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    Exclamation CONTEST: Design a Voice Pack!

    Anarchy Online Voice Pack Contest!!!

    Your chance to have your original creative voice pack become part of the game! This will be a unique opportunity to have content created by you become an official part of Anarchy Online. 13 different phrases and 7 categories increase your chances of winning. Grab a microphone and enter today! Prizes will be awarded for Winners and runner ups.


    1. Select a category
    2. Create wav files of all phrases for each category
    Voice files must be in Mono, IMA, ADPCM or WAV format 44.1KHz

    3. Prepare email using:

    a) Subject line (Category) Example: Category1
    b) Include: Your account name and full name in email
    c) Include Release statement (below)

    "I agree that I am submitting these voice packs for use by the Anarchy Online Community and Funcom and that I will not be eligible for compensation for their use beyond the awarding of contest prizes. I certify that I am the sole owner/creator of this content. “
    d) Verify you are submitting one wav file for each of the phrases in your category (all 13) and for each voice style in that category. (52 files)
    e) Make sure each file is no longer than 5 seconds and contains no more than 8 words.
    f) Make sure your entries are suitable for a teen audience and free of racial slurs or inappropriate content violating the terms of service.

    4. Submit to
    5. Entries must be received no later than noon eastern standard time May 2, 2004.


    Category 1
    SolMale Dist (distinguished)
    SolMale Cool
    SolMale Mil (military)
    SolMale Simple

    Category 2
    SolFem Dist
    SolFem Cool
    SolFem Mil
    SolFem Simple

    Category 3
    Opmale Dist
    Opmale Cool
    Opmale Mil
    Opmale Simple

    Category 4
    Opfem Disti
    Opfem Cool
    Opfem Mil
    Opfem Simple

    Category 5
    Nanomale Disti
    Nanomale Cool
    Nanomale Mil
    Nanomale Simple

    Category 6
    Nanofem: Dist
    Nanofem Cool
    Nanofem Mil
    Nanofem Simple

    Category 7
    Atrox Dist
    Atrox Cool
    Atrox Mil
    Atrox Simple

    Phrase titles:

    level (examples "DING!" or "I have ascended ") (example title: solmaledistlevel.wav)

    Pickup (example: "How you doin, hey babe) (example filename opfemcoolpickup.wav)

    Greatjob ("sweet" "You roxxor") (example filename: solfemsimplegreatjob.wav)

    Revenge "I will be back" another day..when you least expect it" (example filename nanofemdistrevenge.wav)

    mad (example "I hate this” ) (example filename nanmalecoolmad.wav)

    tauntclan (example "filthy clanners" ) (example filename atroxcooltauntc.wav)

    tauntomni (Example "bring it on omni scum" (example filename (nanofemdisttauntowav)

    tauntneutral "(example “Gimp”) (example filename solmalesimpletauntn.wav)

    Greet (example “welcome”) (example filename atroxcoolgreet.wav)

    Farewell (example “see you later”, (example filename nanofemdistfarewell.wav)

    Love (“I love you”) (example solfemcoollove.wav)

    Wonderfulday (“ah, what a great day”) (example filename opmalesimplewonder.wav)

    Loot (now that’s some phat loot) (example filename solfemmilloot.wav)

    If your voice pack is selected for inclusion you will receive an email notification and a Jobe Deluxe Apartment, a boxed set of the next Expansion for Anarchy Online, Alien Invasion poster , a limited edition new AO soundtrack and an Alien Invasion T shirt.

    (Runner ups will also receive prizes of Jobe Deluxe Apartments)

    You will receive a confirmation mail upon receipt of your entry .

    More about AO Voices:

    In the event that the voices submitted are not used, the top choices and runner ups will still receive the prizes announced.

    ***DEADLINE 1 MAY!****
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