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Thread: Dear Diary

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    Post Dear Diary

    Oh jeez... not that atrox eng again is it?

    08:00 Am

    Awoke from suspended animation after a 3 week rest. The bad part was finding out I'd entered suspended animation whilst I had my screwdriver in my back pocket which had lodged itself. Not a good night's sleep.


    I got some funny looks whilst running to the surgery clinic. Not a common sight to see an atrox running through Old Athen clutching his rear. I saw a meta-physicist on the way to the shop and considered stopping to ask for a composite infuse, however when i tried to speak little more came out than a painful squeak - I thought it best to run to the shop before the screwdriver does a David Blane impression. I sprinted off as fast as I could leaving a confused meta-physicist behind me.


    Starting my quest now. It's not an easy one, but the reward is quite cool. If I do it right I get a robot. Starting my search for a meta-physicist and a trader.


    Well the meta-physicist part wasn't hard but when I mentioned the word trader people looked at me strange. Mind you, I had quite a reputation from my earlier marathon across Old Athen so that might've been why.
    So anyway, I'm about to cast the best slayer I can, my brand-spanking new one! Just bought him, cost a few million, looked forward to this moment for 6 months. Found him in the Shadowlands - this should be quite impressive.


    Casted my level 200 Slayer instead. Let us never speak of it again.


    Did a spot of tradeskilling. The nice player must have heard about me - after tradeskilling he turned 180 degrees and ran as fast as could. I shouted thanks to him.
    Found someone selling a PPPE Soft. I asked him how much they were. After his reply I turned 180 degrees and ran as fast as I could. He didn't shout thanks.


    Accidentally excecuted an AOE blind nanoprogram whilst standing in the middle of Old Athen hill at peak time. Screamed in pain as hundreds of voices shouted

    "PvP not available in this area"

    I fitted on the floor for a few seconds before the spam settled down and I could hear again. Sheesh... All I need. Of course people just stared at me, apart from the other few engineers who showed nothing but sympathy. I stood up calmly and brushed myself off. I was about to laugh along with the crowd when I thought to myself "Oh crap... 20 second refresh."


    Spent the little spamless time I had fighting with all the sympathetic aura's in my NCU to disable the blind AOE. Couldn't do it - had to wait for it to run out.


    Kindly offered to buff anyone on OA hill with AC.


    Started a riot on Old Athen hill. A new arrival to Rubi-ka asked me what good an AC buff was, after telling him they were useful all hell broke lose. I walked off after the ARK's started to arrive.


    Found a trader! I took a photo of the opportunity and ran straight up to him. Having forgotten what to say I ran up to him and asked him for an essence.

    He gave me a stamina boost and ran off.


    Decided to go to Adonis to try to level a bit. Currently sat on my atrox ass shouting LFT on the OOC network. Seems no matter how many times I try, DIRECTLY after I announce, this happens;

    "180 eng lft"
    "200 doc lft"
    "200 enf lft"
    "200 fix lft"
    "200 kpr lft"
    "hi guys"
    "200 ma lft"

    Think I'll jump off the brink.


    Jumped off the brink to find myself back on Rubi-ka... How and why I have no idea. Damn it - I was hoping to disappear into nothingness.


    Ran to assist my org defending our tower. Was an interesting experience - I was actually doing quite well hiding behind an enforcer. The problems started soon enough though;

    "Hey! There's an eng! Geddim!"

    Attacked by player Bob
    Attacked by player Dick
    Attacked by player Tom
    Attacked by player Harry
    Attacked by player Jo
    Attacked by Lord of the Void

    No problem, I thought to myself, and chuckled as I started bio cocoon. 30 seconds of bliss.

    17:30 and 31 seconds

    Found myself humping a reclaim terminal with one hell of a headache.


    Remembered that I have lost all my NCU programs. Looks like a new quest.


    Jumped into Tir lake in an attempt to kill myself, only to be disappointed its no longer poison.


    Jumped into Old Athen Lake. Climbed out 20 seconds later, wet, dripping and confused about where the sharks went.


    Jumped off the top of the Old Athen whompa's, only to hit the floor unharmed. Walked off with more people looking at me strange, confused about why I hadn't been hurt by the fall.


    Considered walking off the edge of the shadowlands to kill myself. Remembered that the shadowlands are actually hovering above a giant teleport.


    Sat down to go back into suspended animation. 30 seconds to go. Had a quick thought about what things will be like in 6 months time. Stopped thinking and panicked when I realised I was sat on a leet. Oh well... Looks like another trip to the surgery clinic when I wake up.

    ...I have no idea why I decided to write this but I hope you enjoyed it
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    Dear Diary...
    Eng lft Part 2
    Yes I'm biased.

    <<Bye everyone>>

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    Laugh or cry, don't know.
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    Engineer frustration?

    Go in the corner and play with your balls...

    /me hands teh chinese stress releaving balls
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    I loved the tir lake part, reminded me of the good old days going afk not realizing I was headed for the lake
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    Attacked by Lord of the Void
    Heh, not your day...

    Funny stuff.
    VdpMeat ex-MA Engie

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    Unnerf the NTs please.

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    Good stuff...
    The path to 220 engi is filled with countless begging...

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    Love it.
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    Hehe, leave it to Halouk!
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    Thanks I needed a good laugh

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    Originally posted by Surge
    Go in the corner and play with your balls...
    Ok, when I read that part strange images started to come up to my mind....

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    Originally posted by Engy/Prot/Balt

    Ok, when I read that part strange images started to come up to my mind....

    Because you're trox?
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    Hey you left out the part of Ian Warr kicking your ass
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    And the mobs of Rubi Ka shouted out in one voice....

    "All your engineer are belong to us!!"

    To which Halouk said....

    "Somebody set us up the Mochams!"

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    rofl. this is way funny dude!
    LOOK. IM EDITING *EDIT* *EDIT* *EDIT *EDIT* ----- did you see this before when you first refreshed????? no...
    does it have the edit flag on it?.... no

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    If you let them f*** you
    There will be no foreplay,
    Rest assured, they'll screw you complete
    'Til your a** is blue and grey


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    root or maybe start a new forum for engie tragic comedy... theres so much to laugh and cry about..
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    Ahh, tragicomic relief, Halouk. Very good written.
    "No, the NT is a Magetank, the same ability to take a beating as any mage-class with the same taunt and damage output as a tank ..."

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