuff to learn, reading can be dull and when there is lots of info you just overload. Hands on actual building of items etc is more intuitive as it is interactive and you feel you are playing the game ..even if it is only at a v. basic lvl
    This is not the 1900's anymore you have this amazingly powerful piece of kit sat in front of you yet have to read how to play the game...seems kinda dumb...the guide should be online and interactive as for the above examples and all aspects others have mentioned.. then a nice dictionary style guide for reference would be perfect.

    i guess this is a little more than what you are asking us about but such an approach can be if with enough little jokes etc fun and exciting for a noob to learn about as lets face it this is what the game is about FUN....

    and that is the guidestick you should apply to every aspect of the game you look at i.e does it =fun if yes.. good if no...BAD!!

    good to see its gonna be revamped though

    (off topic i know .... eg 2; does adjusting spawn time to once in a blue moon enhance the players experience if yes= good if no = bad so try something else....oh and ask those that put all the effort into building the dungeons if they are happy that people don't even bother going there because there is little or no point for most..sorry had to put at least one lil' complaint in

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    Ability Caps

    Please add a section about Abilities and their caps.

    You don't have to be specific about actual numbers, because I think they will change as AO matures, but you should inform gamers about breed limits BEFORE they create their character.

    For example, a newbie wanting to play an atrox nano-technician should be told "up front" that their character will never have the INT needed to run high QL DD nano programs and may never have the nano pool too.

    Conversely, someone wanting to play a nanomage enforcer should be told that they aren't going to survive very long because their character will never have the hit-points to survive any kind of physical battles.

    And last, warn everyone about playing a nanomage NT ... before they waste their time and money on one of the more "wuss" breed/profession combinations.

    Been there (nanomage) and done that (nano-technician) ...
    Omni nano NT, Male, Level 200
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    Arrow Manual suggestions

    (If already suggested, well, I concur..!)

    1. Chat commands and when you should use /tell instead of the newbie OOC. (People sit there and talk to one person on OOC for an hour and I just want to hit them with a freaking bloated, dead leet.)

    2. Helpbot. I know it isn't officially FC-supported, but it's really useful for newbies.

    3. Newbie starting cities: You can start out in any of these locations... and each highrise has its own newbie holoworld.

    4. Apartments. Tell them how NOT to get an apartment immediately at newbie poop-out, so they don't have to petition when they realize they have some apartment in who knows where.

    5. Channels: Why they go away when you zone, and which ones stay.

    6. What the search command does, how to disarm a bomb, where to buy a lockpick.

    7. Starting advice: Where to buy a lockpick, how long you should stay in Newbie Holoworld, where you can get your first mission, what sort of supplies do you need for a mission (weapons, armor, lockpick, med kits, treatment labs, nano rechargers).

    8. How to set up the quickbar, how to make it go away or come back if it's gone.

    9. How to figure out which extra commands your weapon uses (fling, burst, etc.)

    10. How to use the whompa, how to tell where a whompa goes.

    If anyone's made a new char lately, the most common question on the newbie channel seems to be either "Where do I get a lockpick?" or "What type of weapon is best for my profession?"
    I just reactivated my old account...

    Older characters:
    Coy "Nieshka" Bobieshka, Solitus Engineer. Omni.
    Seeker "Finniksa" Sorentzah, Opifex Martial Artist. Omni.
    Pious "Adnuntiatrix" Mohenjodaro, Opifex Fixer. Clan. Rubi-Ka Shadow Force. *dead org*
    Necole "Nikse" Cordiero, Solitus Soldier. Clan.
    ---My friends make me alt.

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    Post walkthrough

    in fact it would be clearer if there was a real walkthrough for each character class (kinda training ground/setup character)
    It could be achieved by 2 ways:
    1) textual in the manual.

    you're a doctor, there is it some sample of what you can do better than the other character (hey, monsters part to boold plasma is a hit... if players know it), you can do that others can't, and what is of no a little use for you (ever tried to build a high level gun with a doc?)

