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Thread: Engelens MA Guide

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    Smile Part 1: The Creation

    Engelen`s Martial Artists Guide

    Welcome to my guide for the best and most lovely profession in the game, covering breeds, skills, implants, armor, weapons, perks and more. In short, I hope to have all the information any new MA need to get the basics and be able to enjoy this profession.

    I wish to thank Chronita and Davedread for their everlasting knowledge and service to the Martial Artist Community. My guild and my friends for support and all other MA`s here for everything between heaven and earth about Martial Artists.

    Some of the chapters are on the same page, so the link will only point to that page.

    Part 1: The Creation
    The Creation

    Covers breed choices and skill explanations

    Part 2: The Basics
    Covering the Basics 1

    Covers attack skills, speed, specials and nanos
    Covering the Basics 2
    Covers IP, Skill Priority, Basic Perkguide, Damage and Crit
    MA Skill, AR, Special Attacks and Perks
    How to calculate MA Damage, Split AR, Special Attacks and Perks
    Aspects of being a Martial Artist
    Covers the various roles of being a Martial Artist and a Brief Walkthrough/Title Level Guide

    Part 3: Implants
    Implants and Symbiants

    Implant Schemes and Symbiant Setup

    Part 4: Nanolines
    Primary Nanolines

    Covers Nanoskills which are essential
    Secondary Nanolines
    Covers Nanoskills which aren't essential

    Part 5: Rubi-Ka Equipment
    Rubi-Ka Armor

    Covers Armor sets found on Rubi-Ka, and popular backarmors
    Rubi-Ka Equipment
    Covers various equipment useful for Martial Artists

    Part 6: Shadowlands Equipment
    Shadowlands Armor

    Covers the armor found in Shadowlands useful for Martial Artists
    Shadowlands Equipment & Infantry Ring
    Covers various equipment found in Shadowlands and how to get the Infantry Ring
    Tier 2/3 & Shadowlands Weapons
    Covers how to make Tier 2/3 Armor and Info about Shadowlands Weapons

    Part 7: Alien Invasion
    Alien Invasion Stuff

    How to make BoB, Combined Armor Info & AI Perks

    Part 8: FAQ & Links
    FAQ and Links

    Frequently Asked Questions and links to threads and sites

    The Creation
    Before we start, I`d like to explain a bit. Skills, like "Martial Arts", "Brawl", "Evades" are based upon your "Base Abilities". Base Abilities, are based upon what breed you choose. With this fresh in mind, lets look at the most important skill of all, "Martial Arts".
    Based on 50% Agility, 20% Strength and 30% Psychic, we can now see that if you want to go for max MA skill and Attack Rating, choose a Breed with high Agility, and preferably Strength and Psychic very close.

    I`d like to present a link to an overview of the breedcaps for the different breeds: Breed Cap(Pre 200)

    From that overview, you can see that if you wanna go for the absolute best statwise, choose Opifex. Close second is Solitus with higher Strength and Psychic but lower Agility, with Atrox and Nanomage on Third and Fourth. While a Nanomage may look okay on paper, they are unfortunately too weak and have little HP, and will always be last in terms of MA skills. Remember that if your Evades doesnt hold, you only got your HP, since our heals wont be enough at higher levels. And for Atroxes, the two biggest disadvantages they have(which aren't all that bad), is that they will be slightly behind on nanoskills, and they will also have lower evades.

    So, to conclude the breed, in best order:

    1. Opifex
    2. Solitus
    3. Atrox
    4. Nanomage

    No matter what you choose, the good thing here is that all of these breeds have their good sides, but only Atrox and Nanomages have actually any "lesser" sides. Atroxes have problem with Nanoskills and Nano Pool, but they regain it by having the highest HP of all the MA breeds. Nanomages can easily selfcast the highest MA nanos before any other, and can have a very good Nanopool(which helps healing), but they have a very low HP, and they have lower Evades and Damage than any other.

