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Thread: Anarchy Online: Special Edition On Sale In May

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    Special request

    The special edition package was suppose to come out back in May. Well! It’s the middle of July and still no special edition package in San Antonio, Texas retail stores. We are the 8th or 9th largest city in the United States and we don’t have the game in the stores?

    I asked the retail clerks and they said that the stores didn’t order the game and that it was probably due to the bad sales of AO originally. I also asked various store clerks last week if they were going to get the expansion pack for the game. Some of them didn’t even know about the game, didn’t have a listing for the game and or said that they would not order the game because of bad returns on the original version. I remember that, I had to buy four CD-s last November just to get the game to install and had to return 3 of those CD-s. This was all after many weeks of playing email tag with Funcom, I actually got someone that knew what they were doing and sent me a link to down load a patch because the CD-s were corrupt.

    The stores don’t want to purchase the game because it was so buggy they say. My question to Funcom is: What are you going to do, to turn your image around as a bug free game, like you stated in one of your article? (I still can’t believe you actually stated that, with all the issues we encounter day to day playing this game.) So will the stores carry the expansion pack or do I have to order it from Funcom and wait months to receive it? My friend ordered the special edition and it took 2 months to get that item. I have decided not to purchase the special edition online now because of the new MMORPG-s coming out this September.

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    The Special Edition was on sale here in Ohio in early June (first time I looked for it). Comp-USA had it on the shelf. I waited until this version came out so I didn't have to bother so much with patching. Plus I wanted to wait until I got DSL in my area to play. Can't speak for anyone but myself, but I really enjoy the game. It's a refreshing change from EQ, whether it has bugs or not (I can say I have yet to find any that I would recognize).

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    I have the new edition.

    I bought the new edition as I started AO when it was the only addition in stores. As a new player it totally through me off. It came in one of those little boxes that most new games come in. Because of the small box it came sans player manual. The next day I registered my account. You start by installing. In the box it was version 14 I had to go through 2 very long patches on a 56k modem. Then I start. I am plopped down in the newbie backyard. In this case rome blue backyard 9. This was before the tips they implemented so it was hard for a beginer. The bonus disks is not user friendly and is a joke. The only thing a previous player may want out of it is the Prophet Without Honor chapters 1-10. That is my 2 cents.
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    Lightbulb Special Edition?? come on, just give us what was promised for the original game!!

    Here's a radical concept for you Funcom: Just give us what you promised when I opened up the first game box I purchased!!!

    I'm still mega-P.O.'ed about the lack of organizational abilities for clan guilds. Now you tell me I need to buy a booster pack to get what the original manuals and all the website info hyping the game promised?? What are you thinking?? And you have no plans to give existing subscribers the free month that every new player gets?? Wow, no wonder a lot the EC folks think none to highly of Yanks!!! Personally, I enjoy the worldliness of the servers, and will miss many of the folks if there are EXclusive servers to ostracize outsiders. That is a little incongruous for a MMRPG promoting a high degree of social interaction. Of course, it is also easier than building in some of the good translational software available now into the game, and Funcom has shown a tendency towards the easy way out of things.

    Everyone and Company has a right to make money, and at the end of the day the consumer ultimately decides whether or not to buy. This is a superficial out though, as there is also (dare we say it??) responsibility to the consumers who have already bought the product and an account and great deal of sincere consideration to these often loyal folks should be given!!! Let's be fair. I can understand why a company would not want to provide a large number of existing accounts to suddenly get a month free, any business savvy person can realize the potential disaster to monthly cash flow. But aren't you guys supposed to be creative geniuses?? Just spread it out, stagger the free months over a year's time by some scheme (Alphabet breakdown, subscription origination month, etc.), but don't bank on any expansion's success by unfairly taxing your current customers!!!

    BTW, I'll probably buy it just to have all the stuff handy in one place, and a cool map. Too bad it won't have all the features promised in the manual. :-(

    Keep trying guys, you'll get it right yet!!
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    Originally posted by Kopo

    I for one would like a dimension that doesn't cater to the yanks most of the damn time when it comes to events and the like. I'm sure bi-lingual GM's and ARK's shouldn't be too hard to come by.
    Yeah, its so lame to cater to the yanks.

    They are only about 90% of the income of this game, why should they be catered to?
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