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Thread: Guide to High level encounters and what damage types to use.

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    Post Guide to High level encounters and what damage types to use.

    The idea here is for us to at least use the knowledge we have so far and try to find what the best type of damage is to use in various high level encounters and situations we find ourselves in as we approach 200 and beyond. Please submit any information you have. Most of this info will be from personal experience and may vary.

    As of right now this list is very incomplete since it has been a long time since I have done most of these raids.

    Unique Encounters -- 18 hour spawns
    Tarasque -- Chemical Damage or Melee whichever does more for you.

    *Most of the other 18 hour spawns have such short life spans that it is rather difficult to say what damage type is the best, but input is more than welcome.

    Unique Boss Encounters -- Activated Chain Spawns

    Hollow Island
    *On the whole I've found Chem to be the best here. You'll do min on most brutes and champs past the first few rounds however so you should use a damage type that your min is highest with.

    Ian -- Energy Damage
    Pat -- Energy Damage
    Ris -- Fire Damage
    Nelly -- Chemical Damage
    Peter -- Chemical Damage

    Other Unique Boss Encounters
    Agent Lamb -- Melee
    Poly --
    Ljotur --
    The Pest --
    OE/OI -- Melee
    Notum soldier/trainee --
    Fiery soldier/trainee -- Chemical Damage or Melee
    Diamondine soldier/trainee --
    The One --
    General Kronillus --
    General Vivyane --
    General Nirtox --
    Mantis Queen --
    Supply Master Eel -- Melee
    Supply Master Smug -- Melee
    High Commander Fredrickson --
    General Khaeler(sp?) Jr. --
    Jack the Legchopper -- Fire Damage

    General leveling encounters --
    RK missions -- Fire Damage
    Hecklers (up to and including 210) -- Chemical Damage

    High Level Shadowlands Encounters --
    Faction Bosses in Penumbra --
    Faction Bosses in Inferno -- Seems to vary from person to person, but overall the consensus is: Fire Damage
    Xark and Razor -- Fire Damage
    Ice Golem -- Fire Damage

    *We've done next to nothing other than kill yard trash in here on RK2 so I'm relying on all you RK1 folks for info here

    *** A note on most of the high level encounters-- The majority of these high end SL encounters you will only hit for min damage against and all that really matters damage wise is what type of damage you have more buffing for. So take all this information with a grain of salt.
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    These can also vary greatly person to person since each setup is different. Here's some I just happen to have written down that work best for me though:

    Supply Master Eel: melee
    Ian Warr: Energy
    Patricia: Energy
    Nelly: Chemical
    Peter Lee: Chemical
    Ris Lee: Fire

    Also Mordeth in Inferno, a lot of people say use chem, but for me Fire damage actually does more damage. Using the equivelant arul bracers and everything, fire still is ~100ish pts more damage for me. Even energy does more damage than chem, and is only 13pts less damage than Fire for me, I'd assume it's because of my RBP/symbiants.
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    Strangely enough, I`ve found Melee to do more damage on Tara than anything else, tested both Chemical and Fire on her, and Melee does more damage for me on her. Gonna test it again....if I can..
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    Agent Lamb - melee
    Melee works the best on this one after my experience

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    I tend to prefer chem on tara since when she gets zerg rushed there is at least an nt or two that throws up lick of the pest. But yah, alot of this stuff can depend on personal preferance.

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    Good idea

    Pandemonium unique mobs have so insane AC, I've yet to do anything but minimum damage on any of them - even with trader ac drains + agent and MA perks.
    It will be interesting to see if the new trader nanos will be enough.

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    This is a very good thread. I've been askin myself what type of damage is best against these uniques a lot lately.
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    change hecklers to all hecklers. I hit 235-240 hecklers for 3.5-3.6k crits with variable normal hits with chem fists while i hit for 3100 crits with heighten fight or any other dmg type.

    as for the other 18 hour spawns, the best damage type is to use another character that has full auto and burst or aimed shot=P

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    Originally posted by Raynefists
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    if you insist

    also just wanted to add that for the most part in SL as well you want to use fire fists not only b/c it seems to be a lower AC generally, but b/c just about everyone will have Dragonfire to use. now these mobs might not get as much play XP/SK-wise as hecklers, but given all the questing and camping in SL, you are sure to fight a good variety of mobs.

    one major exception I saw just today tho were the tempterus (sp?) birds, who seem to have high fire ac, but very low melee ac.

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    One of my recommendations on the mobs which seem to have No Ac Holes is to use fire, because if you + other MA's are using Dragonfire thats -2k Ac's and approx +200dmg.

    I find Cama in penumbra is like this, and seems to have pretty much even acs. Fire I think tends to be a little better, but even more so when you get those perks in.

    Yes, when LOTP is being landed Chem is often a good choice on certain encounters.

    I have taken the oppourtunity (for PvP reasons) to list 'Uber' Armour AC holes (only the armour, not other items)

    Armour - Weakness

    Omni Armed Forces - ColdAC is aprox 1.4k less than all other dmg types, a Dmg type we can do ChemicalAC -300 AC's over the rest.

