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Thread: Gardan of Aban walkthro

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    Gardan of Aban walkthro

    Not seen a walkthrough (maybe I'm blind), so here's one compiled from the post-its I used doing this quest (now it's been tested );

    Gives you the ability to travel between the statues of Nascene. You need at least 5 Insignias of Alban to complete it.

    - Use the portal to Nascene in the Harbour in Jobe to get to Nascene frontier, find Donna Red @ 985 x 1760 (Blue dot on the map) and speak to her until she gives you Ancient Device and a mission.

    - Head to the Redeemed village across the floaty islands, if you have trouble with falling off the walkways in all the shadowlag (as I did) try taking em at a walk.

    - Speak to Ecclesiast Aban Fal @ 1890 x 690 (big purple dude) and show him the Ancient Device. He then asks for proof on Aban's existence, show him an Insignia of Aban, he then asks you to find and mark the Statue of Aban. Any of the statues will do (the blue dots on the map), the closest being on the northern point of the island chains. Left click on the statue, and you should get a mission accomplised message. After you get the message, use an Insig to port to the Garden of Aban.

    - At the Garden speak to Sipius Aban Lux-Wel @ 465 x 495 and he'll tell you more about the device, and asks you to save three souls.

    - Go to the south of the island where there are four warp stones;
    Nascene Frontier 1 (takes you to the statue in the training lowbie ground - yet to find a way out of here, so careful not to take it!)
    Nascene Frontier 2 (to Donna Red)
    Nascene Wilds 1 - (Northern blue dot in the Wilds)
    Nascene Wilds 2 - (Southern blue dot in the Wilds)

    Take the second of these to get back to back to donna, go west and find 3 swift silvertails (around 680 x 1890), they're pretty hard to miss and together, if one's missing they've likely been killed so wait about a bit. Shift right-click an Insig on the Ancient Device to create the Ancient Pattern Analyser and speak to the first silver tail, putting the device over it's eyes. You should geta mission accomplished msg, and the device will reset, rinse repeat with the other two. Remember to recharge the device each time.

    - Go back to the garden and show the device to Sipius and he'll give you the key.

    Credit to Severanth and Jansi for helping me thro it
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    Nice guide... just one note it appears that this quest is ment for the redeemed/clan... They could have made that more obvious from the start imo
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