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Thread: fourth server - PvP

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    fourth server - PvP

    all zones 0%.
    PvP level limits 1-220

    Make the sided guards in citys all lvl 300 and have a 99% reflect like important NPC's for quests so its harder for people to run over a city.

    Tower sites allways in 0% gas.

    I know this has been suggested before, this is just my take on it.

    I think with the profits of shadowlands (well I hope at least) funcom might be able to afford a new server.


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    well I guess 5th server, the test server has got to count for something right

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    6th server: rollback to the patch right before the team mission patch (the patch that ruined ao forever)

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    I think they need an RP server before they get a pvp server.

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    going to lock this one due to, partly, spam. and it sounds like you're being silly.

    anyways, Cz isn't here. thus we cannot expect feedback on this. sounds like you already have an idea as to what's been said before on this idea though.

    Soooo, as usual, questions or comments, PM me.
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