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Thread: Shade Jobe & Tier 1 Armor Guide

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    Shade Jobe & Tier 1 Armor Guide

    Obtaining Jobe Suit of Armor:

    First thing first you need to get Jobe Armor to make the Tier 1. This armor is obtained by talking to your Representative in the IPS building in either the Harbour, Market, or Superior Market. He/she will tell you, you need:

    6x Insignia of Enel
    6x Insignia of Shere
    1x Insignia of Orca
    1x Insignia of Roch
    To make the 6 basic pieces of the Jobe Armor.

    The best place I have found to find Enel and Shere Insignia are right outside of the Port 7 Entrance to Elysium. The Haothlin Temple is great for finding Shere Insignia and the Temple that is right accross from that is optimal for Enel Insignia's. The Roch and Orca Insignia's are best found in the temple that is a good bit north of the Shoel Entrance from Elysium. If you use Sphere's Map, then its the blue dot on the map that is not labled. These Insinia's seem to be pretty common drop in here, and you don't take a faction hit on either side for killing the mobs in here.

    Once you get all 14 Insignia's, head back to the IPS Building and talk to you Representative again. This time tell him you have the pieces to obtain armor. Then tell him that you want the basic pieces. He then tells you, that you need to give him 1 Enel, 1 Shere, and a "donation" of 1 million credits. Give him the insignia's and money and hey will ask you which piece you want.

    For the breast plate you have to give him 1 Enel 1 Roch 1 Orca and 1 Roch Insinia, and 2 Million credits.

    This will give you a decent looking set of armor that really doesn't have decent stats, the only real use for it is to obtain the Tier 1, Tier 2, and the Choosen/Faithful armor.

    The stats look like:

    Jobe Suit Vest
    Jobe Suit Sleeves x2
    Jobe Suit Pants
    Jobe Suit Boots
    Jobe Suit Gloves

    Now that was the easy part, now you need to obtain:

    18x Visions of the Unshakable
    6x Carbonized Novictum Stone
    6x Consanguineal Embryo of Annwn'Guinee
    6x Canister of Pure Liquid Notum (These have to be QL 50 or higher to make Tier 1)

    This has become a good bit easier since 15.5 Patch. The patch took the NO DROP tag off of the Visions, and Embryo's.

    To get the Visions, you need to visit the Temple Nero in Elysium or The Temple Bog in Sheol. To get to the Catacombs inside of the temple go into the main room, then go straight through the next 2 doors. From there you will be in a room that has about 15-20 Spirits in it. When you enter this room either turn right or left and follow the wall around till you get to a very slim doorway. Go through the doorway and through the hall untill you get to a hole in the floor. Jump into the hole and you will be in the Catacombs.

    WARNING: The Spirits do agro and will chase, so once in the room just run like a scalded dog to the catacombs.

    All the mobs in the Catacombs can drop the visions. And the bosses stand a chance of dropping the embryo's. If your under 160 I would take atleast 1 friend as the mobs hit HARD.

    To get the Embryo's your best bet is in the Temple Bog. You get to the Catacombs the same way, and the same mobs are down here just a good bit harder. The mobs here stand a good chance of dropping the embryo's and a bad chance of dropping visions. The Boss Mobs drop the embryo's about 80% of the time down here, but are pretty freaking mean too. Best bet to survive down here is to take along a level 200 friend with ya. Should take you about 1-1.5 hours with 2 of you to get 6 Embryo's.

    The Carbonized Novictum Stones drop in the static dungeons in Elysium off of the Named Keeper Mobs. The Novictum is a pretty common drop in 10 kills I got 6 Novictum when I was there.

    The best place to get the Canisters of Pure Notum is from the hecklers in Elysium. They tend to drop the canisters almost every kill.

    Now to put the Tier 1 together:

    Step 1: Go back to the IPS Building and tell him you have the items to obtain the Yellow Glyph. Then Give him 3 Visions and a Embryo and he gives you the glyph. These glyphs are no longer UNIQUE so you can go ahead and getall 6 of them. This gives you Yellow Glyph of Aban. Again you can do this is many times as needed, the items is no longer UNIQUE.

