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Thread: Anarchy Online to open new German server

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    Originally posted by General Capo

    Heh, you bite waaaaay to easy, I made all that mumbo-jumbo up.

    Man, get a life. - It's to late for me to get one, heh prehaps it can be bought off of ebay?

    /me is su****ious of people who talk like this in forums, why ain't they at MiT if they know so much?
    /me also thinks it's a funcom plot to divert attention away from the subject, because those flames don't just tickle. Do they FC?
    Damn, I knew I was the only physics fan in this entire game.
    And I DO HAVE A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At this time I happen to have a few free minutes so I thought I would write a few ideas down, and confuse other people. Shesh, some people just don't realize that you can save a web page and write a response while riding in a plane.

    btw: "Heh, nothing is "instant". So backing up that "Might"
    If something were to be instant, then the energy required would actualy be the total of STqD. Which ultimatly does not exist. So a period has to be put to every event, 1 and 0."
    That actually sounded something like what would be put into physics, but since it has covered a wide range of subjects and one can not be an expert on all of them like you could be 75 years ago, few people can tell what subject you are talking about in something that short so you could be going on about anything. SO you can’t really walk away with any credit.

    "/me goes back to making his fluxgate magnetometers and magnetic susceptibility systems."
    I knew that was plain giberish, I actually thought you might be joking and trying to pull a prank on whoever has no idea what astrophysics is, which is fun.

    And it's Cambridge that all the physicists come from, I believe Stephen Hawking is in charge of the mathmatics department there.

    Your turn, try to explain in detail about something that you know, and create new theories about it as I did.
    I want this to be fun, and stay in a vastly unexplored yet astonishingly complex subject. DNA does not count in this because we have already mapped the human genome.
    And I will quote you and point out every mistake you make, along with a full supply of criticism and rude comments.
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    /me goes back to making his fluxgate magnetometers and magnetic susceptibility systems.

    heh, I used to do this for a *world leader* in magnetic instruments.

    Got too boring so I left and MD/Designer d00d was too bizzare.
    Had theorys that he had to prove by "listening to sand"

    Can't walk away with any credit??? should I point to that book above you just wrote once more. Heh, you should try doing it sometime Just take a little perve at what people are saying, and expand it into something you know they are going to bounce back with.
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    "And it's Cambridge that all the physicists come from, I believe Stephen Hawking is in charge of the mathmatics department there. "

    - I would not know, im from oxford

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    oh, - and we won this year!!! woohoo!

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    Originally posted by General Capo
    im from oxford
    Why would I care? Now, where is that nice long thread which I will use against you? I would recomend you at least try to prove you are smart, which I believe you are not.
    You have picked a terrible enemy, and you will regret it.

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    heh and I needed something to cheer up Cosmik in the morning. thought that and some cold left over pizza would do

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    I am not smart. Not as obvisously smart as you.

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    someone is dwindling away at their chances of staying in this game, and I will be glad to see them be removed...
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    Oh wait, I am childish too. Forgot to mention that.

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    Originally posted by General Capo
    Oh wait, I am childish too. Forgot to mention that.
    I believe you are a child, but your extreme immaturity may prove me wrong.

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    heh, well to further satisfy your ego.

    I am a child trapped in a mans body.

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    Note to anyone who just entered this thread:

    "General Capo" has been acting immaturely, even though he claims he is not a child. I am not going to reply to him again since he is unworthy of my attention. I do have all his posts saved in the case he deletes them, which I plan to post if he does take such actions.

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    All I gotta say on this above subject is..




    [EDIT] Typos...gotta hate em
    Eowyyn General of Black Sun
    Doc in Training

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    Ping is everything.

    I don't like paying for cable broadband then having a 100 ping cos the server is on the other side of the Atlantic.

    I'm not even German I'm from the UK but I would move to the new server in a flash for the greater enjoyment and PVP possibilities of low latency.

    I wonder how those against the new server would feel if the situation was reversed and both AO dimensions were in Europe. They'd be screaming for their own server closer to home, no doubt about it.

    Bring on the German server. P.S. what about a server in the UK?

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    Originally posted by Cosmik

    As stated before, the support (GMs and ARKs) will come from Gamigo and not from Funcom. No resources will be taken from Rubi-Ka 1 or Rubi-Ka 2.
    Didn't mean FC resources. Playerbase. etc...

