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Thread: Full Auto is confusing me

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    Full Auto is confusing me

    heya i recently got me a perenninum blaster and
    im lost as to how FA works (this is my
    first gun to have the skill anyway
    can some 1 explane it to me?
    eg. why do i sometime hit with 1 bullet and other times with 11?

    any help is apreceated...<= dont know if i spelled that right
    anyway thx!
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    Fullauto is confusing everyone !!!

    But I will try to explain the little that so far is known about it :

    fullauto, while empting your clip, only fires a max amount of bullets which is determined by your fullauto skill, the higher your skill the higehr max number of bullets you fire;

    each of those bullets can miss, once one bullet misses ALL the next ones will miss too;

    even if you miss with your first bullet, and you see you hit with 0 bullets, you will still do damage like if you hit with 1 bullet;

    how many bullets will hit is regulated by your Attack Rating versus the target dodge ranged defense, so the higher your ATR the higher your chanches to fire good fullautos. That's why fullauto will never be a good special against thoise high evades ruby-ka uniques;

    every single bullet has its own chance to crit, at least that's what the rumor about it is, so using add to crit items/buffs should help doing better fullautos. That is indeed true, but still I can't understand how crits are being calculated as the difference in damage is somewhat weird and I cant find any path in it.

    Once again I must say that despite all of my tryes, I can't figure out a path on fullauto damage calculations as its damage variance does not reflect the number of bullets hitting vs. the min damage I do on that mob nor the crit value of my weapon in any way.

    Hope that makes some sense

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    Just want to point out that what Solo wrote is the theory that most soldiers would agree to. How ever, since FC has not told us exactly how FA works, we can't know for sure.

    For all that we know there could be some AMS for a full auto, being 66% AMS of the gun and 33% FA (which might explain why I can hit a mob 50 times in a row with reg shots then do a 3 bullet FA on him). Kind of doubt thats the case, but I get paranoid when I see alot of low FA's on mobs i should hit.

    And as Solo said, we dont know how the dmg is calculated.

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    I think that Solo's theory is pretty close to how FA works, and it seems to me to work this way also. But sometimes FA makes me scratch my head wondering what the heck going on. I can hit a mob with 14 to 15 bullets but do like 10k+ in damage or do like 5k in damage sometimes. Maybe it is the chance of each bullet doing a crit or not.

    It would be nice if we could get an answer from FC about how FA works. Dont think this is some kind a secret. Maybe its something the Soldier professionals can pry from them .
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    FA damage is odd indeed.

    It does seem that FA can crit, it appears to *sometimes* be a bonus to the initial hit (NOTE: Not a crit) and damage scales after 10 bullet hits.

    Would be nice if we could once and for all get the juicy details on how FA actually works, explained by FC in details.
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    Whats the max number of bullets you can land?

    I know I did a 21 bullet full auto this morning on a heckler in adonis and was pretty shocked but it only landed for 11k dmg when 18 bullet shots usually do 13kish=(

    Weird calculation on f/a indeed

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    ya it's wierd how i could shoot a leet 100000 times and never miss once, but when i FA i hit for 5 bullets often. I really have no idea how its calculated.

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    I always thought it had something to do with how many rounds you had left in your clip, but that doesn't seem to work in all cases. Wish we got some clue from FC on how it's supposed to work.

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    While FA always got a chance of doing bad hits it also seems to check vs 130% or something like that evades for determining if max hit is possible.

    At least it seems that way from my pvp testing with it
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    I have been wondering about full auto myself lately what was posted above makes since except one thing. If solo’s theory was correct and it was based on your Attack Rating versus the targets dodge ranged then why does it vary so drastically from 0-11 bullets for me and 340-4.8k damage on the same exact type/level of mob. No debuffs were running on the mobs I was criting frequently burst was steady but full auto was going from omg to wtf.
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    An observation I did when hunting redeemeds in Inferno:

    I was playing around my Spastic, noticed that I was doing exactly 1000 dmg per bullet with my regular hits.

    Off what I can remember also I did 1000 dmg per bullet with my FAs, 6.000 with a 6-bullet hit, 10.000 with a 10-bullet hit. But a 11-bullet hit did only 10.500.
    I cant remember the rest of the numbers, but it seems like 10-bullet is the limit for getting full dmg on each bullet.
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    Full Auto is the only special which is really "broken" or something like that. Well maybe "nerfed" is a better word as broken.

    First the Full Auto does a evade check and that makes that special more or less useless against high level mobs (etc. boss mobs) or against most classes in pvp (cause of going full def). Full Auto is the main damage we soldiers have so it shouldn't be that gimped like it is atm. I mean what would an agent say if his AS do a evade check and he would miss a lot in pvp when fighting a fixer etc? Hope you see the point.

    Next thing really strange thing is that I do more damage with 0 bullets hits as I do with 1 bullets hits. A 0 bullet hit is always! a crit hit. A 1 bullet hit is never a crit hit. Still strange that a 0 bullet hit do damage lol but that the 0 bullet hit do more damage as a 1 bullet hit omg.

    Lets talk about how full auto works: First the max number of bullets you can hit is easy to calculate. Its you full auto skill / 100 + 5 bullets. If you have trained special forces perk then you get one additional hit. So lets say you have 1600ish full auto skill then you would have 1600/100 = 16 bullets + 5 bullets + 1 bullets (perk) = 22 bullets max hit. Next thing is how the damage is calculated. Well thats easy too. Its just the first 10 bullets are doing the full normal damage. The next 5 are doing the half damge. Next 5 doing 25% damage. Next 5 12.5% etc. Example: Your normal damage would be 1000 points. Then 1 hit would do 1000 points. 0 hits would be 1000+ cause its a crit. 2 bullets would do 2000 points.... 10 bullets would do 10000 points. 11 bullets 10500... 15 bullets 12500. 16 bullets 12750... 20 bullets 13750. etc. The cap is max 15000 damage.

    Ok lets speak about the evade-check. The full auto is doing some kind of evade check. Its not a real evade check. It must be a fast and simple code. Also the full auto damage is jumping from 0 bullets to max bullets to often. I can attack a mob and rarely or never miss with my normal hits, but my full auto damage is jumping from 0 bullets up to max bullets. Would it be a plain evade check then you wont see the full auto damage jumping up down that way. I think its some kind of secret formular about checking AMS against DMS. Maybe its plain and simple and it do only (AMS-DMS)/10 lol who knows. Then it just do a simple roll like that. If (AMS/DMS) < secret value do sucky full auto. If (AMS/DMS) > another secret value do max damage. If between both secret values then just do a simple plain roll from 1 up to max bullets and use that value to calculate the damage. That would be simple and fast working code and it would explain why the damage of full auto is jumping up and down all the time.
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