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Thread: Large Player Structures - Organisations!

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    Angry hmm

    Well here's my problem with FC doing anything "really" to the guild names...

    I lead the Dust Brigade on Ka2. We were just a normal guild... just kinda of lvling our people when we heard news of the bombing...
    Let me tell you... It made the game about tenmillion times interesting for meas a member of that guild (i was not leader at the time)
    It became so interesting that the guild split and half of the members left and made Pax.
    The leader (wabben) left to lead them.
    We split because i wanted to enjoy the RP created by FC Throwing us in the Storyline.
    Granted we never asked for it.. but hey it happened, adn the guild was there b4 FC had the bombing happen and the NPC's running around town...
    those NPC's saved a few of our member's butts in MMD a few times...
    And now the Dust Brigade has done it's research.. and We are trying to live up to be the terrorists FC has made us into...
    We gank...
    We cheat
    We steal
    We plant bombs...
    we are not nice people.
    But everyone loves us.

    so hey I know for a fact that if FC made us change our name... there would be that many people gone from the game... I would quit and i know quite a few others would to...
    FC doesn't want to lose MORE money...
    These storyline guilds might be massive on KA 1
    But not on KA2
    (as far as i know)
    I would not however be opposed to having to call my people to order becuase an ark came to me and said, hey btw you have to be in Omni -ent to place a bomb..
    Or, you're needed in MMD to **** some omni's
    As long as we get to keep our name...
    We have fought long and hard over this and if FC takes it...
    I can't even say how livid i will be...
    For those of you who aren't in a Storyline guild or the peeps who don't run storyline guilds as the storyline dictates.. then i'm sorry then yes they should be either talked to by a GM or ARK, and brought into line...
    If they dont come into line with what FC wants them to do.. then yeah they should beforced to change thier name...
    But only if they refuse to follow the storyline FC has already made..
    FC has said on many occasions that the storyline is fueled byt the people who play...
    I follow the ways of the Dust Brigade inthe past..
    and i will continue to do that...
    SO.. there's my two cents
    93 Fixer,
    President of the Dust Brigade
    Ka 2

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    Hmmm, I supported options that would not destroy an org or part of it if FC did nothing, and FC does nothing. But I figured its better not to get flamed for something that wouldn't happen anyway.. The first suggustion would even allow orgs to keep RPing even if FC didn't do much more.

    What will happen with the ideas Gaute suggusted, if anything?

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    Wish they had those when i was a president

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    Can we please hear some more about this Gaute or Cosmik?

    I love the idea of offical Omni, Clan and Neut organisations. Have you all had a chance to think this through some more?

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    Wink guild names

    FC, could simply put a marker on player referance info if there in a storiline guild. Like a star or somthing.
    then give em orders if they dont play acording to storieline take away there star and FC can start another guild same name with star no need to take anyones name just need a marker

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    Well, I ain't going to go into the names things...but I can think of a few things which guilds, partically the larger ones desperatly need:

    MOTD a message of the day feature, would be so handy for getting news across to members. Others have said it, and well, it is good.

    Emergency Message A big annoying totally un ignorable message sent by the higher ranks to call members together quickly in case of an emergency. Kinda like a big nasty annoying bleeper to get there attention - a more uber annoying version of the MOTD.

    Control, the Pres should have the ability to demote and promote people without them being present. The shear amount of trouble that causes not being able to do it is insane.

    Recruit Cards so that not only highest ranks have the ability to recruit people. Maybe something like a Join Clan/OT card but it tied to an organisation so people can click it to join. This would mean that people need to use them wisely but surely other members can(?).

    War or the ability to declare it. Leader one clicks player from other org, types /org war declare...Leader two gets a message saying "Guild X wishes to declare war on you", they then type /org war accept and hey presto, the two guilds are at it

    Alliances are on a similar idea to war, accept that it means both guilds don't tab each other up and so can work as a unit more easily. Maybe /org alliance declare/accept/break?

    Guild Houses is something I know is planned, and yes there is more important things need fixing first...but it still should be on the list.

    Org Inventory as something where the org has a massive place to store armour etc, nanos and various other things for its members. Different users could be assigned privlidges such as that of org armourer so they and the Advisors/Pres are the only ones directly able to access the Armour, or maybe if they are the guild nano keeper, only the guilds nanos? Maybe tied into Guild Housing so that they can be stored in something that resembles a standard shop terminal?

    Taxes maybe get another idea, instead of a fixed amount payable by all levels every hour, how about able to set it also as a percentage of the level they are. So if set to 10%, a lvl 200 pays 20creds every hour say, yet that poor lvl 10 pays only 1 cred. Or maybe a way to set it according to title level?