    I`ll do a little summary of the importance of Base Abilities first, and what they do for us. Since these are dependent on your breed, I choose to not color them:

    Agility - Agility is very important. Its used for Martial Arts, Evades, Armor, Implants and lots of drip off skills. Most MA Armor has this as primary requirement.
    Strength - Strength is also important, Martial Arts is based upon it, and its used for equipping a lot of good armor. Lots of MA Armor requires strength, and is also commonly used for Implants/Symbiants.
    Intelligence - Decent, but not highest priority. The main point with Intelligence is all the drip off points into Nano Skills, which you will need to selfcast the highest buffs at lowest possible level.
    Stamina - The three main advantages of Stamina is equipping armor, increasing Body Development(Max Health) and Implants. Not directly so much affecting Martial Arts, but important for a lot of other things.
    Psychic - Believe it or not, Psychic is an important skill, as it is used for two things, Martial Arts and Nano Pool. If you cannot increase both Psychic and Max Nano, go for Psychic as it gives you more Martial Arts in addition to free Max Nano.
    Sense - Important. The famous MA suits and some old armor uses it. Also used for Drip off into different skills. Physical Init is based 60% on it. All Evades are based on Sense, and treatment and First aid is also based on it.

    Body Development - Important, as it increases your Max Health, and everything that increases your Max Health should be prioritized. More Health means longer survival, its one of the essences of survival when the Evades cant hold.
    Max Nano - Important since the bigger nanopool you have, the more heals you can cast without needing to recharge, and thus, the longer you can stay alive.

    The Following Skills are essential for a Martial Artist. These are the skills you should focus on. They are colored to reflect how much you can increase them per level and the IP Cost. Green is cheap and most gives most points per level, Dark Blue is most expensive and gives least points per level.

    Martial Arts - This is the skill that makes you hit, how hard you hit and what our Attack Rating bases it self on. There is nothing else to say here than max. This is our primary weapon
    Brawl - Primary special attack, with 15 seconds recharge, high damage and chance for stun, this is essential.
    Physical Init - This skill decides how fast you hit. The two reasons why this is so important, is that:
    -Faster Attacks lets you kill the mob fast, and we are among the profession that hits the fastest and hardest.
    -With high Physical Init, you can step down the Agg/Def bar, which again makes you harder to hit.
    Evade Close Combat - Primary Evade skill. Almost all enemies that use Melee Attacks checks against this skill. Max it.
    Dodge Ranged - Secondary Evade skill. Most enemies using Ranged attacks will check against this skill.
    Duck Explosives - Third Evade skill, some enemies checks against this skill.
    Treatment - Very important. Used for using high treatment kits and putting in Implants, this one is important to keep as high as possible.

    The Following skills should follow closely, as they are very important. Especially the four nano skills should be increased as much as possible:

    Biological Metamorphoses - Used to cast Healing, AC Buffs, Fears, Short Time Damage Boosts and Fist Buffs
    Psychological Modifications - Used to cast Evades, Martial Arts, Crit, Init and Brawl buffs
    Sensory Improvement - Used to cast Healing, Evades, Init, Brawl, Crit, Martial Arts, Short Time Damage Boosts and Fist Buffs
    Time & Space - Only used for two things: Casting Crit Buffs and using Nano Kits/Rechargers.
    Dimach - This is the "Killer" Special, which can do a insane amount of damage. Under 1000 Skill it has 30 Minutes Recharge, but as your skill increases the recharge decreases. Wonderful at later levels where the damage goes up and Recharge goes down.
    First Aid - The Extra Heal, both in Healing and Nano Form is very useful. Its also important to be able to Nano Heal a far more nano expensive profession.
    Nano Resist - Used for resisting hostile Nano programs(Such as Nukes, Dots, Snares, Roots and so on)

    Skills you should think about if got IP to spare, is following:

    Parry - Used for two very good MA specials: "Blessed with Thunder" and "Flower of Life".
    Riposte - Mostly required for using "Upon a Wave of Summer".
    Bow - Many MA`s use Bow as a part of their playing style, but usually its limited to Aimed Shots. They are very effective and more versatile in PvP, since they are not limited to close range. If you dont plan to do that, leave this skill.
    Computer Literacy - Used for equipping higher NCU, getting better prices in shops and more. This is normally an important skill, but it is not critical for anything else but equipping Belts and NCU.
    Run Speed - Very nice, especially in Shadowlands. There are many runbuffs though, so you don`t need to max it early on even if its nice.
    Nano Init - For a MA, one of the least important skills. Does not need to be maxed. Most of our nanos have a very short cast time, thus requiring a low Nano Init to Instant Cast them. Even in Full Def, most of the Nanos are casted fast with 5-700 Nano Init.
    Map Navigation - Upgrade this to 130 Points to get all the useful Map Upgrades
    Vehicle Air - Find a low Yalmaha, and you should be able to keep this under 100 Points. By implanting it, you might not need to increase it at all.
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    Part 2: The Basics

    Covering The Basics 1
    This section is meant to be a (hopefully) complete beginner guide for a new Martial Artist. That means, this will cover stuff like what specials to use, how things work, how to play and generally what it takes to play a Martial Artist.