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    Re: Is this the official forum or not

    Originally posted by Maximilian
    This is a !damn !f... crap. There is some essential information 'out there' and I couldn't find it on this board. Isn't there an official AO tag at the top of this site, or what:

    Found on AO Stratics.

    Btw., there are people that don't do IRC.

    For myself, this reduces the value of the new dimension even more - a German dimension with the horrible connection condition as RK1 and 2 - buhhh.

    So long,


    P.S. Probability of going there dropped to 0,01% - forget it folks.

    Some clarification on the planned German Dimension
    General - 9:58 AM EST
    Cz posted the following info on the Community Representatives forum:

    Just a few clarifications, for those I haven't spoken with in IRC and through e-mail already:

    The servers for the German dimension will be located in the US, at the same place as the two current dimensions, not in Europe.

    The dimension will be aimed at, but not limited to, German speaking players. Anybody will be able to log in on the dimension, as long as they have an open Anarchy Online account.

    German players will not be forced to play on the German dimension. They are free to choose any dimension among the three.

    There are no plans on allowing character transfers to the German dimension. That will have to wait for when we implement dimension travel for all dimensions.


    Er... [WD]Strut
    Did you read this?
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    100ping? My best ping on 512K ADSL is 120! And thats from the UK. Be happy with your 100 ping, VERY happy..
    Gimme sammich!!1

    Reborn Sammich

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    my ping stays around 40

    how happy should i be?

    i am also on the Rubi Kai 2

    and i rule~

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    Well I'm a newbie, I'm living in Germany, and I started playing with the 7 day trial that came up on the German PC Games magazine a few weeks ago - and I'm sure as hell not going to play on a German server.

    I' m already annoyed by the lack of players on RK-2, which I started playing for all the 34 lvls of my MA because this was the default setting after installing the trial version.

    I'm thinking of retiring him in favor of a brand new character on RK-1.

    Ever been to Borealis on a weekday? Seems like a ghost town to me. Any events happening? If so, it's almost always on RK-1.

    I choose lag over underpopulation anytime.

    Actually I really can't imagine how this new dimension will ever get enough people playing. The 7 day trial with RK-1/2 access has just been spread via a quarter of a million copies of PC Games magazine, the second biggest mag on the market. Nearly every potential player who hasn't signed on before should have been reached by this version.

    I think as long as it is not possible to move characters between dimensions, this new server will have a hard time justifying its existence.


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    Firstly I would like to say I dont really mind one way or the other about the new dimension. Personally I wouldnt think there would be enough people to fill it, but if there are, I think people should be able to play the game in their native language (I personally would HATE to play this game in anything other than english, and I have the upmost respect to people for who english is not a native language but make the effort.)

    now, one little thing that annoyed me in this thread
    Time IS constant
    I hate to say Time isnt constant, it is relative to the speed of the object for which time is being measured. I'm not going to say much more, as it gets horribly compicated to try an explain it in anything other than maths most people cant follow (not trying to be offinsive but it is true) and even then its difficult. The are very few things that are constant in the universe, the most well known being the speed of light in a vacuum. Also there are very good physics departments at both Oxford and Cambridge universities (tho personally I prefer the Department at Manchester University, which has had some of the Greatest minds in physics either learning or teaching there, and also owns Jodrell Bank, the second largest directable radio telescope in the world, and the one NASA keeps asking to find their lost space probes ). However Cambridge university has a greater history of studying sciences as it is the less traditionally religious of the two universities, so was more able to fund study into the "Dark arts" of science at a time when the church was very powerfull. This is the reason that the great scientists of history studied there and not at Oxford.

    On Stephen Hawkins, he holds the position of "Lucasian Professor of Mathematics" in the "Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics".

    Hugs to all


    This message was not ment as a flame, just to clear up some mistakes in earlier posts.
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    Lilnymph - Clan Fixer - RK1
    lilnymph wrote on November 21st, 2003 08:01:01:
    You may take our postcount threads, but you will never take our FREEDOM!!!!!
    Originally posted by Cz
    The post count is mine! All mine! Mwahahahah!

    40.476190476190474% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?
    Style over Substance

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