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Thread: Anarchy Online to open new German server

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    Anarchy Online to open new German server

    Press release

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    Personally one thing I like with AO is that it has a limited number of servers, both of them fully international. I like to be able to team/discuss... with germans, Italians, UK, US, japanese etc... (I'm French myself) - if the game / the servers could sustain the load, I would love one single server.

    Now I understand that it may be a good decision for FC as a company as it could for a limited additional cost provide a better opening towards local markets. Now even that is unclear imho as the game in itself will remain in english: So the benefit for the german ppl will be limited (nothing more that what they would get from a german-only org a bit like the french-only orgs I know-although i'm not in them). Furthermore, when you see the population of RK2, which is low (yes increasing, but still there are times when you just cant get a buff for example. and AO is about that: depending on other professions to do things, on other ppl to team etc...), one can wonder what will be the population of RK-Ger? And if the the (very?) limited population will be offset by the limited gain from a german-only server??

    Now I would imagine FC has done their research on this issue, and know what they are doing. Im not (anymore) a business consultant.

    But the bottom line for my personnal enjoyment is that if the server is successful, I will not meet anymore german players. And if this is done also in France, I may lose my French friends. Which I would regret. While I would remain in the english / general server, with more ppl, and ppl more diversified.

    Bottom line: I'm better off as we are now but hey I don't think there is nothing more to do now than wait and see
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    Personally, I think Nikho pinned down my own thoughts pretty good. I enjoy the diversity in AO and with a German server I will probably lose some of my German friends. If they decide to move to the new server that is.

    Basically, if it's more money for Funcom starting a german server, fine by me. Just don't take any resources from RK1-2. That would upset me.


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    I believe this is a turn for the worse, even though I understand FC is probably getting paid a lot of money from gamigo AG, its not worth it in the end for several reasons.

    - You can't switch from dimension to dimension so many people are not going to want to abandon thier characters just so they can go to another deserted server.

    - If this was intended so events can be in german it may be easier to just use RK1 as a north american server and RK2 as a Europe server that way the events can be done during primetime in the timezone so no one feels left out.

    For more comments regarding this (RK3) view solarax's thread:

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    Seems to be a business decision. Guess is that gamigo thinks they can run a dimension as well as (if not better) than FunCom can and make money while they are at it.

    The internet model is different over in Europe as is the gamer mindset to a degree.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that all FunCom has to bring to the plate with regard to this server farm is providing gamigo the server executable, dabases, etc. They get their portion of the subscription fees without any additional headaches.

    Sounds like a winner for FunCom. But a hit to the idea of 'one big server' which always really shone as one of the best things about AO.

    RK-2 never should have happened. AO would have been better with a world twice as big and all the hardware for RK-2 used to host new playfields.

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    Talking hmmmmm

    hmm well, of course i more dreamed about a rp-server, but i guess i'm just always complainin ehehehe

    hmm yep and since german is my mother language and everybody has to start out with a bit (ok ok a lot ,) ) less of a chance to exploit, i think this is a good thing .... ,)

    ya, not to forget my chick speaks german too ... ehehehe

    /me gets bonked by chick

    ouch, oki, it's a *great* idea ... hmpf ....
    tradeskillz ?

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    I think the only difference between the german dimension and the other 2 will be..... well, it is located in germany Everything else the same; except less exploiters maybe.

    Btw what will be the name for this dimension? Rubi-Ka 3? That would be boring. The dimensions should have names like Sunfire, Aurora or something like that. Sonnenfeuer (sunfire) for the german server would be cool

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    Personally it makes no difference to me if you folks want to farm out another server for those who speak languages other than English. However, I would like to point out one little thing regarding this thread. Go to the main AO page ( and look at the headline there for this topic...

    German Dimension in Anrchy Online

    Today, Funcom has confirmed that there will be a German dimension (server) for Anarchy Online.
    Notice the misspelling of Anarchy Online on the first line. Since you can't even take the time to run a spell checker on your text and spell the name of your own game correctly, it's no wonder so many new/old bugs creep up in every patch. Gotta love quality control.

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    Thumbs up Good news for some, doesn't matter much for the rest.

    When I opened about five minutes ago and read the new headlines, I genuinely cheered. The new server will greatly improve the gaming possibility for Europeans such as me, as we don't have to cope with so much lag as before. It's so much different to connect Us than to Germany, from Northern Europe.

    Only thing that worries me is the language, if they'll translate the whole game to German, the only ones who will switch to the new server will be the ones who speak German as their primary language.

    Altogether, Good News, thank you Funcom for something new.


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    -Oniz out.

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    As I'm sure you can all tell by the overwhelming response to this thread.

    No one cares.
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    If the goal here is more servers spread over the worls in key points to allow better server connection etc etc but keep all the servers available to anyone that chooses to do so, fine. But if you are planing on localising servers as in have german only speaking staff and anyone that doesnt speak german cannot go there... hmm i dont think its good idea... will you make a norwiegian server? a English server, a russion server a Portuguese server a korean server a chinese server a japanese server?....

    I think you should go with
    Europena server
    American servers
    East Asia Servers

    So to allow people in those geographical zones to have better performance accessing the servers, but i think localising a server to a Language (even thou the game itself is still english... for now) with only German speaking GMs is a big mistake.

    I do aggree to the German Website thou, whenver you have enough people of a language playing the game you should consider having a mirror site in that language.

