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Thread: The Chat Interface And The Future

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    Cool Check out the DAOC chat pane

    It would be good to emulate something that already works. DAOC splits chat messages from combat messages, which should be the absolute MINIMUM consideration for a chat interface redesign -- if Funcom can only do one thing to improve the chat system, they MUST implement this feature.

    They also have implemented tabs that take you to separate panes (chat, group, guild, etc.) that exclude all other channel content except for the specific channel selected, and the local vicinity channels (i.e. say, shout, etc.).

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    sorry i missed this article...

    my ideas is

    1) Add a yellow bar for experience so that that we don't need to keep the stats window always open... we don't really care how much me wiegh 100% of the time, nor do i need to know my name

    2) seperate the ncus from the stats window... major one here.... i mean u have a extra spot in the upper right corner... its almost as if it WAS there.... This would help when i view in a window at 1024X768, because the windows just don't fit well.. especially when the trade window pops up

    i HOpe someone important reads this.... i feel this is a good post.


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    im sick of my friends knowing that im online. Especially my boss... i can't sneak at work to play ao cause he has all my chars on his friends list... and even when i make a alt just for work, he tends to find out his name later on and i have to /tell him back..

    i wish we could like log on as "anonaymous" (not shure how to spell that).

    also how about adding a feature to custom make your /afks

    sometimes i just go to the washroom, and i wish i could say be back in 2 mins...

    rather than when im camping T.I.M or something and im afk for like hours.

    another good use would be for all the /tells u get for hp buffs.. u can custom make one saying " buffs cost 100ks, tell me again and ill buff yea if u want to pay" etc etc....

    fyi = i buff for free if u dance

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    Make a Vincinity RP Channel

    Useable for anyone who just wants to RP. That way we can turn off the OOC Spam in the local vicinity and concentrate on RPing.

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    "Contact list for reply. If you /reply to someone, you should be able to use TAB to cycle through the last few people that have sent you messages."

    This may have been said (didn't feel like reading this whole thread), but it's good info:

    If you press SHIFT+R you can then press SHIFT+UP ARROW (or DOWN ARROW) to toggle between people that have sent you tells. It even works after you have started typing and doesn't erase what you have typed so far!

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    Hate the idea of multiple separate windows. Wastes too much precious screen real estate.

    Like the DAoC chat interface where fighting/system messages are seperated from chat messages by having a split window. Also like the idea of user definable TABS to specify the channel you want to talk on.

    Improve filtering and friends lists. Allow for categorisation of the friends list.

    Also, add a separate experience bar on the left hand side of the screen and then split away the NCUs from the Stats panel into their own panel.

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    Tell changes and Multiple Monitors

    Multiple Monitors
    It would be fantastic if AO could support dual/multiple monitors.

    Then we can have low priority windows like Missions, Wear, and chat etc on a separate screen.

    I would like Chat window to work on a toggle. Press say Tab to toggle between game window and chat window.

    And also the mouse can be clicked on the game window or clicked in the chat window to switch between the two.

    separate Team chat window
    having separate chat windows would be great too, for say teams

    people in a team can then talk to each other without shopping channels etc spamming and having to scroll back to read what team members said.

    /tell changes
    For "/tell" why not allow characters names to be double-clicked on? then it would open up a message box where you can type your message and press Return to send

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    Talking resizeable gumps for all (kinda off topic)

    While making chat window resizeable, why not make all the gumps resizeable too?

    the Trade windows, the bank windows and especially the Inventory windows!

    (hmm 3 mentions of the word windows in one sentence! Hope Microsoft dont sue me like they tried to sue

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    Resizing the info window is very very appreciated.
    Being able to change font size and chat color is very nice too.

    Keep it on and let us move / resize all windows asap.

    Is there a way to have chat window fully transparent and still be able to click text of nanos / items to get infos ?
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    Or another one, I know you can move the order of the windows to the right. AKA the wear window to the bottom and the Stats to the top. But does anyone know of a way to make them sticky and stay in their positions after you quit and come back?


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    Question not sure if it was asked before

    IMHO it would be great to have web-based access to inventory and trading. What do you think about it ?

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