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Thread: Doc wanna tank all nice NT's

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    Doc wanna thank all nice NT's

    Lol, like I said I'm a doc and for all nice SL NT's who spread there love (HE CC) almost with no asking on us docs are very appriciated, they really have the point that we really can use that damn good.
    So maybe nobody ever done this, and we should sometimes thank for what we get.
    So for me here is a big THANK YOU for your patient and nano to cast your beloved buffs on us I hope I can speak for all docs who feel this way, other is it only me hehe

    Cya next time in SL my nice HE CC biatches

    *darn title won't change need +H
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    Give the NT's a BIG thank you for all there HE's and CC's you get from them ... be nice and place your gratitude HERE

    Pls read this Only ONCE

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    Woot! But come on, gotta buff the docs for mad healz!

    /me has carpal tunnel from being the only NT at like 10 merc raids.


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    The only thing better than HE and CC is HE,CC and an NT in your team you guys roxxor
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    Seing how i am a new NT, where do i get this HE and CC stuff ?
    I guess it is nanos at least since they buff

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    The lower versions can be bought in the Nano Techician nano store. Or u can get them as mission reward or drops from normal mobs i think.

    HE = Humidity Extractor

    CC = Crunch Com

    On there is a nanolisting thingy where u can see all the nanos of the different proffesions.

    The HE u can find under "Nanopoint Regeneration Line"

    And the CC u can find under "Nano Cost Reducer Line"

    Hope that will help u a little

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    I agree with Tekkers; thank you NTs for helping us out! (even if we do occasionally get angry with you for nuking the hell out of some deep red mob then come running to us screaming 'help! heal me!' )
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    As a Nanomage NT, I would like to personally thank you for keeping my gimp health above 0 =)

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    Thumbs up There's something about SL that brings out the community spirit...

    When I'm out Soloing in Scheol or Adonis and somoene runs by I'll give em a HE/CC.

    Omni or clan I don't care.

    I just know how much damned SL nano's use and what a pain it is to run out (which I usually do soloing a single green/yellow mob using Entropy's advance/IEF combo)

    Sometimes they carry on running with a shouted 'thanks' but sometimes they stop for a chat for a mutual buffing session and everybody benefits.

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    I love Nts too coz you make me forget all about coils , well along with my own nano cost reduction and triple implanted nanodelta.
    So I never run out of nano in sl which is nice, but I love our range increaser even more coz thats allows me to stay in safe range of those nasty hecklers and use ubt without having to worry about drawing aggro coz I got too close.
    It also helps when you are forced to ch, coz you can get some distance between you and the heckler, which helps when you need to make a run for it lol.
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    you are most welcome

    we luv docs
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    Ah yes the bliss of avoiding coils

    Personally I like buffing enfs as well as docs, (and everyone else), keep them happy so they give out ess like we give out HE+CC. Nothing beats suddenly realising your squishy nanomage butt got 1000 more hp from some enf that just run by.
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    /me loves mutual buffing sessions
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    I wish us docs could throw our hp buffs out so easily :/

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    When on my doc i try to toss a HoT or heal on people sitting at reclaim or looking bad in a fight.

    with my nt i have tossed he and cc on any doc i can spot, mostly at the temple, it shure helps.
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    Have you hugged a NT today? =D

    *hugs one at random*
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    <3 NTs
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    /me humps a random NT

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    Originally posted by Drsnurre

    /me humps a random NT
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    Goodbye everyone, it has been a blast.

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    Good thread. Now I can express my love
    Thank you Nano Technicians, you are best friends to us. I love you very much.
    Iiiupa, atrox doc.

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    Originally posted by Drsnurre

    /me humps a random NT
    GD stay away from me Snurre
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