    Misconceptions and Facts about Martial Artists
    Many mistake Martial Artist for being a "Press Q and AFK" Profession, and that's often the reason why some just can't seem to get the MA to work. The truth is, playing a Martial Artist is far more advanced than it seems, there's alot of factors to consider during combat and the amount of roles the MA can play requires a vast knowledge of different playstyles to function properly. Some of those roles includes: Tank, Damage Dealer, Backup Healer, Support Player and Add Control.

    The Martial Artist is a close combat fighter. This means staying very close to the enemy and dealing raw damage while using Evades and healing to survive, instead of the more typical kiting technique of Ranged fighters. Martial Artists further specialize within crits, different damage types and very high evades.

    MA Skill & Weapon
    You don't equip a weapon, the main weapon is the fists. There is no real easy way to see your damage stats, but thanks to Rayne's MA Calculator you can use your MA skill to calculate your "weapon". Unlike other professions who equip weapons, MA's cannot Overequip. You are bound to the weapon decided by your MA skill, while other professions can easily overequip a weapon many QL's above them. This is the reason why MA's fall behind on damage at lower levels.

    However, as you increase in level, your MA skill and weapon will continue to increase constantly, but other professions equipped weapon will stay at the same base damage, so this evens out higher up. The only weak point in the MA damage at higher levels is mobs with very high AC, since the minimum damage is quite low compared to many of the newest SL and AI weapons. In that case, the usage of secondary weapons is common, but more on that.

    As your MA skill increases, the attackspeed changes. To put it very easy, the more MA skill you get, the slower you will hit, therefore its very important to keep your Physical Init skill high, and be aware of how the Agg/Def Bar works. To show this with an example:

    With 200 Martial Arts Skill, your base attack speed is: 1.25 and recharge: 1.25
    With 1000 Martial Arts Skill, your base attack speed is: 1.45 and recharge: 1.45
    With 2000 Martial Arts Skill, your base attack speed is 1.65 and recharge: 1.65

    Your current speed is of course dependent on your Physical Init and your Agg/Def setting, but those numbers should give you an idea of the base weapon damage and speed increase. If you haven't done so yet, try experimenting a little bit with Rayne's MA calculator. It will better show you concrete examples, including how fast you hit at the moment with the amount of MA skill you have.

    This is important to remember, since getting a high skill increase will increase the time it takes for you to hit and recharge. It's also another example that there's more to Martial Artists than meets the eye

    Specials are certain attacks or effects that are triggered in various ways. There are three types of Special Attacks:

    1: Skill Specials
    Skill Specials are decided by the currently equipped weapon. Most MA weapons have Brawl and Dimach as Special Attacks, while for example Adventurer Weapons use Sneak Attack and Fast Attack. These specials have their own type of damage calculations and recharge time, and are activated by pressing the assigned hotkey.

    Brawl - A powerful Special Attack that has a chance to stun the enemy. 15 Seconds Recharge. The standard Hotkey is "B".
    Dimach - A very powerful Special Attack with a high recharge time. Under 1000 Dimach skill the recharge is 30 Minutes, once you pass 1000 Dimach skill the recharge time sinks as your skill goes up. The standard Hotkey is "K".

    2: Item Specials
    Item Specials are objects you can activate, usually located in your Inventory to create a special effect. For Martial Artists, this is normally either a special Martial Artist Attack or the item called Flurry of Blows, but even equipment can trigger special attacks and effects.

    For detailed information about the different Special Attacks available, you can read about them in this part of my guide under part 5.

    3: Perk Specials
    Perk Specials are special attacks you gain from training Shadowlands and Alien Invasion Perks. These are very helpful, and some of them are absolutely necessary in order to survive.

