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Thread: Jobe %dam increase && AMS

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    Jobe %dam increase && AMS

    Simple question -- has anyone done testing on how AMS over 400 and Jobe %dam clusters interact?

    +DAM - damage from boosters (token board, fixer clouds, morphs, etc)
    xAMS - damage from increased AMS (below AMS=1000 it's x(1+(AMS/400)), above 1000 depends on prof, but still multiplier.
    xJobe - damage from percentage increasers of jobe implants, listed as '+xx% Projectile) for example. represents x(1+(Jobe%/100))

    I believe the pre-jobe formula to be:
    (rolled damage xAMS) +DAM

    Are jobe increasers believed to be:

    Adding to AMS:
    (rolled damage x(AMS+Jobe%)) + DAM

    Stacking on AMS:
    ((rolled damage xAMS) xJobe) + DAM

    Stacking to overall:
    ((rolled damage xAMS) + DAM ) xJobe)

    Something I've missed?

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    Jobe Cluster does not add "%" dmg, it`s same effect to +Dmg buff.
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    Right-Hand Implant: % Add. Chem. Dam., Shiny Jobe

    That sure looks like a '%' to me.

    But then I compare it to Augmentation Cloud and see that both have this:

    Implant: Modify Wearer   ChemicalDamageModifier 18
    Nano:     Skill Target   ChemicalDamageModifier 21
    That kind of makes me sad that it's not 'as advertised'.
    +18 is nothing. +18% (no matter how you slice it) is significant.

    Maybe I'll have to run a little experiment to confirm this.

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    it doesnt add %, sorry to break your heart but i thought the same thing as you and unfortunately it aint the truth. i bought myself a % add chem dmg cluster which added 17, thought it would be the best thing ever to add to my QB but was told that the % in the title is a screw up. I put about 3 posts in the forums begging FC to fix it so others dont get conned out of creds from both players and npc's but it dont look like anythings gonna happen. kind of a shame considering how expensive these clusters are.

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    It's not the clusters -- it's the labor.

    Still gonna put it in there (if I can find someone to do it) in the totally naive hope that this will one day change.

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    Bump for the fixer lady =D

    Where the heck is that?!

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    well good luck to you in your searches. i think your best bet is to start a thread on the forums here requesting some1 services. i've been looking for almost 2 weeks now for some1 w/ 1250 pharma.

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    Yeah, it's annoying that FC can't give a properly describe items. I too bought a few of these thinking they added %.

    Even if they only add points they CAN be useful if you're using a fast weapon. Together with other damage buffs it all adds up

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    On the other hand straight added damage is becoming more and more important with those high AC mobs in SL - at least for low damage, high speed weapons (meaning almost everything but (E)QB and PRod).
    I was recently looking for Jobe Clusters for my Gelid Blades too but unfortunatly it seems like Funcom has forgotten about Cold Damage Jobe Clusters.
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    The fact that straight adds are included AFTER all multiplication makes them marginally useful at best. If you're constantly hitting for min damage, 17 more really isn't all that attractive, especially since I seem to be swapping weapons every zone now to combat crazy chem ACs.

    Oh well, still looking, but not nearly as important now.

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