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Thread: Anarchy Online Expansion Pack

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    Originally posted by Ichidann
    Having said all that... Plush Leet Dolls? No, I don't know what they are thinking highlighting that on the main page, though apparently from the Official Poll there is a lot of interest. My only hope is that the person working on this is in management or marketing, and none of the programmers are doing anything with this project...
    Can you imagine... Management: We want you to produce a plush Leet doll. Programmer: OK! Do you have a specification? Can I use C++? How much coffee will we need?

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    I wonder if people who type things like "now you're releasing an expansion but the original game isn't even finished yet!!! WTF???" even realize that it's the biggest cliche in the world.

    Every time an expansion is released for a MMORPG- and I mean *every time*, people say this again. And they always seem to think they're the first to say it.

    It's so funny.

    "WTG you nerfed my xxxxx!!"

    "I'm cancelling because your company doesn't listen!!!"

    "An expansion??? The game isn't finished yet!!!!"

    Really, there should just be a button on MMORPG forums that you can just press to insert one of these old and overused statements.

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    i cant believe there is actually a debate about this. people threatening to go to swg. like verant can make anything much better....

    verant is just like funcom with the exception of the fact that verant has pissed off twice as many customers, botched more expansions, and unbalnced the game they made more times.

    yeah, that gets me all excited.

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    PLEASE, give use a simple YES or no answer as to whether or not the CoH chests can be opened

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    button , yes there is a button , make a macro and hot key it

    /macro WHINE /me whines at FC !

    make the character details on others a swtich,
    turn them down or off in heavy lag areas , and
    those dumb sighs for the yalms
    the now morphing adventurer
    with the paired swords 8)

    Coven of Hunters

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    Is there an ETA on the expansion ?
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    2nd Quarter 2003 (but do remember what the E in ETA stands for... )
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    [Social] Means: I don't think we removed any bosses because of bad pathing...there wouldnt be any left if we did :P

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