    Because of space limitations in my older posts, I cannot write so much about the perk specials, so I will rather link to them here.

    Spiritual Master Perk Specials
    Displacement Perk Specials

    Disharmony Perk Specials
    Careful in Battle Perk Specials
    Brawler Perk Specials
    Acrobat Perk Specials

    And for detailed Alien Invasion Perk Information, you can read about those here

    Nanos and Nanoskills
    All the Martial Artist Nanos have quite low requirement, nanocost and are easy to understand. Most Martial Artists split up the Nanoskills in two parts:

    Primary/Important Nanoskills
    These include four nanoskills, which are requirements for all the important Martial Artist Nanos. The four skills are:

    Biological Metamorphosis
    Sensory Improvement
    Psychological Modification
    Time & Space

    Those skills must be raised if you want to perform well, and cast the important nanos. The nanolines they cover are:

    Martial Arts Skill Buffs (Increases your Martial Arts Skill)
    Temporary Damage Buffs (Increases your damage output for a short time)
    Critical Increase (Increases the chance of doing a critical hit)
    Evade Buffs (Increases your evades)
    Damage Type Modifier (Changes your damage type into a different one, from e.g Melee to Fire)
    Healing (Very important, used for healing yourself, others and the team)
    And other small buffs like Brawl, Riposte, Runspeed and other nanos

    Secondary Nanoskills
    These includes the two last Nanoskills, and are by most considered relatively unimportant on lower-mid levels, and usually not increased until higher up when you got the IP to spare. The two skills are:

    Material Metamorphosis
    Material Creation

    They mostly cover the less important Nanos, but most of them are quite nice to have on higher levels:

    AC Buffs(AC buff, does not stack with the Engies)
    Give Energy(Gives Nano to Target)
    Martial Artist Team Buff(Increases AC and Damage)

    Nano Init
    Most MA nanos, especially Combat Nanos have a very fast cast time, with a slower recharge time. This means that you need actually very little Nano Init to be able to cast your nanos fast. With Symbiants and Drip offs at higher levels, you get much of the init needed for free. Nano Init does not reduce Nano Recharge time.

    More Info Coming Soon!
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    Part 2: The Basics

    Covering The Basic 2

    IP and Skill
    Martial Artists can be both easy and difficult to build in terms of skill, depending on what your goal is. If you want to be a PvP'er, your skills will often(and usually) go into several skills that you don't need to increase if you're only planning on PvM. When considering that there's only a limited amount of IP Resets available(Listed as IPR in the skill menu), it's important to know what you want to do to avoid regretting choices later.

    A typical PvM setup focuses on the standard skills used for Player versus Monster Combat, where we play on our usual strengths. PvP follows the same skills as in PvM, but usually sacrifices less important skills for other PvP Unique skills. I will list up all the skills that you will usually deal with, to provide you with a guideline of what you need to max and what to prioritize.

    First Priority
    These skills are the most important skills of all. Max before anything. Always focus on these skills.

    Martial Arts, Agility, Strength, Physical Init, Evade Close Combat

    Second Priority
    These skills should be closely increased after the First Prio skills have been maxed, and all of them should be maxed as soon as possible.

    Psychological Modifications, Sensory improvement, Time & Space, Biological metamorphosis, Brawl, Dodge Ranged, Stamina, Psychic, Sense, Treatment, Duck Explosives

    Third Priority.
    These skills are less important for the active playing, and more used for passive skills and requirements. Dimach, Intelligence and Comp Lit should be maxed eventually.

    Dimach, Parry, Riposte, Runspeed, Computer Literacy, First Aid, Intelligence, Nano Init

    Non-Necessary Skills
    These skills are not required to increase, although some of them are nice.

    Vehicle Air, Matter metamorphosis, Matter creation, Map Navigation, Perception

    PvP Recommended Skills
    These skills are not needed for PvM, although if properly used, will of course provide additional advantages. Keep in mind, that the cost of these skills can quickly cost alot of IP.

    Bow, Aimed Shot, Sharp Objects

    There are a few key perk lines that every MA should(And must really) follow, but after that, there are variables of what to choose. I'll try to give a little pros & con for each line, and point out PvP and PvM lines. Unlike many other professions, there's a quite clear cut for MA's what to choose when considering PvM and PvP, as some perks are only useful in one of the situations. This is not a perk guide or detailed perk information, that can be found in the perk sections in the guide, but this is meant to give new players a few pointers what to go for when deciding perks.

