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Thread: Complete List of Illustrated Shadowlands Guides to date

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    Complete List of Illustrated Shadowlands Guides to date

    Ok, these are posted in several different threads since the expansion came out, so I thought I'd lump them all into one post with a slightly more informative title

    Zone / Travel Guides

    Shadowlands Atlas

    Note that each of the following guides also contains the progress, garden and sanctuary quest information for the relevant zone.

    Penumbra Guide

    Adonis Guide

    Guide to Nascense **includes map**

    Guide to Elysium **includes map**

    Guide to Scheol **includes map**

    Gameplay Guides

    Shadowlands Gardens and Insignias

    Faction System

    Guide to Pocket Bosses

    Perk Guides

    Perk Guide

    Tradeskill Guides

    Focus Funneling Helper Guide

    Perennium Weapons Production

    Crepuscule Armor Production

    IPS Armor Quest **includes full maps of spirit dungeon and pit area beneath it**

    Tier One Armor Quest

    Tier Two Armor Quest

    Tier Three Armor Guide by Khalem

    Jobe Back Yard Weapons

    Spirittech Weapon Upgrades

    Quest Guides

    Herodotus' Shadowlands Forums

    Specilization Quests

    Rubi-Ka Ergo Ring Quest

    Inferno Protection Boots Guide

    Drake Starter Quests

    Nascense Garden Quests - here (Unredeemed Specific) and here


    Thanks to everyone who has helped tweak and update these guides, from posts on this forums, emails and actual help in game these guides wouldn't be possible without all of your help!
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    Great initiative Sillirrion. I hope you can keep adding to this list
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    Heh - thanks - just wanted to group em all up so that people didn't have to route through looking for several posts. I'll keep this post updated as I add more guides or update the ones I've done so far.
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    Illustration is always better, some great links there
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    Thats what I always tried to do with the guides I write Rusen Both on the vault and the zone before it - I've always believed that illustrated guides do help people visualise exactly where they need to go and what they need to do that little bit better.

    Not to knock any of the forum posted guides though! In fact the majority of the illustrated guides would take much longer or be next to impossible if I couldn't consult all the threads here on these forums for feedback and what other people have found - then i can go out and map and screenshot whilst i do the quests myself. AOs community has always been its strength and these forums are a treasure trove, all I am really doing is adding a little travelogue style comment and some screenshots or maps - the forum regulars should get a big chunk of credit for all the guides I do - I just join the dots to make pictures
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    Awesome work Sil.

    Your guides have made SL much much more enjoyable for many many lost people

    They are especially important since there is very little official documentations on SL.
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    Thanks Ash

    IPS Tier 1 quest walkthrough Updated this morning with some more screenies and a few tweaks and corrections
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    Great Job

    Nice guides and good to have links to them in one place =)

    ROOT IT!!!

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    i have seen most of these already, but...

    Great work Sillirrion!

    this is still a convenient and very helpful thread. i will visit for updates and to refresh my memory

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    Just an update...

    There is no dungeon on the southern tip of the western island, south of the unredeemed village.

    There is an entrance underneath the embryo though, called Dark Passge. I can't seem to get in though..

    Anyone know how to get in there?
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    The entrance under the embryo is a mission entrance for the Nacense Ergo quest.

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    Updated the Ely guide with some more details on the Garden quest and the wandering mob syndrome

    Keep an eye out tonight for a guide to creating the Crepuscule Armor sets.
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    Ah well that explains the embryo entrance.

    Sillirrion, you still need to amend the SW corner green square dungeon entrance though, as there isn't one there.
    I've been around that whole area 3-4 times now with my 66 Keeper, who has been there since 60 hunting Hecklers =)

    Unless it's off the edge somewhere with a secluded ramp, there is no dungeon down there. If someone can vouch for there one being there, then perhaps they could show me where it is on RK2, because I cannot find it.

    However, there is a dungeon not marked on your map, over in the swamps. It's near the center of the egg shaped island, west of the Redeemed Village. There's a Yuttos standing near it, so look for the white dot on your minimap =)

    There's also 3 large walls that make up the structure for the entrance, but it's quite foggy around there, and lots of trees so keep an eye out =)
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    I need to raise the one on the SW island a bit, looking now the entrance is actually a bit north of there, almost immediately where you exit the unredeemed temple, its hidden beneath a crack in the cliff (where the Croakers are) and can be difficult to spot.

    I'll remove the one at Embryo for clarity, as mentioned above its part of the quest.

    Wasn't aware of one in the swamp I'll get it added next time I update if I can get a chance to run out and grab a screenie of the entrance
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    Added another new guide - this time to the production of Crepuscule Armor sets.
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    I had a baublet in my bank and made some Infantery gloves.

    They are niiice!

    Do you know the ql ranges on the armor and peices or skills required to make em?
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    Well - in theory (if you go by the available QLs in the database) you can make any level between 1 and 300 - whether all the pieces drop at all the QLs is another matter.

    At the moment I have only ever seen the medium and large patches drop off 100+ mobs, but thats not to say they are not out there.

    The only skill needed can discern so far is the NP requirement on combining the raw hide and the canister - think my skills were above the reqs for the second stage so there may be reqs there too - will have to ry with some alts to guage the reqs forcombining the bauble with the living hide.
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    Everything I was looking for in one place! Great job! Thanks for the time it took to do this.

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    I'll add my voice to the chorus - thanks for these wonderful guides. If SL has any chance at overcoming the negative impressions received by many, it will be in large part due to excellent guides like these.

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