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Thread: The Keeper Guide to Rubi-ka and Shadowlands

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    Question Envio,

    I'm currently a level 31 Solitus Keeper and will have some high level friends help me get my implants created. I see the set up you posted, would you reccommend that set up for me?


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    I suggest reading through that whole thread. Theres at least 5 different implant setups listed in there and a lot of good information about why people chose different clusters in different areas.
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    hmm since high level pvp is nonexistant now because every high level person is in sl i would just put try and triple implant close combat since most sl mobs use meele
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    Is there anyone to sticky this thread? Could be a great resource for new Keepers and it wouldn't be so hard to find.

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    i second the sticky vote!

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    Here's a nice little bump so newbies can easily find it.
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    If any moderators reading this so please charge your nano pool and root this thread now.....!

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    bump and pray for stickyness
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    Please root this at the top, it would help give people a place to start looking for keeper info.
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    Up for keepers sake!

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    Sticky this!

    Help those n00b kprs out plz!
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    Sticky Please!
    this is valuable info.
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    I can't think of a better thread to kick off our stickies with. Kill the bumps and root it already!
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    Up ya GO, NOW STICK!!!
    Good Stuff.
    Thank you.
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    Make Sticky

    This is alot of very usefull information. Will the powers that be please make this sticky. Pretty please:}

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    Question Kewl Guide but it's missing something....

    This is a really informative thread, especilly for a one Profession Newb like myself.... BUT I saw something missing... no real IP spending hints other than Go with Green...

    I guess I really want to know which abilities to up that AREN'T Green... Dimach is obvious, it's on every 2h weapon on the list... but what about Melee Energy or Piercing or Sneak attack? Those weapons listed are not always the easiest to find I think (It could be just to my Newb-ness tho...) and I have found quite a few 2h weapons that are quick and do decent damage for their ql that need stats other than 2h and Demach... can someone help me plz?
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