    Usage: PvM & PvP
    Pros: Great mods, only 4 points, and the perk specials are very important.
    Cons: No drawbacks.
    Recommendation: Max as soon as you get it.

    Spiritual Master
    Usage: PvM & PvP
    Pros A very important line for the Martial Arts and Dimach skill and the specials it gives.
    Cons: Riposte is only useful for Upon a Wave of Summer, but think of it as a bonus instead of a useless skill
    Recommendation: Max as soon as you get it.

    Kung Fu Master
    Usage: PvM & PvP
    Pros: Even more Martial Arts skill and two great specials. Only costs 5 points.
    Cons: None really.
    Recommendation: Max when you can.

    Careful in Battle
    Usage: Mostly PvP, Some PvM
    Pros: Great way to boost defense, will make you almost immune to crits.
    Cons: Evasive Stance isn't all that good until you get the last few points.
    Recommendation: For PvP, This line is strongly recommended. For PvM, even a few points will be enough to reduce crits.

    Usage: PvM
    Pros: A great perkline for boosting damage, and the lifetap helps too.
    Cons: Only really good once you get to point 9 and 10. Due to the lifetap counting as a second attack, it triggers dual damage shields. In PvM, hardly noticable, in PvP, can be a big pain.
    Recommendation: For PvM, This line is strongly recommended, but only when going the full line. Definitely the line to go for if you're after damage.

    Usage: PvP
    Pros: Makes you completely unstunnable, and adds 25% Root Resist in addition.
    Cons: Almost no use in PvM apart from a few mobs.
    Recommendation: Max in PvP. It will be a lifesaver, and the added Root Resist is big enough to give you a nice chance of resisting.

    Spatial Displacement
    Usage: PvP
    Pros: Gives you almost 50% Root and Snare Resist, including perk specials meant to remove roots/snares.
    Cons: No use in PvM. 10 Perk Points for 45% Root/Snare Resist in PvM is a waste of points.
    Recommendation: Absolutely recommended in PvP. Along with Unstunnable, you'll get up to 70% Root Resist and 45% Snare Resist. And for a Melee User, that's a great way to even the odds.

    Usage: PvP and PvM
    Pros: In addition to increasing Brawl damage, increases the amount of Stunning you can do. With the right equip, you can push Brawlskill beyond 2K, increasing stun duration from brawls with 1 second. 6 Points is a cheap price.
    Cons: Last Perk Special isn't worth it.
    Recommendation: Decent, but not worth maxing it unless you're going all out damage.

    Damage, Crits and Critscopes
    This section was greatly inspired by Kahina, because she reminded me about this very important topic. Thank you for contributing and reminding me about this, it's much appreciated.

    As you might or might not know, the Martial Artist weapon(Fists), scales accordingly and directly to our Martial Arts skill. To put it simply, each time your Martial Arts skill changes, your damage changes accordingly, and unlike normal equipped weapons, the damage increases constantly for each single point of Martial Arts you get(since it would be like going up in QL on normal weapons). However, this is also one of the problems unless you have massive MA skill, since the minimum damage is actually a bit low compared to popular AI weapons.

    A Small example to show the difference in minimumsdamage.

    -QL300 Kyr'Ozch Sword(Requires 2001 2HE): 375-475
    -2001 Martial Arts Skill: 204-831

    Now you might think that the Martial Arts skill is better, and on low AC mobs this is true since you'll easily get up on the high range of the damagescale, but on high AC mobs this situation changes, since you'll find yourself hitting for the
    minimumdamage on each hit. The damage situation would then be something like this(Depending on the AC of the mob):

    -QL300 Kyr'Ozch Sword: 375-375
    -2001 Martial Arts Skill: 204-204

    As you can see, this changes the situation quite radically, thus, it's time to rely on what we do better than anyone else...critting. Critting is the key for doing damage. On low AC mobs, critting will make your damage soar, and on high AC mobs it will be even more important to have as much crit percentage as possible since it allows less of your hits to be normal while most of them becomes crits. This effect on high AC mobs can be solved by using a Blades of Boltar, but not everyone has access to those. I'll cover them in the advanced section.

