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Thread: The Online Manual

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    Please explain Implants shining, bright, faded, Quality lvl, and a DETAILED description of all the skills, what they do for you. what otherskills they effect or are effected by.
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    one other thing with the apartments, make it clear that u only can have ten things in there.. i dont know how many expensive objekts ive lost in there..

    and another thing, make it clear that u will probably play a lot of char and the user name in the forum is unchangable.

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    misc stuff

    ok..these were the things i had to ask a player, cause well you know..couldn't find the info anywhere else...

    as a new took me several weeks to finally realize that the Map thing can be "Scrolled" around....

    also, its really not a bad idea to make the Missions Upload the Coordinates Automatically...i dont really see a point of doing 2 extra clicks to do this...and can save a sentence or two by including this in the manual...

    it also took me several weeks that you can get a quicker target by pressing the "tab" button...

    oh yeh..the basic/advanced/superior shops..that didn't take me that long to figure it out..but i still had to ask the players, and not some manual...

    took me several weeks to find out what an ncu was by asking a player...

    well this one, i dont know..i think i asked a player..maybe not..but you could put little info on saying using "night goggles" will help you see better at night...i think this is something almost Every single player has, and probably just as important as part of your startup kits..since i think a newbie might suddenly get frustrated when it suddenly turns night, and he tries to hunt for his first monster, but he couldn't see a thing....

    oh and..bags..i think alot of players love to carry alot of things in their own inventory and not some u could say "containers/bags" can be bought in the advanced/superior shops...i couldn't figure out where to get these until i asked a player...

    also , i got confused about map upgrades..when i hear those two words..i'm thinking..those maps that you can just upload...but then i realized the map Upgrades were not just Maps...they added more Details to the if any monsters are near this one took me a while to figure out until i asked a player....

    oh yeh..Whompa, this word wasn't familiar to me..and had to ask a player what it was, and where...etc

    The grid, i think i learned a little bit of it by myself..not sure...but could use a little explanation of it i think , if not already explained... know what else might be a good What skills have an effect on Stamina can also effect Body make a simple chart of some players can easily look at their skills and know which skills could be useful to up it, since they know that this skill can have an effect on these other certain skills..etc...i dont think it'll stop players from being unique..i just think it saves alot of time trying to figure this out on your i would constantly click back and forth..raising the Agility skill by a certain amount, and then going through the other skills to see how the skill "Agility" increased other certain skills..i mean i could just create a chart of my own..and then put it up on a players can see it..but i think it can be useful in the manual too.....since u know..newbies might want to have fun mostly, and not waste time trying to figure out the skill stuff, and searching 30 minutes on the web, to find my "imaginary" site that included this chart..:P...and o yeh..i had to ask a player if raising a certain skill like "agility" would have an effect on other skills...and not in some manual..heh..atleast i dont think..i'm just writing this post from top of my head...

    and o yeh...i figured it out all by myself that the agg/def..if u set it on max aggro...u can cast nano's/attack faster....i always wondered how others could cast nano's so fast....i was thinking my character was handicapped..:P

    lets see, i think thats about it in general terms that i had trouble finding out....until i asked a player :P... seems i learned alot by just asking the players...and sometimes common sense helped..

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    Exclamation Stuff for da Manual!

    Here's my list of things I'd like to see in the manual - I guess some things have been mentioned before, but I hope this sums it up.


    That is something you've been hugging for quite a while now, and is something I'd like to see changed.

    - For instance, what does your Armour Class (AC) mean? Everybody knows that higher is better, but what specifically is the difference between 3000 and 3200 AC?

    - Or explain how iniatives work - like 600 init changes your attack/recharge by 1 sec...if that's how it works.

    - How about the descriptions on weapons? When a weapon says attack skills 33% Heavy Weapons/66% 2he, that your chance of hitting AND your damage is calculated off the two skills mentioned there, that your skills isn't just something you use to equip a new weapon.

    - Explain how evades work - and how the chances of scoring a critical works when your at it.

    - Explain how many points of HP/nano each breed/class get for each point of body dev/ nano pool or a lvl when your capped.

