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Thread: Anarchy Online to open new German server

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    Originally posted by Succumbus

    now, one little thing that annoyed me in this thread

    I hate to say Time isnt constant, it is relative to the speed of the object for which time is being measured. I'm not going to say much more, as it gets horribly compicated to try an explain it in anything other than maths most people cant follow (not trying to be offinsive but it is true) and even then its difficult. The are very few things that are constant in the universe, the most well known being the speed of light in a vacuum. Also there are very good physics departments at both Oxford and Cambridge universities (tho personally I prefer the Department at Manchester University, which has had some of the Greatest minds in physics either learning or teaching there, and also owns Jodrell Bank, the second largest directable radio telescope in the world, and the one NASA keeps asking to find their lost space probes ). However Cambridge university has a greater history of studying sciences as it is the less traditionally religious of the two universities, so was more able to fund study into the "Dark arts" of science at a time when the church was very powerfull. This is the reason that the great scientists of history studied there and not at Oxford.

    On Stephen Hawkins, he holds the position of "Lucasian Professor of Mathematics" in the "Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics".

    Hugs to all


    This message was not ment as a flame, just to clear up some mistakes in earlier posts.
    You know your physics. I am more of a fan, not an expert. I knew someone would find that eventually, even if it did take a while.
    Some shadows can be cast on this theory because time might also be related to energy, gravity, mass, ect. I have heard people claim that measurements are inaccurate because the speed of light was not correctly compensated for, even though many of the tests had the time difference caused by the Earths rotation.
    Humans don't have the ability to get a 100% correct measurement of the speed of the object due to the lack of us knowing where the center of the universe is, if the universe does have a center. Even if the Big Bang theory is proven true we might find that several Big Bangs were also taking place trillions of light-years away, which could eliminate the chance of us finding a center of the universe. That is unless we describe time as being in the perspective of the observer, not as from the center of the universe.

    Btw, Isaac Newton also held the same position as Stephen Hawking, who created the idea of negative time to describe the universe without unexplained phenomenon’s appearing. The "Multiple Dimensions of Time" theory was actually created by one of his friends, unless I am mistaken. I believe I read part of it months ago and forgot about it, and then re-explained it to Capo.

    I would be interested in hearing what you have to say on cosmic strings, I can never find much information about them.
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    The Speed of light is an entirely accurate Number, as it is not measured at all. The Number is fixed, and other measurements are based on it. If you ever do an experiement to measure the speed of light, what you are basically doing is a very long and complicated way of working out either the length of a second, or a metre. Certain figures are taken as constants in physics, to allow others to be worked out, as if you dont know the correct value for ANYTHING, you cant work anything out. therefore the whole of physics, numbers wise, is actually not fixed, but relative to the value of these constants. I'm afraid I really wouldnt be able to talk about string theory easily in these forums, as it was a few years ago since i did anything with physics (when I finished my degree, my present job, as a couple of people who read these forums will know, is a little different), and string theory isnt easy to talk about at the best of times.

    hugs to all

    Lilnymph - Clan Fixer - RK1
    lilnymph wrote on November 21st, 2003 08:01:01:
    You may take our postcount threads, but you will never take our FREEDOM!!!!!
    Originally posted by Cz
    The post count is mine! All mine! Mwahahahah!

    40.476190476190474% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?
    Style over Substance

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    small mistake on my part; I was thinking of the speed of light in relation to the center of the universe. Outside forces (gravity and motion) can have an influence over how we see the speed of light. Gravity being somewhat obvious, and motion being from current orbits and such which can change our perspective, by a miniscule amount. Those changes can be removed after several tests, but a slight variation would still appear because we don't know enough about the universe yet.
    The Uncertainty Principle should prove that we may take a lot longer to get the speed of light down to the .0000000000001th of a mile-per-hour(I live in the US, use meters if you want) for a long time. but that flaw is tiny.
    That’s what I meant by people claiming the speed of light was not compensated for, not that the speed of light itself could change.

    At least we have better measuring tools than the Greeks, those guys were astonishingly smart..

    Sadly, we still keep the same measurements which we have used for centuries, if scientists could create an entirely new system which can simplify the mathematics (unless they already have) physics might become a lot easier. The measurement of a day is annoying enough (23 hours and 56 minutes, that’s why we have leap year to compensate for the 24 hour clock).

    /me adds Manchester University to his list of proposed colleges.
    I thought the process of elimination involved the amount of possibilities getting smaller, I have yet to see that desired result. At least I convinced my dad to stop playing this game on my account for the weekend…

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    Just get rid of the Lag in RK 1, and I will be happy
    NT phone HOME!!

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    Originally posted by Garzu
    Just get rid of the Lag in RK 1, and I will be happy

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    Fix BS pls FC, ffs. Its getting tiring now..
    Gimme sammich!!1

    Reborn Sammich

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    Originally posted by Succumbus
    string theory isnt easy to talk about at the best of times.

    Let me tell you string theory are damn easy to explain. String are character array with null terminator in C/C++. String on the other hand are an simple object in Java.

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    Talking Meine deutschen Freunde!

    Meine deutschen Freunde!

    Ich wünsche, daß mein Deutsch besser war, aber ich wollte nur erzählen, daß Sie alle Fremden in RK1 und RK2 nicht sind. Ich glaube, daß jene Verschiedenheit ist, was uns stärker macht, und ich weiß, daß ich viele von Ihnen verpassen werde. Kommen Sie bitte Besuch, wenn Sie können!

    Phikia RK1

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    I don't agree with the german server, it should be a european server like funcom promised us in the first place, did FC get backhanders from the EU to put it in germany or did the germans take all the FC towels and this was the only way to get them back.

    (joke if anyone thought I was being serious)

    I would move to a European server being from the UK but I won't move to a german server because I don't speak german.

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    German Server - For those of you who have been playing in game for any time period at all then since the German server went online (lets call it RK-3) you will have noticed a bump in hang times, lag spikes and moments when it takes an extra 5 seconds to as long as several minutes if you have a slower connection to "take hold". This is because the new server is in the same location using the same infrastructure as RK-1 and RK-2 this is relatively easy to prove by pingtracing the three servers if you don't believe me or any of the other people who will state this to you. What this means is although they have stated Gamigo(sp?) is doing the support and there will be no taking of resources for it. It does mean that the european community who thinks they can get a better ping by going to this server won't and that they are taking bandwidth, routing and server side function resources and putting more load on all of them. There is even more discussion by people more knowledgable in this regard than myself in the thread about technical issues - lag.

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    Thumbs down

    Ah, don´t that suck.

    Can you please accedently whipe the german server (you did manage to do that to this forum twice ) so you can lose it entirely out of whatever made up reason (well you done this as well with this forum ).

    I want to get rid of this damn lag.

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