    2) just practice.
    when you start a new player, there is a training ground... Said training? Why not put some simulated shop for players to learn (with an online guide, popup windows will fit well the role!) how to use nano, combine items, create $fake$ artifacts and medkits etc... Or even put a shop with only level 1 items for them to really practice. (and, say, determine that it isn't necessary tokeep 555 books in his backpack to use the recipe in them)
    You already know this is the way to do... since you improved the breed/class character creation zone

    in fact, there are to many *basic* information that only experienced players knows. Compile them in a big "how to" (there are very good fan websites who do that) and the 'im' lost in the universe and can't guess what to do with my notum enriched crystal) syndrome will disapear (7 days test is enough to decide you can't swin in anarchy)

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    Ok things needed to be in a manual for AO.

    It looks like everyone is focusing on Newbie/lowlevel.

    Some stuff for high level players. what nano formulas can be made, and what skills you need to make a nano formula, also what items you will need.

    A proper list of all nano formulas, and what they do, if they work, or when they will be implimented.

    How agro works, and who is the most likely to get agro with out agro enhancers. ( explain why)

    Explain how treatment works, and why it is the most important skill in the game.

    Explain Complit and all the stuff you need it for, like using the grid, belts, NCU, to lower cost on items.

    Also you need to explain that a red mob will crit more then a green mob. something that is poorly done.

    also explain that guilds are barely funtional, and that at this time not all the guild functions are in place, or list what functions a guild can do at the time of the release of the manual.

    Explain why some items are for a class/proffesion. beams are atrox only, ect...

    also explain the diffrence between team missions and solo missions. and some items can only be gotten from team missions.

    you need to explain token boards. how to equip and how to make sure you have the proper board on. ( example ) i was in a mission with a level 109 soldier, and i asked him how many tokens he had, he told me 140. I was like nice. my 102 doc only had 3 tokens. I had to explain that he needed to put the token board on his person to get the benifits of the tokens he got.

    you also need to explain what some of the slots on your char are for, and you can only use the items designated for that area. ( like a floating toarch goes in this slot, a vehicle goes in this, ect....

    other things that can be implimented in a manual, you can explain the diffrent servers. Server1 is the first server, it has the most story line events. Server 2 has less people and less GM/Ark involvment, but it is a server that is growing. Server 3 is a german server that everything is in the german language.

    You should also explain that in the future some of the things in the manual will be outdated.

    You can explain about the use of the AO forums, to find out more about some problems/fixes.

    You should also explain properly about the high level game? that at level 120 you can be using ql 200 items, and that 200 items are normally the highest items you can get.

    Expalin about the IP, the IPR if implimented....... ( along with title caps )

    also explain about title levels, and what they are.. and what items depend on title level... ( rings )

    you need to explain that while many skill overlap profs, that one might be better at it. IE griding.....

    You should also put a disclaimer that,,,, At any time Funcom reserves the right to change everything in the game........ Advances will be made, and things will change to help or hinder players.

    also explain about names that are illeagal... this will save some people grief when you gank names.

    Thank you for your support

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    this might already be in here i dont have time to look

    the shift left click to see what % of abilitys affect what skill

    i have met alot of people that dont know about this

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    Red face

    I think It's a great idea to revamp the Manual. I know that when I first started playing I had a pretty tough time getting the hang of things and I am still learning with a 104 enf.

    I would However, suggest while being more descriptive and including more content to the Manual you also leavr somethings for the new user to find out on their own. I know when I started I asked alot of questions to allot of people (Thanks everyone who took the time) It helps get into the "Spirit of the Game"
    Being an online community it's forces the user to be social and build relationships with other players right away. Thats what really hooked me after I started, Interaction with other players and those willing to help out. most of who I still play with on a regular basis.

    So while adding and fixing up the manual to be more informative let's not make it a Text book!

    Also, How about setting up a group, made up of volunteers, to help out the newbie? Not ARC, let them do the great troubleshooting job they do, but when a newbie enters the game give them another in-game resource for information. When they enter the game either give the name of one of these volunteers at the same time send the name of the newbie to the volunteer.
    or give the newbie a list of all volunteers available for their Pro/allignment. I have walked through with newbies just shouting out for help. Their still around and Grateful!!
    Just an idea....I would be the first to sign up.

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    I routinely make newbie characters just so I can help on Newbie OOC. It amused me that the Ark I talked to said he kept Newbie OOC off because he wouldn't get work done otherwise. The Newbie Helper thing would be lovely...or at least allow everyone the option of hearing Newbie OOC past level 6.