    One of the most important tools when it comes to critting, is having a good Scope. These days, there are 3 types, 2 of which are quite common and 1 which is slightly rare.

    Gurgling River Sprite
    You can find this in Hollow Island, a raid location in Belial Forest. This is definitely one, if not THE best scope as soon as you can get 500 sense, since you'll gain 5 crit percentage almost without loosing init. The biggest advantage with that, is that you'll simply won't notice the drawbacks of having it on in full def compared to the two others. Secondly, the added mods help too. The disadvantage however, is that it's just 5%, and if you want to get high up on the damage lists, you need to increase that percentage.

    Vision Enhancer
    Easy to get, easy to put on, a nice scope for anyone. The loss of init isn't too bad, and the Aimed Shot bonus helps alot in PvP, which would be the mainly usage of this scope compared to the next one...

    Viral Targeting Subunit
    For pure damage, there's no better choice. 15% Crit at the cost of 500 Init is the best deal of them all, considering that your ideal aggdef setting will be around 25-40%. You'll loose alot of init, but you'll gain it back with the crits, and once you go 1/1 this is unbeatable. The only drawback is the chance of actually getting the 15% one, since it only drops from the Alien Ship Generals, and has a low droprate.
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    /DaveDread (D.A.V.E.D.R.E.A.D.: Digital Artificial Violence and Exploration Device/Replicant Engineered for Assassination and Destruction mohahaha)

    200 Opifex Clanner Gimp - Dinged in Style! (dimached a Virulent Minibull) Finally got my head straight, nothing like a goat helmet to get you in shape again. Oh, and those marks on my forehead (yah, still visible through the helmet, duh)... It was a Motorcycle baby. Really. Ran me over in West Athens while I was working on my tan. Think I look bad? You should see the biker.

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    Thanks for the Sticky Dave, I`ll get some more things added tomorrow, I still got things that will sure be useful

    I found out that this post didnt get updated at all, so blah
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    Nanomage MA

    An addition to Engelens MA Guide;

    as a 92 Nano MA, i experienced how the reclaim terminal became my closest friend.

    -Im low on HP, still fully implanted max health. These implant spots could have been used on better things imao
    - My nanoskill are high, so i can use nanos waaay before others, thus making me stronger and better (i used vs on lvl 60)
    - Im twinked normally, hit hard and fast, and have good AC.

    So im teaming with some friends, all around lvl 100, we roll 140 mishes, no problem in that, we zone in, buff up, looking cool.
    Open door, finds a monster, and start hitting it, MA attack, Brawl, hit, hit, crit, crit..... BAAAMM!!!

    "Your remains will be available in your good pal the reclaim terminal"

    Im so twinked, so buffed up with good nanoprograms, hit so hard i get aggro instantly. And with my tiny Hp-pool, i cant take too many lvl 140 mobs or robots without zoning out to my above mentioned friend.

    So either i have to team up with higher people (and meeting higher mobs), or i have to start fight 10 seconds later than all other.... And get smartass comments from enforcer brutus knocklebraker with ql 200 weapon "hey You sissy MA, why dont you fight?"

    I rather be low on nano than hp, so now i started a atrox MA instead
    220/27/62 Crat | 200 NT | 200 fixer |174/14/42 twink trox nt| 100/12 trader| 60/6 enf|

    Total levels gained since nov 2002 |2500+ |

    7 years to ding 220, any better?

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    nice guide

    cool guide , perfect for new and noob mas alike

    little side note:
    try getting a dragon chest for 200-300mil nowadays is hopeless

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    Kjempefin guide!!

    ...ehhh... VERY nice guide!

    Very systematic, readable and to the point.


    The most beautiful of flowers ....but beware the thorns!

    Slaying TKL then TK, a fitting end to the XP-era!

