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Thread: United Engineers of Rubi-Ka (UERK)

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    Arrow United Engineers of Rubi-Ka (UERK)

    United Engineers of Rubi-Ka
    The United Engineers of Rubi-Ka (UERK) is a union of engineering professionals. It is an informal, voluntary group organized by players for the purposes of supporting the engineering profession in Anarchy-Online.

    The primary objective of UERK is to improve the gameplay experience for engineering players. UERK will do this by supporting initiatives and actions organized by its members through improved communication and coordination. Some of the issues UERK members address include:
    • Pet performance issues
    • Weaknesses of engineers
    • viability of tradeskilling as a career path
    In addition, we hope to have some fun.

    UERK membership is open to any engineer character/player, Omni, Clan, or Neutral, all breeds and levels, and all RK dimensions. There are no membership dues or requirements. Membership is strictly voluntary and members are free to participate in as many or as few UERK activities and campaigns as they wish.

    UERK members are strongly encouraged to support the Union in the following ways:
    • Use the UERK name or acronym in their pets' names, especially during public UERK gatherings. For example name a pet the following:
      "United Engineers of Rubi-Ka"
      "Waldo (UERK)"
      "UERK Slayerdroid #1293"
    • Include a link to this thread in your bb/forum signature (official AO forums as well as other AO-related forums/bbs)
    • Actively recruit and publicize UERK to orgmates, friends, and other engineers.
    • Support/participate in "official" UERK activities listed in the "Activities" section below.

    UERK has no formal leadership structure. However, we look to and rely upon our more senior engineers to lend us the benefit of their experience and insights. All UERK issues, guidelines, and activities are open to input from the entire membership. As a voluntary organization, it is important that we attempt to represent the widest possible range of opinions and achieve consensus whenever possible.

    UERK does not have a formal process for organizing activities. We rely upon and encourage motivated, energetic, and outspoken members to take it upon themselves to spearhead specific activities, campaigns, rallies, etc. By organizing and publicizing such activities under the UERK banner, the Union helps direct the energy of members efficiently and effectively for the benefit of all engineers.

    See the "Current Activities" and "Launching new activities" sections below for more information.

    Methods and Activities
    As a voluntary organization, UERK doesn't compel cooperation of its members or require specific actions/behavior on their part. Instead our primary tool will be improved communication, hopefully leading to coordinated voluntary actions. Some of these coordinated activities will include:
    • Petitions/letter writing/feedback to Funcom
    • Public rallies/marches
    • Coodinate pricing for engineering-related items
    • Organize raids for engineer-related items

    While our primary objective is to improve gameplay for AO engineers, UERK will strive to work respectfully and cooperatively with Funcom and the entire player community.

    Launching New Activities
    If you want UERK support for a new activity/initiative please keep the following guidelines in mind:
    • Be engineer related - Your activity should be of interest to AO engineers in general. It's ok if your activity will primarily benefit you, so long as it's something which is an engineer-specific issue. For example, you want to organize a group to help you get the Disposal Unit Electrical Toolset. Even though you are the only one who might get one, this is something which many engineers will face themselves at some point.
    • Be organized - If you want people to help out, make sure your activity is organized and you've provided enough information for people to participate easily. For example, if you want to do an e-mail campaign to Funcom, please provide the e-mail address and write a sample letter which people can use. If you are planning a large activity and need help organizing, then ask for it up front.
    • Be respectful and positive - Our goal is getting our gameplay issues addressed not making enemies of Funcom or non-engineer players. Most people are not going to support activities which are viewed as negative or counterproductive.

    To publicize an UERK activity simply do the following:
    1. Start a new thread in the engineer forum and be sure to include "UERK" in the topic.
    2. Post in this thread with a link to your new thread.
    3. A link to your new thread, with a brief description and your name will be added to this section
    4. Remember to update your thread and the initial post with any new information that people may need to participate

    Current Activities
    (This list is to get us started until we get some actual activity threads. -Tensegra)
    The following activities and campaigns are supported by UERK members.
    • General gameplay issues
      Pet performance

      Outside Buff reliance

      Difficulty finding teams



      Pricing for tradeskill items

      Tipping for tradeskill services
      UERK does not support mandatory pricing/tipping for tradeskill services. UERK members are, of course, free to charge as much or as little as they wish, or nothing at all. We hope that members will support those engineers who do choose to charge reasonable amounts for tradeskilling services (Elbo's price guide being a valuable reference). We can show our support by not undercutting other engineers, and by educating non-engineers about the enormous investments in equipment, implants, and IP required for high-level tradeskilling.

      Performance/requirements for tradeskill items

      Member assistance
      Help UERK members locate/acquire engineer-related items
      Volunteer warping service for new dungeon
      Check here to find volunteers who can warp you into the new Patch 15.5 dungeon.

      Public events/raising awareness

    Past Activities

    Any communication and input is welcome. Feel free to post to this thread, start new threads (include "UERK" in the topic), PM to Tensegra, or /tell to Tensegra (RK2) or UERK members and UERK activity leaders.
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    Tensegra my awesome org Angels of the Night Rimor/RK2

    Support our new union!
    >>> United Engineers of Rubi-Ka (UERK) <<<

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    Lets get this party started :D

    So here's a first draft of UERK guidelines!

    I've tried to take into account everyone's input from the orignal UERK thread, to make everything as inclusive as possible, and to maximize the voluntary nature and eliminate anything mandatory. As such, these guidelines are really nothing more than a vehicle for specific activities that people want to spearhead under the UERK umbrella.

    I've tried to inject my own views as little as possible. The one exception is the verbage about tradeskill tipping/pricing not being mandatory. I think people felt strongly that tradeskill service pricing (or lack thereof) should always be left up to each person, and I totally agree. I don't want this to be an obstacle for people to support UERK.