    Step 2: Combine the Yellow Glyph with the Canister of Liquid Notum. This takes 550 QFT, 550 Computer Literacy, if you don't have it dont worry just get a friend who does to make it for you. This gives you
    Yellow Glyph of Aban - Awakened

    Step 3: Combine the Awakeed Glyph with the Carbonized Novictum Stone. This takes 600 Psychology. This gives you Glyph of the Seven.

    Step 4: Combine the Glyph of the Seven with a piece of the Jobe Suit and you get:

    First Tier Shade Body Wraps
    First Tier Shade Arm Tattoo's x2
    First Tier Shade Leg Covers
    First Tier Shade Hand Covers
    First Tier Shade Foot Covers

    To do this you need 450 Computer Literacy. You CANNOT get a friend to do this step for you because the First Tier Armor is NO DROP. So this can be a bit difficult for a Shade to make before level 100. Not impossible but can be difficult.

    Step 5: Right click on the armor to upgrade it. The armor Ungrades itself 1QL per click and it starts at QL 100. So put on all of the items you can that add to agility and sense and buff your self to the fullest extent. At level 112 I was able to improve it to QL 131 fully buffed and the best spirits I could get into.

    Then equip it and be proud you just obtained the best looking Tier 1 in the game. Show it off to all of your friends and be the envy of all of your enemies.

    Here is what the finish product looks like:

    First Tier Shade Armor

    Thanks and Enjoy

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    Don't forget NCU Extensions perk adds 10 CL per perk point. (I needed this on my Shade)
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    Great guide Shaduky, thanks!
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    Ooooh, nice guide.
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    I did all the combines myself with my 160-161 shade and it required 550 comp lit and 550 QFT to do step 2.
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    What about the head piece/shoulder plates/back piece on the original? is that worth getting, is it usable by shades, and can they be updated to Tier 1?

    And I agree... sticky worthy
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    I believe those pieces only come into play from Tier2 on. I'm think you can go from JBS to Tier2 at that point for those pieces when you get to that point. I'm sure someone can confirm that.
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    Yeah the helm 2 Shoulderpads and the back piece are only upgradeable to tier 2. You Make them the same way you make the breastplate. The require 2 million credits and 1 orca 1 roch 1 enel and 1 shere insignia each to make. And yes when making tier 2 they automatically upgrade.

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    So it isnt worth getting them until you start making your tier 2 set? that makes sense
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    [Core] Merung: Just cuz your profession fell outta the nerf tree and hit every branch on the way down, doesnt mean all should share your fate
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    That's the theory I subscribe to
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    make it include tier 2 and stuff when u can
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    Tier 2

    When I learn more about Tier 2 I will just continue the guilde in the same thread and if I ever get to the chosen/faithful armor then I will add that too. Many people have made that suggestion.

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    Can somone please root this?

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    Um, why isn't this post nailed to the top of the forum?

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    What do I need to do to get this thing stickied?

    Do i need to contact someone or what? If I need to contact someone ... who? and how?


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    try PMing a shade prof or Cz for stickying.
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    The process for tier 2 is almost the same:

    3 wills of unshackable and the embryos from penumbra catacombs makes you first red glyph of death.

    The wills can also be found in the adonis catacombs.

    Next part is you'll need 3 advents of the passionate. These make your white glyph of Xum.

    Next, as I've found for helm and gloves and the other pieces, you'll need a ql 230+ canister of pure liquid notum and a joker's Glyph.

    The canister are random throughout adonis, penumbra, and inferno. Pretty ez to come by. The jokers glyph is however a little more harder to get. They drop-off the bosses in static dungeons throughout adonis. The hard part is finding the right one that won't make you lose faction from being the same faction. If you were to kill a mob which is your same faction, you'll lose between 1.2k-2.3k faction...not pleasing.

    In the process of putting everything together you need a crat and engie for Psychology and QFT about 970+ skill. The joker's glyph can be used by owner to enhance the helm/shoulders/back.

    The time in camping from pieces can be about 2 hours per piece of armor with a full lvl 200+ team. But if you have other in need of the same items, it can take two or three trips of about 4 hours to collect the pieces you'll need.

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