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    I wish to thank all the nice ma`s who thank me for the guide both here and ingame, I`m glad that I can be of help to you
    I'm a runaway train on a broken track,
    I'm a ticker on a bomb that you can't turn back this time,
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    Here is the list of sl nanos to add to the good guide

    Short Time Damage Boosts

    Rumble of Distant Thunder - 74 to all Damage, Min Level 75
    Petals on Water - 107 to all Damage, Min Level 145
    Dragon Stance - 140 to all Damage, Min Level 185
    Smell of Approaching Rain - 173 to all Damage, Min Level 203
    Grace of the Emperor Crane - 206 to all Damage, Min Level 209
    Peaceful Midnight Sky - 239 to all Damage, Min Level 212
    Ripples on the Calm Pond - 272 to all Damage, Min Level 216
    Autumn Leaves - 305 to all Damage, Min Level 219

    Evade Buffs

    Fake Out - 6% to EvadeClsC, Self, Min Level 25
    Misleading conduct - 10% to EvadeClsC, Self, Min Level 125
    Ward Blow - 12% to EvadeClsC, Self, Min Level 175
    Shuffle Step - 15% to EvadeClsC, Self, Min Level 205
    Elude Step - 19% to EvadeClsC, Self, Min Level 214
    Stutter Step - 24% to EvadeClsC, Self, Min Level 220
    Aegis of Stone - 8% to Nano Resist, Self, Min Level 100
    Aegis of Metal - 14% to Nano Resist, Self, Min Level 195
    Aegis of Notum - 23% to Nano Resist, Self, Min Level 207

    Jack Violax Burton - Atrox Ma 218/17 - General of Coven of Hunters
    Leveling Eq - Tanking Eq

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    About armors

    About armors, when we talk about martial artist we always and up talking about dragon armor, and of course tarasque, but the dragon doesn't only drop living dragon parts, some more drops fits mas (all of those are pretty hard to get):

    Aura Magnifier a nice "no texture" back armor

    Smelly Butcher Gloves melee and ma skill bonuses

    Globe of Clarity small add all def/off but 1% crit chance!

    In smuggler's den one mob, Forefather drops a nifty ma item: Spirit Focus ac, little hp, some ma skill and +dmg, i like it

    At Mercs Camp, Ian Warr drops Stone Samurai Boots Hard to get, rare but nice bonus to evadeClsC

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks again Violax! Added the items to the guide, I once again owe you for great additions to the guide
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    very nice guide!

    however i found a little mistake, both "blessed with thunder" and "flower of life" lock MA skill, not parry. So if you use one of those, you cant use any other MA attack except "upon a summer wave" which locks riposte and "tree of enlightenment" which locks dimach.
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    Of course. *Slaps herself*

    Thank you so much for correcting that I`ve edited it in the guide.
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    What about newbs?

    First off, wonderful guide, there was a lot of information there that I found incredibly useful.

    My question is, however, what sort of advice can you give to a 100% genuine new player (aka newb) in terms of armor and equipment?

    I was reading the guide, and I looked at the armor selections, and frankly, short of having someone gift me a ton of credits for just being me, I won't be able to grab most of that stuff until I've levelled out of its usefulness.

    So, if you were to give some armor advice to a newb, what would it be? Lay off the Plasteel? Use Nail armor?
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    Hehe thanks. Yah, my guide doesnt quite cover the "Newbie part" of AO, it would simply be too much.

    One Advice I have, is to "blitz" or "do a mission" for two Concrete Pillows. Then sell them, and get enough cash to buy a low level carbonum set. That will keep you going a while.

    Another advice, might be to team all the time, so you can do higher missions, and loot and get high armor that way. Its cheap. The bosses on low level can drop a lot of goodies actually.

    Otherwise, I`d recommend hunting dynacamps at the lowest levels(10-20), you can get a lot of nice items you can use or sell.
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    Just trolling a bit

    Your breed got nothing to do with you getting into troubles if you deal too much dam compared to what your team can handle.

    Best fix is to do less dam (like lowering your agg/deff setting) - aggro management is a team effort, not just a single effort
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    Its true Tza. Still, there is an old saying that some players should learn:

    "If you cant take the heat, get out of the kitchen"

    Dont try to brag by doing max damage if you end up getting aggro from the tank and forcing the the doc to do CH`s to keep you alive. If you do have to show your strength, be prepared for whats coming for you. Everything`s got a price, with great power comes great...(guess what)....Responsibility.
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    I'm a ticker on a bomb that you can't turn back this time,
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    nice guide indeed
    Kasuo MA lvl etlant

    i really really hate nightelfs

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