    This is of course a "living document" and I hope it will change based on everyone's feedback. Please comment with anything you'd like to see done differently.

    Phatpanda, since you're already interested in pricing of tradeskill tools/items, maybe you could head up making a pricelist for them (I guess you've already started getting input with your survey).

    After we see how interested people are, maybe we can get some stickyness for this thread, but its still premature to assume this thing will take off.

    Let's just start slow, get the ball rolling, and see where this thing ends up.

    Thanks for supporting UERK!
    Tensegra my awesome org Angels of the Night Rimor/RK2

    Support our new union!
    >>> United Engineers of Rubi-Ka (UERK) <<<

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    Talking Yes. but what is your health insurance policy like?

    Sounds good to me, I am in. Player name is Iacon on Atlantean. Look me up. I am only a 52 at the moment.

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    I'm in.

    Zstate on Atlantean. I'm back in AO after a long hiatus (about a year, maybe more). I've started over completely from scratch so I'm really low now.'

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    Looks promising Tensegra. Let me know if there is anything I or the guild can do to help.

    Maybe UERK could be the inspiration for someone to start a more broad reaching Anarchy Online Player's Union (AO-PU). It seems that something like that might be the only way to ever get Funcom to focus resources on the problems that the people who play the game actually care most about.

    *Gets out her Woody Guthrie CDs*

    (Edit) Suggestion: Put the phrase "Sign-In Here" in the title of the thread.
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    Updated my sig... Halouk on Rimor is now ready to kick some MP ass... uuh... yeah lets work together to improve engies!

    You can now expect to see my slayerdroid;

    "Reclaim Terminal"

    Now renamed to

    "Reclaim Terminal (UERK)"

    And of course the same with my doggy "Already Dead (UERK)

    Yes these are my real pets names :P
    Halouk - 205 Atrox Eng RK2
    Goodbye AO. I'll miss ya.
    Guide to Engineers in Society.

    Dear Diary...
    Eng lft Part 2
    Yes I'm biased.

    <<Bye everyone>>

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    I can lend some brawn if any engi raids are launched.
    Ernest "Zane0" Bunke - Equipment - Perks
    Obsidian Order

    Fix 200+ Engineer Slayers

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    Dunno, my pet name is already maxed out and I don't like to change it ..

    "HavUSeenMyMasterImLost" or "MyMasterIsGimpyDontTeamHim"

    But, I could prolly go along your UERK soon. I'm still level 85 so I'm newbie and no way ready to join a movement like this.
    Server: Rimor (Rubi-Ka 2) - Omni Loyal and Northern Star lurker

    Kuolematon - MP (NM)

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    I think you should rename UERK.

    My suggestion is Gloomy Ineffective Mechanical Pet Society. Or for short: GIMPS.

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    UERK is the sound people make right before they throw up. Honestly it isnt a great acronym.


    Tradeskill Peeps of Rubi-Ka


    Tradeskill Peeps of Anarchy Online (TPAO) or TPA and drop the online as thats understood.

    Traders are tradeskill peeps to no matter how much they whine and whine and whine and whine and whine.
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    Making QL300 AI Armor and Weapons!

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    lol Elbo, thanx for the vivid sound...

    I am in as well.

    But I can't set up a price wanted...Different server has price variance... Plus there are brats who spend 100 mil to purchase a repair coordination assistant (RCA) (search the Rimor market, I think you can still see the post), and there are penny pinching people like me So it's impossible to set a price. How, the trick of being a good shopper in our situation is PURE patience... If no one is buying the tradeskilling item, the price will eventually drop.

    Edit: my bad...that was 100 mil on crackerjack...which is still a waste of money
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    The path to 220 engi is filled with countless begging...

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    Originally posted by Elbo
    UERK is the sound people make right before they throw up.
    Actually, I sort of like it sounding like someone getting sick. I think it's funny and also appropriate given the current state of engie affairs.

    Plus it sort of rolls off the tongue. So to speak.

    (GIMPS is great too, Namel)
    Tensegra my awesome org Angels of the Night Rimor/RK2

    Support our new union!
    >>> United Engineers of Rubi-Ka (UERK) <<<

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    Go Tensegra!

    I back anything that will make Engineer's strong again! No one wants to be a level 200 Trade Skiller and nothing else. I can't formally join your Union as I'm a crack dealer not an Engineer but it doesn't mean we can't support ya!
    Last edited by Toosurf; Apr 2nd, 2004 at 00:34:55.
    Zaerious "Conjuring" Mage

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    Sign me up for anything that helps us engies regain their uber status.

    "Escritores: Most Americans think Denmark is the capital of Ikea..."
    "Chipbutty: Lend me your brain Doomaxe, im building an idiot"

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    Thumbs up

    UERK? My cat "Lump" makes that sound when he hacks up a hairball!

    In any case count me in! GO UERK! We need more brawn...(less brain?)

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    In honor of the vivid acronym, my first doggie will be named

    "Im gonna puke... UERK"
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    Tyrell, Engineer and CTO of Tyrell Corporation
    "More Human than Human"

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    Engie warping for new dungeon

    Our first UERK activity to help engies!

    Free warping service for high-level engineers.
    Any peeps under level 110 sign up in this thread so engies who need warping into the dungeon can contact you ingame.

    Sign up here
    Tensegra my awesome org Angels of the Night Rimor/RK2

    Support our new union!
    >>> United Engineers of Rubi-Ka (UERK) <<<

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    Tensaga. I'd say we change our name to TU (Tradeskiller's Union). We should extend our invitation to your trader brother. Specially in light of the recent development.
    The path to 220 engi is filled with countless begging...

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    I'll most certainly support the movement. I'm game.


    RK1 - 85 engineer

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