    Well, just a few things that I know I would love to see from what I've learned running this nut ball bunch of people. Might dream up more but for now thats the list
    Major "Nyadach" Prabel
    Neutral and proud of it!

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    Guild Houses

    On the guild houses, here's some things I'd like to see...

    Player apartments. We're going to have much more attatchement to our guild houses than we do do our old noob backyard... I know I'd be more likely to use my apartment if it were in my guild house.

    Guild shops/banks. Absolutely a necessity. My guild is a small one, but with the few of us it's still hard for one or two designated bank mules to keep up with the guild's "stuff". I'm more interested in banks, because I give away a lot of stuff, and it's no problem to keep track of the few things valuable enough that I'd sell it. I think a minimum low-level basic guild house should have one bank for each guild rank (except president, since that'd be about the same as a personal bank). I'd only want it that way so that I could put stuff in the member bank (Republic org), and keep a bad-apple applicant from cleaning it out.

    I also have a suggestion for guild chat. In my guild, I try to promote RP without requiring it. The bad thing is, if you say guild chat is OOC, that hinders RP, and if you say guild chat is IC, that alienates the non-RPers, and makes it harder to get OOC help from guildmates. It'd be nice if each guild got two channels, one for IC, and one for OOC.


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    I personally like the idea of being in my current guild but I also like the idea of being in a storyline department. Some departments are specialised like omni-med or omni-internops which would make it difficult for a guild comprised of varying professions to be aligned with that department. So for me I would much rather be aligned with internops and in my guild, leaving my doc guildmate to align with omni-med, my soldier guildmate to align with omni-pol, and so on.

    Think of guilds as being the army(omni-AF) and departments being specializations(omni-med, omni-internops, omni-pol). A seperate mission computer to do missions for your department. These missions would be designed to cater to players' desired playstyles based on the department of their choosing.

    This way guilds would be loose organisations of friends willing to help each other out...but still be largely independent from funcom control. Storyline departments would be more restricted if you will and possibly even push you into certain situations based on your departmental affiliation of your choosing.
    Graxulus Solitus Soldier Atlantean (RK1) - Current Main
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    Perused rather hurredly all the responses to this thread, and really the original post.
    However, the thing that struck me is the sub department idea, your guild is then Omni-Med(supdept236) or Assassins(Align Omni-Pol, subdept 276) whatever. This should allow all extremes to be catered for. I'd still like totally renegade to be an option.
    bleh im waffling.

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    Abunari, that is a GREAT idea. Funcom should add an org function which will align your "organization" with a "company". The organizations with the official names would have to change their names, but they could still choose to be a division of the "company".

    Oh, and to the Dust Brigade president...did you say that the guild was there before Dust Brigade was part of the story? If so then you should not have to change your guild's name because Funcom decided to make it part of the storyline.
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    Give us a Guild Stash! Something like a bank but one that can be accessed by a number of persons as decided upon by the Org. This would be the most useful thing you could implement. It can be a real pain trying to pass equipment around guild members.


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    Did you all forget your brains at the reclaim or what?

    "What a great idea! We could choose to align ourselves with a *company*!"
    Last time i checked that was kinda one of the two viable SIDES on the planet... You know, one that you already hopefully chose?
    hint: Omni-Tek

    "The organizations with official names would have to change their names"
    Yeah grand idea, FC sure has done alot for those departments that havn't been used by players with their here-today-gone-tomorrow ltcs... Now and then they have story characters supposedly "from that department" pop in for one reason or another, usually to walk around and use emoticons, but they never do any work or get anything accomplished.

    "Can we please hear some more about this Gaute and Cosmik?"

    Gaute=Guy that's spent the last 6 months smoking pot instead of working on a story.
    Cosmik=Dead weight, being carried by Cz.

    "Give us a STASH!" (something like that)

    We had one at one time... use the command /org contract
    Yet something else included in the game that doesn't work, mainly because orgs used it to store their stuff in an item-bank way earlier in the game, then they shut it down.
    Supposedly you put "Organization" dealeys like the common 1handed blunt weapon advantage in it and POOF everybody in your org get's the plus to their apropriate skills.
    Of course, they couldn't have people capitalizing on the mismanaged code to use it as a guild vault of sorts though so now you can only put the advantages in it... and this may shock you, but they don't work either.

    You're all just propagating the pattern that these things follow in your modest and honorable suggestions, but if there are to be changes made, this isn't going to bring those changes about.

    The Dev team doesn't read these posts.

    These forums are here simply to keep people occupied and from rioting. Hop off of the treadmill hampsters and rattle your cage.
    pres. Ted Shakkles Ganes

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