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Thread: perk lines

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    perk lines

    Ive read the rooted topic about perks but im still not sure what lines to focus on.
    I think i should train 3 lines.

    -bio shielding is a musst since biococoon is just great

    then i have to select another 2 lines.

    I think it should eb one healing line and one damage line.
    rever or samurai?
    aura of revival or blessing?

    or better something else?
    any advices?

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    i just checked and i can only raise 2 lines.
    so what do u think is the best line to raise besides bio shuielding?
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    OK so where to start here... well at 220 you have 40 perk points to spend. This means you can raise 4 full lines.

    I agree that bioshielding is great, and I think that aura is good as well, although I'm starting to reconsider that at 211.

    After that well for me it was blessing (for the HP and the nice heals as well as a few other goodies) and street samurai (the +damage is just brilliant for SL mobs).

    There are a few people now saying that AoR isn't terrific after 215 - not sure about that, still considering the whole thing. Anyways, I hope that helps a little at least
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    sure it helped

    But im low level still, and when i reach lvl 100 i can only have 2 lines of perks raised.

    I need to decide between healing aura one and blessing. What do u think?

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    Personally i would take aura of revival 1 first then as i grow maybe put some points into blessing later. Rite now as lvl 85 i have AOR 4 cleave 3 and SS 1.

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    I would do AoR and Bioshield up to 100, then put points into Blessing and Bioshield post 100.
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    I'd stick with aor and bioshield as much as you can, when you can't put any points in those, put them in blessing. Street samurai while nice, can definately wait. Blessing is really great at higher levels and it's good to get it out of the way.

    It's all about personal choice really, but that's my suggestion. Some people have mentioned putting points into reaver initially to help equip better weapons at low level. I powerlevelled through a lot of the levels on this character though, so I didn't really notice this as being a problem, but it may be worth taking into consideration.
    First Savior of Rimor. Former keeper professional.

    Legends sometimes come back to haunt their enemies.

    Playing WoW as a facemelter.

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    At your level, my opinion is to go with bio shielding and blessing. AoR starts to scale very poorly at about your level, and I really don't like the fact that it can block beneficial nanos. If you don't find yourself tanking often, reaver or street samurai might be a better choice than blessing, but if you tank a lot like I do then IMO blessing is clearly superior.
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    is this good?

    Do u think this is good? I went on and did the perk planner thing and i planned these are the perks i am gonna do wen i hit 220.
    Bio Shielding-10
    Street Samurai-10
    Freak Strength-3

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    It's good, very close to what I think I'll be winding up with at 220 actually. I'd consider going with blessing 10 and reaver 7, though.
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    Yeah, I'd max blessing too. Because all the perk specials you have scale with the number of perk points you have in that line. And they become much stronger when maxed.

    Also the extra HP bonus blessing 9 and 10 give are very nice.

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    At lower levels (up to ~120) I used AoR. Now all points spent in this are resetted and I put this into Blessing and SS. The HoT from AoR is quite poor after you've reached a certain amount of HP (and fighting against mobs that are hitting for much more your aura can restore).

    My current perks are Bioshielding 5, Reaver 5, Blessing 4 and Street Samurai 4.

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    Well, just my opinion, but you should NEVER spread your perk-points so wide. Focus on 2 main perklines until you reach Lev200, sometimes you'll have a spare point - put that into third perkline, or utilize it in other ways.
    As for me - I used AoR+SS till lev 60, then reseted AoR, got Bioshielding.
    on L150 I have maxed Bio7 SS5, and used those 2 free points on different levels (Put them in Reaver for easy equiping of FBR, then in First Aid, to insert some symbs/imps), I plant to keep Bio and SS maxed all the way to lev 200 and put points left in Blessing. AoR doesn't worth the effort imho in past 50-60 levels, untill very high levels, or if you are hardcore soloer, and need all the healing you can get.

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    I agree with Sarzec. Our perks are set up such that spreading thinly is a bad idea. Go for the gold, do your best to max your important perk lines. That's when they become really powerful, you'll get more out of one perk line maxxed than you will out of two or three brought up to the middle of their range.
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    i just checked again the perks
    i still wonder why so much people say about blessing !?
    ok, it's 2770 HP more, quite GOOD, i agree, but do the perk action really do it ?
    Lay on hand is a self heal that recharge each min. and heal 1110hp but you must be lv207 (not terrible) and curing touch heals 3485 at lv207 (good but far from being exceptionnal)
    I dont speak about devotional armor which i think is completely crappy .. if at least it could last 1 minutes even with a 5m recharge, or at higher level performs like a TMS and reflect 50% or more of the dmg i would say ok, it may be usefull

    And all say that Holy Mark is crap !? I personnaly do not think so. 2000 AC and, the most important to my mind, a 200 in evade close combat is quite USEFULL. Perk actions linked to this perk line are usually debuffs, the Mark of Sufferance is nice for dispelling a mob dot and having a little regen

    If i were 220, i would take the following by priority
    Bio Shield 10
    Holy Mark 10
    Blessing 10 or Aura of Revival 10
    And a dmg perk line so reaver 10 or street samuray 10 - I would probably sometimes remove some perk points in the dmg aura to enhance First Aid to put implants

    any comment is welcomed
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    Katiala, IF Holy Mark were 5 point perk line - i would agree, but for 10 points - no way.

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    Katiala, IF Holy Mark were 5 point perk line - i would agree, but for 10 points - no way.

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    Originally posted by Katiala
    Lay on hand is a self heal that recharge each min. and heal 1110hp but you must be lv207 (not terrible) and curing touch heals 3485 at lv207 (good but far from being exceptionnal)
    Lay on Hands and Curing Touch increases in power with levels, in addition to perk points. In the end Lay on Hands will heal 1656 and Curing Touch, 6900. You might want to take that into account.

    Also, people tend to judge perks on only a PvM basis. Holy Mark has a bit of power to it in PvP, almost none in PvM.

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    Yes, the perk specials from blessing are very much worth it. Devotional armor is fairly crappy, but the heals are very nice. Not only is curing touch great (it heals for 3400something at 190, not at 207) for an emergency heal, the aggro a full curing touch generates is really nice for getting a mob off of a squishier prof. Lay on hands heals for 933 at 190, which isn't colossal but definitely isn't bad considering it recycles quickly enough to use at least once per fight. And the health bonus is huge, much better than some OK evades and crappy AC bonus.

    You ever notice the keeper community tends to be divided on a lot of issues? There are two things I've rarely if ever heard disputed here. One is that we need mad bug fixes. The other is that holy mark just sucks.
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    And why does it just suck?

    Because people measure its effect only against hecklers! Same with weapons. It is AO in a complete package and if it's not good there its worthless.

    AO:AI, please save us from ourselves...

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