    - Explain what bracers you find does (ie. that the projectile deflection bracer's value of 18 is a %age deducted from the dam taken)

    - Explain how the rings work - not just "the ring of high energy improves your energy damage, but explain HOW"

    - Explain that even though there are many weapons out there, the majority is just crap wich is in the game because of diversity

    - Explain what the different skills are good for - ie. Heavy Weapons. What does a weapon wich use that skill get in exchange for ie. Ranged Energy - does it hit for max dam more often? or is it just in the game for "diversity" (read. More Crap).

    - Explain to all newcommers that Beggers, wether its in Omni-1, Newland or Omni-2, will be shot, banned and sued for their behaviour!

    I can't think of more just now - though I'm sure I'll think of something once I log on, but I guess you get the picture. We have too little information on how the game mechanics work - I mean, I can get information about the rules for paying my tax, but I can't get information about anything in this game....I know that the programmers did make this game with some rules to it, so give them to us - every RPG has information on how the game works - your just the only one who's keeping them from the players.

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    I think the old maual was inadequate in the Nano section basically said name of nano and around level its use comes in play,instead of showing level maybe show the requirements needed and a breif description of the Nanos function. Perhaps including a guide for the trade skills .. pharmacutical,nano programming etc.,and what their purpose would contibute to the game. Detailed explination for start up missions seen so many nubis that were neutral level2 wandering in athens looking for the old abandon house from neutral start up mission,maybe even a walkthrough to start off character would ease the beginig of AO.

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    Initiatives - How they work, how they afect attack/recharge, etc etc etc, with exemples and all

    all skill - Description of what they do, with technical detail where appropriate, i.e. nano resist, initiatives

    Attack rate - how it affects damage, how it affects weapons stats, etc etc

    concepts - Weapon concepts, the guide lines behind each weapon line, do grenade weapons do area damage? what are SMGs supposed to be good for? etc etc so people can choose a weapon line that better suits their playing style, this together with the previous ones should allow people to make the most out of their chatacyers.

    Map of rubi-ka complete with zone borders and gas suppression lelevs

    description of what each gas lvl means

    pvp titles and rules, how it works, who gets the kill score when several people attack, diferent ratios for gaining lossing "points" depending on the title diference, etc etc

    policies - item return policy; EULA; hacked accounts; etc

    in game support - What is a GM and what does he do, ARK, etc

    What to do when: You want to make a complaint against other players/GM/ARK/Funcom Employee

    master list with nanos and their descriptions for each profession

    Proffetion descriptions, honest and to the point, no bull**** (*chough* Fixers *chough*)

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    How about...

    1) ...a bit of a walkthrough for the first couple of hours/first couple of levels of play for the beginner?

    Once the character is created, what should they do? Where should they go? How do they survive the first couple of levels? Pretend you are a new player...what things should you set up in your interface? How should you allocate those first IP points?

    2) ...providing a couple of more descriptive maps to the major starting areas. The overhead maps don't show where to find things (like different levels of equipment shops).

    3) more guidance regarding implants. I have found a bunch of implants, with different bonuses. Should I get them installed? Or are they hard/impossible to remove? What types of implants should my class be using?

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    How about all the flavor stuff you cut from the on-line manual that you had in the original printed manual?

    Some players will no longer have the original, as you have re-released the game without a printed manual. Plus, anyone who downloaded it won't have a printed resource either.

    A walk-through of some person building a character, allocating some skill points and why those skills for that character, killing his, (or her) first mob, running his or her first mission, implanting his or her first nano-cluster and implant, and maybe chatting with fellow players on the various chat channels.

    Now that I scrolled down, I find that I'm not the first to suggest some of these things. heck, I want a map to find an intermediate map in Tir.

    whoops, intermediate SHOP in Tir, (got pointed to one).

    Since it's not paper, how about a full desc of all the equipment stocked in a starter vending machine. How about a full desc of all the equipment with QL 1-10. You should be able to set a script to parse that right out of your databases without too much editing.

    How about keeping a poll on what questions get asked of the GM's, by players of all levels, for the next week or so and putting the answers of the ones asked more than one or two times, in the manual?
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    Exclamation idea

    It's too a good idea to explain about how we can use scripts / macro... I was confused when I used the scripts for first times...

    And try to written the differly between Omni and Clan - just a short text about omni and clan and their goals...

    What with about Guilds? And Pet?

    Just explain about ALL, that is in AO...

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