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Thread: Jack legchopper quest for doctor

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    Post Jack legchopper quest for doctors

    Here is what you need to say to quintus romulus:

    How are you?
    Humanoid dna?
    What type of dna?
    Where can you get it?
    I will help
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    Is this effects what jack drop?
    I killed him like 3-4 times didnt droped dna sample yet.

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    No it's just luck if your part drops or not . That's what you tell Quintus Romulus (he's in the big room overlooking the T.I.M. room in Foreman's dungeon btw) after you have the DNA sample.
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    I'll link this to the rooted thread with useful links, nice info.

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    killed jack 2 times again and still didnt drop as you say
    try it if you belive ur lucky its not my day tho

    nice info again btw

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