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Thread: Anarchy Online: Special Edition On Sale In May

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    Anarchy Online: Special Edition On Sale In May


    -Updated version to celebrate Best MMOG award from PC Gamer -

    Durham, North Carolina-April 17, 2002 -After winning the Best Massively Multiplayer Online Game award from PC Gamer magazine for its game, Anarchy Online, Funcom announces the release of a special retail edition shipping to stores on May 15, 2002. Customers can pre-order a copy of the game later today through Funcom's online store at

    "We are excited to bring not only a newer version of Anarchy Online to stores, but so much more to compliment the game," Funcom president Andre Backen said. "If you haven't tried Anarchy Online in the last few months, you're missing out on an amazing game experience. This special edition will enhance the experience for our existing fans and give new players the incentive to try it out."

    With a suggested retail price of only $19.99, the special edition will be wrapped in a newly designed box and contains an updated version of Anarchy Online as well as a bonus CD full of extras: a complete PDF version of the novel Anarchy Online: Prophet Without Honour, all of the beautifully animated story episodes, four full music samples from the game soundtrack, the intro video in high resolution, an updated manual in six languages, as well as never-before-seen concept art and wallpapers both from the initial stages of the game's development and from planned updates.

    Current fans and new players alike will be excited to find a deluxe map detailing the world of Rubi-ka in 12 x 12 size as well as a new keyboard map for easier navigation. Funcom has also included a new character creation guide and beginner hints and tips to ease new players into the game.

    After a rocky start when the game launched in June of last year, Anarchy Online has now come full circle and is like no other game on the market. Anarchy Online is still the only 3D massively multiplayer role-playing game currently available in a science fiction setting. Players start their experience by choosing sides in an epic struggle for control of the planet Rubi-Ka nearly 30,000 years in the future. Characters can fly from city to city in sleek hovercrafts, heal themselves with nano-technology, and gain cybernetic implants such as lungs, eyes and arms. Anarchy Online is one of the few in this genre to allow for shorter, solo play periods through individual missions, while still providing a fun group experience of hunting strange creatures and scouting new areas of the vast and graphically breathtaking world.

    Anarchy Online: Special Edition can be purchased for a suggested retail price of $19.99 with no additional subscription free for the first 30 days. A monthly subscription fee of $12.95 will begin after that period which can be paid by credit card or alternative options like This game can only be played through a connection to the Internet and has been rated Teen by the ESRB.

    For more information about Anarchy Online, please visit or

    About Funcom- As an international games developer and publisher, Funcom has offices in Switzerland, PC development along with marketing in Norway, and a customer support and marketing office in Durham, North Carolina. Formed in 1993, Funcom is best known for The Longest Journey (, voted Adventure Game of the Year 2000 by both PC Gamer and Computer Gaming World. Anarchy Online ( is the company's most recent success, having been released for the PC in the summer of 2001 and awarded Best Massively Multiplayer Game by PC Gamer. Funcom has had an impressive development track record producing titles for many platforms such as Pocahontas, Casper, Speed Punks, and Championship Motocross. With over 120 employees, the company now publishes and develops massively multi-player online games exclusively for the PC. Tri Synergy Inc. distributes Funcom products in North America. For retail information, please contact Tamra Nestler,, (972) 307-1799 or Robin Frisby,, 214-827-8116. For more details about Funcom, please visit or contact or
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    Question Updated ?

    One question for ya, by updated version what exactly does this mean ? Will it be current with all patches up to and including 14.2, or if I buy this version am I still gonna face hours of downloading patches when using this 'new' disk. (some of us are still not privy to high speed internet action). And about the new map, is it going to be the same map on another media or is it going to actually have new content on it?
    Just a couple of things I'd like to have cleared up before I spend $20+ for something I allready have.


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    That did say that the Special Edition will come with a free month of play, but as I have checked the webpage(whenever my account goes on hold cuz my Credit card is maxed) I have never seen an option for an existing player to put in a CD key to get another free month by buying the game again.

    So will the accounts page be changed so that existing players can use the free month as well?

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    I hope the people buying it can log in, something I can't do at the moment...


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    Which version we get on the CD will depend on timing I think.

    If we get 14.2 in short order, AND it's fairly stable with few bugs, they will probably be able to use that one when they send the prog for replication before packaging.

    However, if 14.2 is still a ways down the road, we'll probably get 14.0/14.1 on the that is the most recent there may be some downloading/patching to do, but you shouldnt have to get every single patch there's been.

    When CDs go for replication, it's usually a couple of weeks or so before the anticipated release unless we get 14.2 in the next week or so, it'll be the version we're on most likely..
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    Nothing in there for us lot?, /rocky.

