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Thread: Current MP Buglist

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    Current MP Buglist

    Process for adding a bug to the buglist.

    First of all, dont post anything you have the least su****ion about could be an exploit. Send it to, dont even PM it to the professionals.

    Second, send a bug report to FC ( You can find a bug report template in How to report bugs and other useful information, though some of it is test-live specific, like the e-mail addresses. Be sure to include as much info as possible, so FC can reproduce and fix the bug.

    This thread will contain a few prioritized lists of bugs, like bugs specific for MPs, generic bugs affecting MPs and there will also be a list of possible bugs, meaning someone have a su****ion regarding a bug, but cant reproduce it, so its listed here for others who see something similar or to try to track it down.

    It's a closed thread so that it cannot be posted to. Instead, the professionals watch out for bugs that come up in the MP board. It is added to the MP buglist by the professionals.

    The reason that this will be a closed list edited by the Professionals is that we'd like to have a resource for the Community Team, the Design Team and the Dev Team to access, where they won't have to read through pages and pages of debugging. Instead, they can get a quick and easy overview of bugs, extra debug info and their priority. Just because we have a priority, doesnt mean FC will fix them in that order.

    If you have found a new bug you will like to see added to the MP buglist, start a thread named MP BUGLIST: <bug here>. Please just put one bug in each thread so that extra debugging, if needed, is as focussed as it can be. Add your bug report which you sent FC, or as much info as possible if you are not sure if it is a bug at all or how to reproduce it, etc.

    In that thread people should add:
    - any additional info they find regarding the bug.
    - bug priority input
    - anything which can help FC fix the bug as soon as possible and/or other MPs try track it down.

    Some bugs will get its own post, with all the debug info collected so far, for others to help debugging. This will mainly be for bugs not fully debugged yet. These will be linked in from the main bug lists, for easy access.
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    How to write bug reports

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    MP Specific Bugs
    1. The new SL pets are more sensitive to lag/sync issues than the old RK pets. Especially seen at tower battles due to heavy lag, where the pets stop responding to commands. Suspecion about an earlier increased resync rate, has not been ported to the new SL pets, making them more susceptible to sync issues caused by lag.

      Found a way to reproduce this outside tower battles, and its very reproducable, 100% when I tried it. Joined a couple of NTs (lvl 195 and 201, later it was only the lvl 201 NT which was left, but same result) area nuking the spirit temple, in Penumbra Valley (entrance at 2425x2400, RK2), for novictum. Start outside, run down to other end of temple, to front of the stairs to second floor. The NTs area nuke (using Kel's Neutronium Plaything) all the way down the hallway to aggro spirits. At the area in front of stairs everybody run in a circle, to reduce dmg, while NTs keep area nuking. During the entire session the pets dont react to any commands at all (Using both command line terminate and macro attack/heal/follow commands). After the last spirit is dead, it takes a few min before the pets start to do what you have commanded them to do during the entire battle or any new commands, looks like commands have been buffered. While pets stay unresponsive we have no problems looting spirits etc, no sign of lag at all, at least for my part. And heal pet works normally after recast (always died during the running), can command it around heal various ppl, this is still while the other two pets show no sign of reacting at all. Only thing pets do while we are running,is follow me and heal pet heals me. Gave them the commands before the session.

      Not sure why the pet commands just get buffered and then executed much later. The attack/mezz pet even remember the target (if not dead already) when they start responding again. My guess is that pet commands have the lowest priority during heavy data traffic between client and server (I have a 400kbit DSL connection).

    2. Pet pathing inside missions seems to be flakey again - reported to be problematic at some hecklers hunting spots and in uneven terrain too. Pets are in general too slow compared to its owner, usually falls far behind outdoors.

      Might work better if pets had a dynamically determind speed, meaning have same speed as the owner at some distance like 10 m and slower if they are closer than that and faster if they are further away (the further the pet get behind the faster they should run). As it looks now they run too fast when close by meaning they kind of rubberbanding on you and get into trouble that way.

      Tests on flat road showed that pets need at least 15% more base speed. So maybe around 50% extra compared to the owner when they are too far behind.

    3. [New] Pets are rooted by almost any snare. Only the very lowest QL snares (those which do 100 or less runspeed debuff) do not root the highest level pets.

    4. Healpets defaults into "guard" mode which will make it attempt to defend their owner by trying to attack, potentially leading into flagging situations.