    But plese keep one thing standard on all the server, keep then international, keep then in english.

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    just a question? why is there no decent translater for this game..... Ultima online and a built in translater. and it worked fairly well to a certin degree. i remember haing around with my guild and i poped the question... waht language do you speed and was shoced to find out taht i was the only one actually speeking english.... shure the ultima online translater had it's problems (like it created tons of client lag, and never quite got the sentance structer right) but it was still there and still worked well...... and further more the traslation technolagy has gotten alot better sence 1998, and it really would not take much to implment a translation system into the ao client.

    so i guess i am restating my queison...... why not have a built in translater....
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    why German? Why not Spanish or French?

    but what I would prefer to see is the current server getting better and less laggy. I don't mind a new server opening but better things could come.

    On the other hand if you are putting almost no resources into this and gamigo is in charge of it: Nice deal.

    btw, is there any chance that we can get an update on apartments and guild houses before the 14.2 patch?

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    No way don't do it FunCom. If you guys wanna start a third server your best bet is to have the 3rd server 100% pvp meaning every freakin zone is 25%. thats your best bet imo as far as a 3rd server goes.

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    Hey, will the third server be available when Funcom finally gets the demension transfer working? Now that really would feel like a new word, with everything in a different language.

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    Re: Good news for some, doesn't matter much for the rest.

    Originally posted by Oniz
    When I opened about five minutes ago and read the new headlines, I genuinely cheered. The new server will greatly improve the gaming possibility for Europeans such as me, as we don't have to cope with so much lag as before. It's so much different to connect Us than to Germany, from Northern Europe.

    -Oniz out.
    Sorry but thats BS Oniz, I dont speak german at all so now i have to choose between "lag" and "i dont understand".
    I will choose for the lag.

    Lets see We want : Dutch server/French server/Spanish Server/etc etc.

    You CANT make 1 server a european server when it uses a minor language, use english.
    Put in Bi-Langual ARK`s and stuff and problem solved.

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    Angry reply to Angel2000

    Did you even read the press-release?
    Here's a direct quote from it:
    The German dimension will be staffed by German speaking Gamemasters and ARKs (Advisors of Rubi-Ka), and gamigo will also provide regular customer service outside the game. The game itself will remain in English for now.

    It clearly says the only change will be that the people who run the show can speak German, so people can be adviced, and it also states that the language will remain in English.

    Furthermore, look at the European map, doesn't it show clearly that Germany is in the middle of the continent, perhaps a little north but doesn't matter because I can bet my pants that there is more players from Scandinavia than Greece,Cyprus, etc...

    Ps. I can write only one sentence in German, and won't do it here because it's rude, the points is not the language, it's the location.


    "If a lie is repeated often enough, it becomes the truth."

    -Oniz out.

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    Uhm, most people from scandinavia is already established on RK1, since we got the game when that was the only server. And geographical location has very little to do with things.

    But if this server will truly be a server available to all europeans, and I can speak english, and everyone will understand me, then I don't see any trouble. If events and such will be held by people who only wants to speak german, then...

    Finally free from this nightmare!

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    american servers

    i understand that this game is predominately european, but they already have 2 european servers out there, you would think the next server should be in america.

    one thing about server location:
    on the internet, physical location means nothing. I might be trying to communicate with a computer across the room, but if i put 15 servers and 1500 miles of cable between them, then they might as well be in texas or somthing.

    A good example, i havea cable modem and i live in the US, east coast. West Virginia to be specific. I play on RK1 and my ping is generally between 80 and 150. Location means nothing.

    Honestly - i think that all these lag problems and zone crashes where all bad planning on funcom's part. They only opened 1 server to begin with. everyone who was waiting for this game to release got on that server and grew roots, thier IRL friends who joined because of them joined RK1 because thats where thier friends where. They should have at least opened 3 servers when the game was released. I know when UO came online, there where at least 4 servers and within a few months there where 8, then a year later another 4, i know for sure that once i quit after 4 years of playing UO, there was somthing like 25 servers. not to mention that there where 2 german servers, 1 french, 3 japanese, i know here where at least 4 east coast US servers and 4 West coast servers.

    the population was never much of a problem except in the first 4 origional servers. and it wasnt that bad because there was 4 of them! water under the bridge now, although if they really want to stabalize the servers, they should give some sort of incentive to join a new server, moving characters over, possibly even just giving you a million creds to start. anything. even encourage entire guilds to move by giving them money or somthing. all i'm saying is that you'd be crazy to change servers now, no lag is great, but you cant get a buff or a team.

    another quick note: about the translation software. I remember playing UO with it, it worked rarely but when it did work, it was really great! people could sit and speak in dutch and you would see english. its been like 3 years since that was implemented in UO, i'm sure that FC could come up with somthing...hell i know that UO didnt even program the software themselves, they just bought someone else's translation software and implemented it into the game.

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    Re: american servers

    Originally posted by Lohr
    i understand that this game is predominately european, but they already have 2 european servers out there, you would think the next server should be in america.

    Hmmm, I may be wrong but it was my understanding that although Funcom itself is in Norway, that the servers ARE in North America....North Carolina to be precise.

    So it would make sense to have a new server in Europe and Germany is centrally located.

    My only question is will it be open to North American AO players? I for one would like an opportunity to use the German I spent so much time learning when I was in high school and college.
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