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Thread: Spirits, all about them

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    Spirits, all about them

    Originally posted in this thread by Yo****aka.Minor changes by ShadowMaw

    Spirit Mob Locations
    (Spirit mobs are mean and have a scary DoT, so bring a friend if you're not atleast the same level as the mobs)

    Level 10: Temple North of Jobe Bridge
    Level 30: From misty forest, run west across the bridge, and zone into research, then follow the left wall south till you see the spirits.
    Level 50: Enter the swamp from the unredeemed portal and turn right. follow the wall until you come to a fairly large pool of water. In the water is a little tower with a black door.
    Level 50-65: Dungeon on the Southwest side of the core.

    Level 70: Lake in East Elysium
    Level 80: By the Redeemed town in East elysium
    Level 80ish: Scattered near Ergo's Cave
    Level 80-90ish: Before the Lethe Dungeons
    Level 165ish: Dungeon just SE of the yuttos camp in Central Elysium

    Level 90-110ish: All around Necropolis/Ergo and the Mausoleum in NE Scheol
    Level 100-110ish: Before the Lethe Dungeons

    Level 120-135ish: Saccelum, north of the west brink
    Level 130ish: Before the Lethe Dungeons

    Level 150-165ish: Northeast Penumbra
    Level 160ish: Before the Lethe Dungeons

    Level 195-205: Yuttos marshes and Spirit Dungeons in Redeemed/Unredeemed temples
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    Originally posted in this thread by Xpie.

    Comprehensive guide to spirits

    As you might've noticed, AO is a large game. Invariably, some of the times you may stumble upon might be like this horribly useless submachinegun for instance.

    Applying the same logic, you'd notice that there are a lot of "fluff" spirits that add to no really usable skills.

    To find out what spirits I should be looking for and put the word out on, I went through the database to find the "best" spirits for each slot.

    The spirit system is fairly easy to figure out. Each spirit is prefixed by a title (ranging from Bitter to Wistful) to denote QL. On a side note, aside from the QL210 spirit name, they are in alphabetical order. Also worth mentioning is that not all spirits come in all QLs, and not all variations on a spirit come in all QLs. There are also other indications as to what type of spirit it is.

    Essence: Buffs 1-3 basic abilities (Strength, Sense, etc)
    Knowledge: Buffs nanoskills and nano pool / max nano.
    Strength: Offensively geared spirits. Nearly always good (notable exceptions: Chest & Left Hand)
    Weakness: More defensively geared spirits. Some are quite good, while others are fluff.

    Naming consistency is a bit off, with alternate spellings of Defense among other things. The less common classifications of spirits are Offense/Offence (Strength), Defense/Defence (Weakness), Clear Thought/Insight/True Seeing/Understanding (Knowledge).

    QL	Level	Req	Title
    1	1	3	Bitter
    5	4	12	Blue
    10	8	23	Comfortless
    15	11	35	Depressed
    20	15	46	Despairing
    25	19	57	Discouraged
    30	22	69	Dismal
    40	30	91	Dreary
    50	37	113	Gloomy
    60	44	136	Grave
    70	52	159	Grieving
    80	59	181	Heartsick
    90	66	203	Joyless
    100	73	226	Lonely
    110	81	249	Melancholic
    120	88	271	Miserable
    130	95	293	Mourning
    140	103	316	Nostalgic
    150	110	339	Oppressed
    160	117	361	Pathetic
    170	125	383	Pessimistic
    180	132	406	Pitiable
    190	139	429	Poor
    200	146	451	Rejected
    210	154	683	Dispirited
    220	161	716	Somber
    230	168	749	Sorrowful
    240	176	781	Sorry
    250	183	1063	Tragic
    260	190	1106	Troubled
    270	198	1149	Unhappy
    280	205	1191	Upset
    290	212	1233	Weeping
    300	219	1276	Wistful
    Essence: Intelligence
    Discerning Weakness: Perception, Multimelee, Sneak Attack, Concealment
    True Seeing: SenseImp, PsyMod, Nano Init, Time&Space, Matter Creation

    I'd rate True Seeing as the best normal use one.

    Essence Whispered: Psychic, Intelligence
    Knowledge Whispered: XP%, PsyMod
    Strength Whispered: Perception, Concealment

    Knowledge is by far the best one. Buffs our most useful nano skill, and gives added XP.

    Essence: Intelligence, Sense
    Clear Thought: All Nanoskills, Nanopool
    Offence: Melee Energy, Dimach

    Clear Thought all the way. Arguably our best spirit.