    Azure Reveries - The lowest of the Ac's we can do are Chem, Melee and Fire only by -50 Though

    Superior Sentinals - Has a Fire Defeciency of a shade over 1k Over the other AC types

    Dragon Armour - 3.2k All around, Defo a Fire Fist situation.

    Not quite the resuts I wanted to see, but interesting none the less, For PvP it still seems to mean the same, Fire Fists all the way. Especially with Dragonfire. This ties in well because Fire is also the best Versus an Enforcer, that rage is going to help you eat thru those layers.

    Un-fortuneately Dmg types in SL are much more widespread, I am SO stuck on what dmg type to chose for some Arul Saba bracers, Fire is going to be much more usefull on RK fomr a PvP perspective, but versus Hecklers We really have to use Chem.

    This is a time where I wish we had our Cold AC Fists.
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    In SL for me I usually go fire fists most of the time too, but some things I've found to hit harder against: Spirits and Unredeemed mobs I usually hit harder using Energy damage.
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    Just took down Jack the Legchopper: Fire Damage is best by a MINIMAL margin, with Chemical close behind and Melee last.
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    chemical on K jr works best. and Its spelled Kaehler , its german I think =p
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    Slightly off topic, but in the general direction. That is, may be useful sometimes to modify the damage types according to what profs you have present. So here's a list of AC debuffing perks and what profs use what. Durations and recharges included to give some idea on how often they can be running. Obviously not all of these will be common (can be in little used perk lines, have poor chance of landing and suchlike).
    Not a lot of debuffs target MA usable damage types except Dragonfire and Napalm Spray. On the other hand soldiers are pretty common as professions go and ones who have maxed out heavy weapons can land it fairly reliably.

    AC debuffs used by the various professions:

    Agent: Soften up. 4k All ACs. 18 sec duration,120 sec recharge.
    APS, 2k all ACs. 22 sec duration,60 sec recharge.

    Engineer: Deconstruction, 8k All ACs with full line. 24 sec duration, 25 sec recharge.(!)

    Martial Artist: Dragonfire FireAC debuff. 2k FireAC.20 second duration,60 sec recharge.
    Flesh Quiver 4k All ACs, 20 sec duration 60 second recharge (duh).

    Shade: Doom Touch, 2.8k All ACs. 32 second duration, 75 second recharge.
    Ethereal Touch, 2.9k All ACs. 40 second duration 38 second recharge.

    Soldier: Napalm Spray, 8k FireAC debuff. 26 sec duration, 120 sec recharge.

    Trader: All ACs, nano. Varies by nano.
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    Tchu: Whatever you can get the most +dmg mods for. Don't think I've ever landed Dragonfire on him.

    Fred: Chemical. Easily out crits other damage types by several hundred points. And over a thousand if LOTP is cast on him.
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    on the 230 hecklers in inferno:

    for did highest min..if soldier in team...let him run heighten fright and go melee...was a 70 point jump in dmg for me.

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    Originally posted by celestiness
    on the 230 hecklers in inferno:

    for did highest min..if soldier in team...let him run heighten fright and go melee...was a 70 point jump in dmg for me.
    this has been my experience as well, and it is basically b/c 230 hecks have even ACs, whereas if you look at decreasing levels of hecklers, the chem AC steadily declines. I did some testing myself to gather data for Jayde, and for the 4 dmg types we can manage with our fists, only chem is different from the others. Here are the basic stats that resulted:

    220 Heckler: 12,730 Chem AC, 15,160 Other ACs
    210 Heckler: 9,920 Chem AC, 15,160 Other ACs
    200 Heckler: 7,110 Chem AC, 15,160 Other ACs

    You'd think the other ACs would scale down a bit too, but surprisingly they do not. By the time you get to the 200s, the other ACs are more than 2x the chem, making chem the clear choice.

    Against the 230s tho, it depends on the situation. I recently had my 4-gem bracelets made, and chose chem dmg b/c of the heckler situation, so thats a constant +164 chem dmg there. if I go fire, i would theoretically get the +200 dmg/hit from Dragonfire for 19/60 secs, but when i used it i could see no difference, meaning the heck's ACs were too high period to just be effected by it (combined with flesh quiver or a trader ac drain it might kick in tho). Or if there is a soldier in your team with heightened/boost fight running melee will get an increase. Either way, basically there isnt too much difference overall against a 230 heck

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    yep...i found that my AC debuffs do squat against alot of the higher lvl mobs with crazy ACs...

    IF i had chem/fire bracers..then maybe those fists would be better..but w/out them..heighten fright seems to help alot...

    was doin i think 951ish dmg with chem...soldier used the higher fright line and my dmg went up to 1032 min dmg per hit..thats a decent increase in dmg.

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    on kjr, this dmg is at lvl 209 with 1700 AR
    meele crits = 3209
    chem crits = 3580
    fire crits = 3212

    chem definately works best (no bracers on atm)

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    I've got a sneaking su****ion that Keahler Jr. and Fredrickson are essentially the same beast, and will be weak to the same damage types, as the Supply Masters Eel and Smug are. Chem definately helps out on Fredrickson.

    Pretty sure the Penumbra faction bosses have straight AC's, as I can't really find a weakness. I use Fire damage, since Stellar Harmony has the highest add dmg mod.
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