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Thread: A Guide for New Players

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    A Guide for New Players

    Anarchy Online: A guide for new players.

    This thread has been created to serve as a guide and starting point for new players. If anyone has anything they feel should be added, please do not hesitate to PM myself or any other moderator.

    Essential Reading

    Froob Guide
    This is a guide that helps those that do not have any of the expansion packs.

    The Manual
    This is the online version of the manual that comes with the boxed version of the game and should be helpful for those who do not have access to a printed manual.

    Rules of Conduct
    The Rules of Conduct for Anarchy Online. By playing the game, you agree to abide by this at all times.

    Frequent Questions

    How can I talk to people & keep track of buddies?
    You can find, make, and delete buddies from your Friends menu, which can be opened via the Friends button near the lower right corner of the screen. As an alternative, you can also hit Control + 7 to bring up the window.

    To bring up the chat box hit ENTER.

    To send a private message:

    To add a friend to your friend list just type:
    /cc addbuddy PLAYERNAME

    Notice the /
    The / means you're sending a command to the game. For more information try /help

    To reply to a private message from the last person that sent you one:

    Clicking on anyone in your friends list will open up a separate window in which you can send private messages. For more information on using the friends window or the chat system, type /help chat in-game.

    What is a whom-pa?
    The whompa is essentially a transit system between cities, towns and outposts . There is a whompa net for each faction and they all meet at the ICC. The whompa's have a sign over them informing you of their specific destination. Just step into them and you'll be transported to your destination. No skill is needed to use the whompa system.

    What is the grid?
    The grid is a mode of transportation used on Rubi-ka. It allows players to transverse great distances quickly by using a series of grid access points. Everyone can use the grid, provided they have the necessary computer literacy. Some grid access points take more skill to use than others. Fixer's can gain access to a special grid system, which leads to many more places.

    What can I do if I find myself stuck in the worlds geometry?
    If you find yourself stuck in geometry and unable to move, there are two common ways to free yourself. The first is use the /stuck command. To use this command you must be in the seated position, so press X to sit. Then open you chat box by pressing enter and type the command /stuck. You will get a message that your situation will be resolved in 30 seconds. Remain seated during this 30 second period. You will then be moved to a safe location after the 30 seconds has expired. The second way to free yourself from a stuck position is to use the /petition command. To do this open you chat box by pressing enter and type /petition I am stuck in geometry. This will start a petition requests. You'll be asked to log out for a short time. If when you log back in your still stuck, an Advisor of Rubi-ka will come to assist you.

    What is the Abandoned Subway, and where can I find it?
    The Abandoned Subway is a run-down area that you will receive instructions to help "clean up" upon reaching level 5. The Subway can be a good source of experience and items for new characters. Neutral characters will find their subway inside Borealis City; Clan characters in West Athens; Omni characters just outside the gates of Rome Blue. Players over level 24 will not be able to enter the Subway.

    Where can I get missions? How do I find the mission once I've received it?
    You can get missions from Mission Booths. Depending on your level, every time you use a mission booth it'll cost a small fee. The GUI is rather strait forward. A word of caution though, the higher you go the harder the mission monsters are -- you may want to start with something around the middle of the difficultly slider, but not under the mid-point itself as your mission would simply be way too easy and lack much reward.

    Once you accept your mission you'll need to click your MISSION button, which can be found among icons in the lower right of your screen. After opening this you'll see your mission listed there. Right-click and HOLD then go to UPLOAD MISSION. Once you do this you can follow the square indicator now on your compass (bottom of screen) OR open your world map (hit P) and locate the mission from there if you're in the wrong area.

    We highly suggest team'll level much faster.

    How can I change my name?
    This is quite a simple process, just type /name help in game for information. But be warned, you CANNOT change your nickname after LEVEL 20, no exceptions. You can however change your FIRST/LAST name at any time with the /name command. For more information please check the /name help command.

    Where and how do I save my character?
    You can save your Character at any Cell Scanner (located in cities and outposts) as long as it is aligned with your faction side. You can also save in the Shadowland gardens by stepping onto a special platform. To use the cell scanner simply approach it and right click on it, your character will then be saved and you will receive a message letting you know it worked, this will cost a small fee based on your level. Wherever you last saved your character is where you will respawn until you save somewhere else.

    How can I get an Apartment? What if I want to get a new apartment? Can I have more then one Apartment?
    You can get an apartment by stepping into any apartment door in a city BACKYARD. Backyards are generally right next to the area where you first started the game.

    You can only have ONE apartment, however those who get a Shadowlands apartment will have their old apartment PLUS their new one. You must have your apartment key in your inventory to enter your apartment. People that Pre-ordered Shadowlands or have won a special key may also have a Luxury Jobe apartment.

    If you want a new apartment or lose your key, then you'll need to visit a store and purchase an apartment application. Target yourself and use it; this will allow you to pick a new apartment somewhere. Be careful, these forms can be a little pricey (for newcomers) and will remove all your old stuff from your old apartment.

    How do I get help if I'm stuck or need assistance?
    If you find yourself stuck in the physical geometry (example would be stuck in a ceiling) or ever need assistance with a bug, quest problem, lost items, or harassment you can use the /petition <description of problem> command at any time to receive help from the ARK staff. If you are stuck in geometry, try the /stuck command first before you petition. If you just have general questions please check these forums or in game on the Newbie OOC chat channel before using the /petition command. Also, don't be afraid to ask others for help and advice ingame, there are many a good citizens on Rubi-Ka who don't mind helping out. These forums are another good place to find answers to your questions.

    Please visit this thread for more information on ARK, GMs, and petitions.

    What is Over Equipping (OE)?
    This is the process of bulking your skills up (temporary!) higher than normal in order to equip a weapon or something. Once the temporary measure has worn off, i.e. a buff, then the item is OE and subject to OE rules.

    Some items cannot be OE and will fall off. Some items once OE will have OE penalty making them less effective. Other items there is no penalty at all.

    How do I install implants?
    To install implants the target slot must first be empty, the slots for implants can be found in the tabs where you find your armor/weapons.

    Then you must locate a Surgery Clinic, which are located inside most shops and in Apartment Areas. To use the Clinic you simply right click on it. Note: you must have the 300 credits charge it costs to use it. Once you have right clicked on the Clinic then you can either right click on the implant you wish to install or pick it up and drop it in the target slot. You can add/remove as many as you want so long as your clinic buff does not expire or you do not leave the playfield of the clinic machine.

    Using a Surgery Clinic will give you +100 treatment points! Keep that in mind while choosing your implants.

    How do I trade with players? Is it secure?
    Trading with players is very secure. Simply right-click on someone to begin a trade. Once the trade box opens you'll see the areas where you can add items, where your trading partner can add items, credits given to you, or an area to give credits yourself.

    We do NOT suggest buying items you cannot see! For example, if someone gives you a bag in a trade and says there are 5 pieces of armor in it, you should request they be normally put into the trade window where the items can be seen.


    How can I see a description of an item or person?
    To see a description of an item you can either hold shift+left click over the item (this will work on people too) or you can hold right click over the item until the menu opens and select the Eye icon.

    What about socializing and parties?
    There are several nightclubs, bars and coffee shops available for each faction. Reet's Retreat, Baboon's, The Cup and others often hold player or guild-hosted parties, contests and get togethers. Some guilds broadcast music that you can tune into via your Internet connection. Keep an eye on the player events calendar for some of the public events.
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