    There was a link to a website in the Newbies section here called something like AO-Idiots Guide for Beginners. Might be good to find that site and look at it.

    Also might be good to look more closely at all the help-texts in game. Right now, the Profession selection room says you can "change profession a few times later depending on your breed's capacity for it" or somesuch. That'd imply you could go from Trader to Fixer to MA or something. If you look at the help dialogue for Stamina, it says implants lessen stamina. That sort of thing....not sure how many people look at that stuff seriously though.

    Those shop machines in stores with those vague icons over the top...label those a bit better. I can tell which is weapons, but which one is Clan Forms or Bio-communitors? Gotta left-click each one...

    A FAQ section would be super, because I keep hearing the same questions over and over. To whit:

    1. Where's my bot? (They start off with a shell, the bot gets killed, they don't know that the nanocrystal they had in inventory makes a new shell.)

    2. Where's Pasquale Semen? I'm supposed to kill him. (They're roaming around Tir looking for the named house in the color commentary in the mission info, instead of uploading the coordinates.)

    3. This gun sucks. Where can I get a new one?

    4. Why is it so dark? Where am I? I fell into a river/sewers. (Teaching about F9 and the minimap would be lovely.)

    5. Why are all these guns so expensive? (This is more a problem with the shop levels. Someone mentioned that earlier.)

    6. Where's Wartorn Valley/Wailing Wastes/Athen Shire? (Telling about Helpbot would probably help a lot with this. Then again, providing a decent world map would too.)

    7. Why does this machine only give out first aid stims as rewards? (I see newbies with a pathological fear of leaving the backyard because they get soooo lost outside of it. So they spend up to/past level 6 there, getting missions from the machine, never realizing that other mission machines outside the yard give different rewards. Also, a lot don't realize that if you go further aways by whompa, like to Camelot/Avalon or Broken Shores, you can get a lot more money, so they don't think of missions as a good way to get money until much muuuuch later.)

    And so forth. Really, if you want to know how to redo the manual, listen in to the newbie chat sometime. Heck, my first character was an adventurer. I thought his main skill was "adventuring" and that would help him fight better. Level 6 with maxed Adventuring skill...ah the follies of youth.

    You might also want to seriously consider translating the guide to French, since francophones seem to make up a huge proportion of the newbies I see lately.
    Testlive addict.

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    I personally would rather see an immersive, first person tutorial that gets you fully oriented with your world, items, skills, missions, nanos, implants, clinics etc. It would solve the entire problem and give the developers the ability to set the proper mood for the story.

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    Online Manual

    I would like to see more detail on items that can only be constructed or found. In other words, why build up construction skills or bother with construction? What nanos can only be found in missions, what nanos can only be found by building them. Why are constructed weapons better than bought weapons (if they are). Many (maybe all) players have neglected these areas---they may or may not be very cool---there has never been enough information distributed to know.

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    Talking Manual

    Make the electronic version more interactive (your PDF does not even have Bookmarks!).

    Content .. well lots of things I agree with already posted.

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    Post This is very good news..

    Some obvious ones are:

    How to disarm traps (I only found this out at lvl 15)

    How to upload mission co-ordinates.

    Weapon overviews (e.g. what is all this Rusty blah, or Ill Treated blah). When you first start the game this is too overwhelming.
    A tutorial/walkthrough would save 1000's of pages of manual.

    A totally agree with looking at all of the great newbie guides and profession guides that exist on the net. There are loads of questions that always come up.

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    Vote for Better Tradeskill Explanation

    The available resources, both in-game and elsewhere on the web, simply are inadequate to understand how the tradeskills work. Routinely I pick up items, such at notum chips and soul fragments, but have no idea as to what to do with them. Asking others does not seem to help, for no one else seems to know either. The notum items I find only say they are used for making nano crystals. Ok, and?

    So if there is to be a change in the manual, I ask that a better explanation be provided of the tradeskills. I also would like to see the name of the tool associated with an item as part of the trade item description. For example, if I pick up a Hot Stone, the description would include "A valuable stone useful in making jewelry and can be enhanced with a Gem Cutter." That would not be a perfect description, but at least would point me in the right direction of where to go once I have the stone.

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