    5. [Still valid in] Mezz/Heal pet can get into a "stuck/frozen at zone border" mode. Seen a lot when blitzing due to lots of aggro on pets and lots of zoning. Best way to get pet out of that mode is recast of pet(s).

      To reproduce: Basicly get a mob to attack the mezz/heal pet and zone while the pet is aggroed. This will take the pet into a "stuck/frozen at zone border" mode. To see whether its immobile just run away from pet.

    6. Quantum Wings started dropping again a while back when you zoned, if you were relying on buffs/item buffs to cast the wings in the first place.

      Looks like the only thing which is added before the QW playshift check are Perks. Not towers, buffs, items.

    7. Ken-fi has no effect on attack pet's dmg.

    8. When creating boons, sometimes a mishap will happen between client and server, making your client think that the boon you just charged is in one slot in your inventory, while the server thinks it's in another. This is only fixable by zoning/relogging.

    9. [Still valid in]In the pet window the heal pet can lose its "Heal" button which is replaced by an "Attack" button.

      To reproduce: Cast a attack pet and a healpet. Put healpet on wait, run out of sight of healpet (healpet's bar go black in pet window), terminate attack pet (which is still by your side), and the heal pet have got its "attack" button instead of a "heal" button. Zoning/recast fixes the button. If needed: I used belamorte and Transendent enmity, cast order didnt matter, was in Tir backyard 11 training yard.

    10. [Still valid in]Pet warp doesnt reset heal pet command. If the heal pet heals someone and you do a pet warp, then as soon as the heal pet warps to you it runs/warps back to continue healing.

      Same may apply for the other pets as well for the pet combat warp.

    11. 1HB Creation weapons are not valid 1HB weapons for Quick Bash perk special.

    MP Specific cosmetic Bugs
    1. Sometimes when pet returns from out of range its health bar will stay greyed out.

    2. When pets go out of range and then come back into range, some of the pet's buffs will often appear greyed out, as though they're about to run out, even when they're at nearly full duration.

    3. [Still valid in] When casting nanos with long cast time, and you execute either spirit of blessing or purity, the nano cast simulation stops, you only have the cast bar to indicate that you are still casting the nano. This at least from you own point of view. Dont know how other see it.

    4. [Still valid in] Faithful MP shoulder pad, left shoulder, is not positioned correct (at least on female nanomage).

      Chosen shoulders are positioned right on a nanomage male.

      By wearing Tank Armor (like a High-Quality Heavy Tank Armor) at the same time, makes it obvious that shoulderpads are misplaced.

    5. [Still valid in] Quantum Wings doesnt have a nano casting effect.

    Generic Bugs that impact MPs
    1. Some perks specials invisibly select you as they complete but if that happens at the same time as you release a nano the nano will land on you instead of your intended target. e.g. you might end up casting NSD on yourself.

    2. [Still valid in] When trying to cast a program you get the "Cannot Execute. Wait for current program to complete" message even when you haven't cast anything.

    3. A flagged MP can have his/her pets charmed without flagging the player doing the charming.

    4. Interrupt modifiers in symbiants have wrong sign. Interrupt modifiers in Control/Support/Extermination symbiants are negative modifiers instead of positive. In other words, instead of being -InterruptModifier, they need to be +InterruptModifier. Right now, the symbiants are debuffing the wearer. Can compare the NCU Coolant Sink's or One Mind, One Purpose (MP buff, which had the same issue, fix now) modifier with the interrupt modifier in Intelligent Chest Symbiant, Control Unit Aban, for example.

    5. Might just not be implemented. Colors in pet names. Need to make them all the new chat system <font> tags and retire the old tags. Also when done, make sure the formatting tags don't get taken into account for the length of the pet's name, or we'll all be stuck with 5 letter pet names.

    6. After dieing, at reclaim you risk the pets despawn, after around 2 min, if you dont give them a command or zone. When you arrive to reclaim the pet might greet you (eg. ": Metaing's pet, Tumulten: I'm so glad you're back! "). If not they despawn after around 2 min. Doesnt matter if you move around or not. Those pets who didint greeted you will not follow you, unless you zone or give them a command. Cant see the greetings from the SL pets due to they dont talk, but applies to the RK pets.

      Original reported by Engies, but also applies to MP pets.

    7. [Still valid in]Pet swim speed. MP pets (and most likely the other profs pets as well) looks to have min swim speed (around same speed as when walking), and not the owners swim speed.
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