    Essence: Stamina, Sense, Strength
    Knowledge: MatMet, BioMet, SenseImp, Nano Pool, Nano Init, Max Nano
    Strength: Dimach
    Weakness: Melee Ac, Max Health, Energy AC, Body Development (hp), Projectile AC

    Knowledge is a good buffing spirit, whileas Weakness is a must-have for normal combat use.

    Left Arm
    Essence: Strength
    Strength: Brawl, AddAllOff, Piercing, Physical Init
    Understanding: MatMet
    Weakness: Heal Delta, AddAllDef, Radiation AC, Chemical AC

    Strength is the better one, but Weakness isn't all that bad if you can't get Strength.

    Right Arm
    Essence: Strength
    Strength: Piercing, Physical Init, AddAllOff, Riposte, Parry, Fast Attack
    Weakness: Physical Init, AddAllDef, Riposte, Radiation AC, Parry

    Strength is by far the better one. Weakness isn't as strong as its left arm equivalent.

    Essence: Sense, Stamina, Agility
    Knowledge: Nano Cost Modifier, Max Nano, Nano Pool
    Strength: Piercing, Melee Init
    Weakness: Radiation AC, Fire AC, Cold AC, Chemical AC, Projectile AC, Energy AC, Melee AC, Max Health, All Evades (more duck-exp), Body Development

    It's pretty obvious who the winner is here. Weakness covers pretty much every AC, gives more health, and on top of that evades! The Essence spirit also buffs 3 abilities, which is nice.

    Right Wrist
    Offence: Runspeed, Sneak Attack, MultiMelee, Added Radiation, Poison, Melee, Fire, Energy and Chemical damage per hit
    Weakness: Riposte, Parry, Nano Resist

    Offence all the way - Weakness isn't good at all, with Riposte and Parry working the way they do.

    Left Wrist
    Defense: Riposte, Parry, Nano Resist
    Strength: Multi Melee, Runspeed, Added Radiation, Poiston, Melee, Fire, Energy and Chemical damage per hit, Melee Energy

    Strength all the way. No contest.

    Essence: Agility, Stamina
    Defense: All Evades (less on evade-clsc), Poison AC, Melee AC, Energy AC, Max Health, Heal Delta

    Only one non-buffing version here, and it's a pretty good one at that. Defense.

    Right Hand
    Defencive: Cold AC, Fire AC
    Strength: Fast Attack, Martial Arts, Added Poison, Melee, Energy and Chemical damage per hit
    Insight: Time & Space, Matter Creation

    Strength all the way.

    Left Hand
    Defence: Fire AC, Cold AC
    Strength: Fast Attack, Martial Arts

    The left hand is pretty bad compared to the others. Strength seems to be the better here if your weapon uses Fast Attack.

    Defense: All Evades, Heal Delta, Agility, Add All Def
    Strength: Sneak Attack, Physical Init, Concealment, Melee Init, Martial Arts, Add All Off

    It's a toss up on this one. Personally, I think they both have their strong points, but I would go with the Defense one. Defense is also one of the few non-Essence type spirits to buff an ability.

    In short, the best all around normal use spirits:
    Eye: Spirit of True Seeing
    Ear: Spirit of Knowledge Whispered
    Head: Spirit of Clear Thought
    Chest: Heart Spirit of Weakness
    Left Arm: Left Limb Spirit of Strength
    Right Arm: Right Limb Spirit of Strength
    Waist: Midriff Spirit of Weakness
    Right Wrist: Spirit of Right Wrist Offence
    Left Wrist: Spirit of Left Wrist Strength
    Legs: Spirit of Defense
    Right Hand: Right Hand Strength Spirit
    Left Hand: Left Hand spirit of Strength
    Feet: Spirit of Strength / Spirit of Defense

    I hope this helped. At first I found these names completely confusing, and having looked at all of them now I can understand why. There is no consistency to the naming.

    Regardless, if you agree with my choices you at least now know what spirits to look out for
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    Spirit Twinking

    Sense/Agi twinking items:

    Full set of Kirch armor:                         +30 s / +30 a (6 parts)
    2x Anything:                                      +4 s /  +4 a
    2x Bloodlust QL200:                              +60 s /  60 a 
    Rat Catcher Goggles                               +8 s /  -  a
    Personalized Basic Robot Brain QL 170ish:        +13 s /  -  a
    2x Ring of Divine Teardrops QL 200ish:           +50 s / +30 a
    Pitiable Midriff Spirit of Essence:              +28 s / +19 a
    Pitiable Essence Brain Spirit:                   +19 s /  -  a
    Pitiable Heart Spirit of Essence:                +46 s /  -  a
    Rejected Spirit of Feet Defense:                  -  s / +31 a
    Shade buff "Prowler":                             -  s / +80 a
    Other buffs (Boost/ES):                          +27 s / +12 a
    Total:                                          +285 s / +266 a

