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Thread: What skills should I be concentrating on

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    What skills should I be concentrating on

    OK just started my Keeper he's now lv 11 just was wondering what I should be concentrating on in allocating my IP's?Don't want to get to far a realize I goofed.

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    I focus on the ones below. Thos marked with paranthesises I just keep "high enough" and max after skill cap.

    Hope this helpes...

    body dev


    2 hand edge
    fast attack

    melee init
    evade close combat
    (dodge ranged)
    run speed

    Trade skills:
    (computer literacy)

    Nano and treat
    (First Aid)
    Sormllam - keeper
    Sormsneaker - shade

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    thanks for the info it will help alot

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    Regarding the evade close combat, dodge ranged and duck expl. skills.

    After reading a post on the forums, cant remember quite where, it said that hecklers (the mobs we all fight regulary the most) actually has a Ranged AND a Duck Expl. checked attacked. This means its actually necessary to increase this skills to have more defense against hecklers also.

    Seems alot of mobs in SL actually has different types of attacks.

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    Rafters, horrors, hecklers, certain SL minis and dungeon bosses, and several of the sided mobs have either some or all of their attacks check against DuckExp. Those are just the ones I know of from Nascence and Elysium. I am guessing that pattern doesn't change with the later zones.

    Note - I figured this out from levels 98 to 103 by chance. I had gimped along my DuckExp until I hit TL4 and at 99, did a check of mobs crits, misses and overall damage against me. Without changing armor at all, and raising my DuckExp from 156 to 448 with implants and IP, my incoming damage from all three went down noticeably. Most obviously was a large decrease in crits. But going 25/50/75 Agg/Def and then running some more informal testing, I know I got missed a lot more often as well.

    On RK, there are a lot fewer DuckExp type mobs. But we are an SL profession by design, so I raise my DuckExp and it seems to matter.

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    dont forget Nano pool, costs alot to cast those Keeper nanos

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    the best nanos for keeper don't come til about lvl100, so until then theres not much point in raising it very high

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    Necromancy! Whyyyyyyy?!
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    also riposte and parry u should raise a little for some swords require it sword of the illuminated requires them for instance and guard of the gentlemen (i think) of no need to max :P

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