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    I would be interested in an answer to that too. If we buy the special edition CD, will you give us one months free game time? Also why are you even bothering to poll players about releasing this in Europe? You're a european company for chrissakes and you are treating the euro playerbase as an afterthought? What about the impending opening of a german server? Not wanting to sound discriminatory but why are the germans getting their own server?

    Why not remove RK2, make a new Euro server and give those players that played on RK2 the option to port to RK1 (don't even try and say it can't be done) or port to the new euro server? I realise this is a joint venture that no doubt is involving some sort of sponsorship or incentives to open this server but I'm sure the company involved might be amenable to an alternative agreement than just a german exclusive dimension. How many german players are there anyway? Enough to justify this?

    I for one would like a dimension that doesn't cater to the yanks most of the damn time when it comes to events and the like. I'm sure bi-lingual GM's and ARK's shouldn't be too hard to come by.
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    hah...this would be worth every penny if the patches are up-to-date!

    btw...I'm on dial-up

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    Angry Lol, and we get screwed again...

    Okay, fine. Nice of you to help out new players...

    but what about us oldbies? You should offer the extras seperately in the store. I for one, am not going to go out and buy another disc, just for a few megs of extra stuff... Stuff that will be freely availible online in a few months after release anyways...

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    Thumbs down I'm not impressed.

    I have asked ARK about applying retail vouchers to an existing account and been told this is not allowed. A good thing I asked, too, or I'd be stuck with eight unopened copies of the game. ;)

    It's an understandable policy but they ought to waive it for the new edition for at least a few months. That this isn't addressed in the press release is kind of embarrassing because it suggests Funcom doesn't expect existing subscribers to be interested in the new edition.

    I was hoping to be, but I'm not. The map "in 12 x 12 size" might entice me, but I have no clue what that means. The map can't be 12 feet across, much less 12 meters. 12 feet on a computer display? Maybe if I install a little more memory. :)

    To me, what's really disappointing here is the "four full music samples from the game soundtrack", which I assume means four complete songs off the soundtrack album. Considering all the music that was left off the CD - I can think of nine songs off the top of my head, including the best and most common music in the game - I had hoped for a second soundtrack to be included, at least in MP3 form. Funcom's composers walk all over the other big names in the field, and I think not giving them more exposure is foolish and a little bit disrespectful.

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    So I just went to the online store to take a look at this. I clicked the buy now button to see what kind of shipping charge is involved. Check this out:

    Price: $19.99
    Shipping: $247.95
    Total: $267.94

    Yeah, sure I'm gonna buy it. Get real.

    (By the way, the shipping goes up each time I go to that page. Can we say "typical Funcom QC"?)

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    Just an update to my previous post. Changing the shipping method seems to randomly change the shipping charge between one of the following:


    I knew the programmers were a little lax, but this is ridiculous.

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    I, too, am interested in picking this up. Why can't existing customers use the cd-key as a voucher for an extra free month?! Where's the love?!

    I want the map! :P

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    To clarify...

    The map that came with the original edition is about 16.5" x 14.25", with the actual map illustration minus the margin (which contains some useful information) measuring at 14.5" x 12.25" hurry up and find those copies in the cutout bins if you want a map that isn't either too small or way, way too big. :P

    Maybe we can hope for some information on The Endless Plains and The West, which seem to have been intentionally obscured by the logo/compass and blurring on the original paper map and have since been removed (as near as I can find) from the official web presence.

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    umm, I got this game for about $21 (US dollars) six months ago, I don't want to buy ANOTHER copy of the game for a book, new map, CD, and other stuff which will be all over the web in a few months for a free download. Why not skip all of that and let us put in our game key/account # to download it? Do we really have to give you guys more money for a fancy new box and a few extras? I normally call that stuff a "patch" or an "upgrade", sometimes I will even call it "A nice extra from a cool company", but thats when I don't have to spend more for it.
    We have been put through enough already from this games rocky start, can't this be a little "thank you for putting up with us" gift?

    To me this looks like something that you will put in to grab a few more customers who are still considering buying the game, but why post it in the forums and ask if you should sell it in Europe? I never thought the game is that dependant on America.

    so, can we get all that stuff for no extra charge?

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    Free month for existing customers?

    BUMP to get an answer to the question...

    Does anyone know, if you're already a customer and you buy this, will you get an extra free month of play? That would pretty almost cover the cost of it anyway...
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    Uhm, you will get a free month on another account. And things like this is not made to make people buy the same game twice, you know.

    Finally free from this nightmare!

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    Originally posted by WGMelchior
    And things like this is not made to make people buy the same game twice, you know.
    Oh, but I think it is. Why else whould I have gotten an e-mail from Jørgen Tharaldsen telling me all about it?
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    They should give some of that stuff... as in the music, pics and whatever can be distributed digitally, to current players for free. Hell, we earned it by paying the $12 a month and dealing with all the programming mistakes and general shoddyness in an otherwise awesome and uber game.


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