    Omni-Armed Forces / Superior Sentinel Boots +9 a
    Omni-Armed Forces / Superior Sentinel Pants +10 s
    2x Notum-Infused Silvertail Dagger +4 s / +4 a
    2x Extra Hard Compressed Blade +16 s

    Probably forgot something here.. Please refresh my mind
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    I absolutley cannot find the area west of misty forest for the level 30 spirits. in fact, i cant even find misty forest. i have been all around misty dreams border, and cant find it. can anyone give me some directions?

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    Open this page, find which playzone you want to find out about and click it. For your case find the Nascense map

    If you look just south of Jobe Research, there are a red dot.

    This is where the lvl 30 spirits are.
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    Rarity rating?

    I still have not found any eye spirit at all, so I guess I'll buy one when I'm bored camping.

    The things I stumble upon most seem to be Midriff and Heart. Then there's almost all the rest: Whispered, Brain, Right Hand, Right Limb, Legs, Left Limb.

    So far Uncommon would be: Feet, Left Hand. Additionally Knowledge is dropping less commonly than Essence for instance.

    Once in a blue moon as far as I'm concerned is only eye, remaining yet to be seen dropping.

    Is this general and do various body parts with/without a tag combo have an increased/decreased chance of dropping in your experience?
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    The spirits at:

    Level 90-110ish: All around Necropolis/Ergo and the Mausoleum in NE Scheol

    They drop QL 59-113 spirits.

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    Level 70 Spirits are also in the back of the dungeon at Nero. Its a good spawn too.

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    Is there any logic to wich type of spirit a mob drops, not ql or placement, but which buff type spirit.

    When using spirit siphon, can you by hunting different types of mobs decide wich spirits to get?
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    One spot in Scheol that has an abundant amount of spirit-type MOBs is the dungeon in Upper Scheol that is NE of the redeemed village and south of the incarnator. From what I've seen, level 100-115 spirit MOBs (piping, voluminous, radiant) inhabit the place (along with some spiders and koalaanas). Good place to hunt for insignias too. Note also that these particular spirits cast a nasty DoT (225 dmg per tick), so solo'ing 2 at a time at level 100'ish w/o outside buffs isn't advised.

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    I just want to say that I think this is an EXCELENT guide to spirits! I'm a new shade and know nothing about them, and this really explained a lot.
    Thanks a ton man!

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    70ish spirits in dungeon in Eutopolis in Ely also. Found a lot there.

    Wizz, I'm having the same problem, only I can't find a head either!! Is it possible that some spirits only drop if you use a spirit syphon? Cause I've been farming higher spirits with my keeper main. Is that just absurd, or could it have something to do with my lack of finding eyes/heads?
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    I've seen a few Shades who just pick up the Spirits they "want" at the moment for their character and after talking to a guildmate of mine (Thanks Darkvampire) he said to keep everything you find because you never know later on when you'll need a bunch of buff Spirits to put something on... a spare piece of armour etc. So keep everything you find and save the goodies in your bank.
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    That is true. Since they're all unique, you'll only ever have one of each anyway, so you may as well keep a library of spirits. personally i organise them into Strength/Offence spirits, Weakness/Defence spirits and Essense/Knowledge spirits. I just grab the relevant bag depending if i want to buff piercing/damage potential, tanking potential or stat/nanoskill buffing.

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    threw together a quick spreadsheet of what spirits are available at what QLs. dont have time to make DB links to every single spirit in there. but here it is:
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    I keep the highest level of each type of each slot in a bag, and pass the ones I outgrow down to my lower level orgmates... works well
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    can i get a big ol BUMP fer this one? lol i wasted like an hour trying to make my own table lol... knew that there had to be one around her somewhere =)


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    Quote Originally Posted by randin
    can i get a big ol BUMP fer this one? lol i wasted like an hour trying to make my own table lol... knew that there had to be one around her somewhere =)

    actually, It is in the "Assorted Shade guides" rooted at the top
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    Thumbs up

    pump for a great guide
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    Coords for spirits

    I found the spirits at around 677x319

    Looking at the map thers Arrival and to the south is the edge of the world. They are 3/4 the way down between these points.

    While walking along the ledge you see the Arrival area, a litle bit after seeing this you go up over the mountains.

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