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Thread: Soldier resources (Websites, Databases & Guides)

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    resources (Websites, Databases & Guides)

    If you have any good resources or good threads for new players or also experienced people please post them here or pm me or Vhalor.

    Dedicated soldier pages:
    AO soldiers
    Soldier Stratics (french)
    Frekkles soldier guide
    Pred's Gunrack
    Poweredge's Soldierguide

    Jayde's AO database
    Auno's AO database

    Forum links:
    Weapon Choices
    Specials refresh
    Special recharge caps
    Perk Specials
    Intel / Psychic buffing
    Poweredge's Soldierguide
    Trox Twink Ability Page - Gaijin
    Hellfire's Breed Differences Summary
    Lal's 260+ Soli Symb Adventure

    News & other pages:
    AO Vault
    AO atlas - AO Warcry
    Anarchy Arcanum
    AO Stratics

    I hope this will grow into a big thread so we have 1 central so to speak of resource and that way we can remove 3 sticky at once, making this a little bit more clean and tidy.

    Edit: Inserted P|Es guide.
    Edit (Vhalor): Added some of the rooted threads and updated links to more current threads for a few of the forums links
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    Could you update the links ?
    At least the poweredge soldier guide thread is no point any longer seeing that she removed the guide
    maybe you could post a download location of what i assume was the .doc ?

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    Symbiant DB
    Ullgencer wewt. dust be gone
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    anyone one know what drops the high lvl FA discs,nanos .....i know its a dyana somewhere..

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    im not sure because ive never seen one drop, but i assume high level dynas in places like perpetual wasteland and maybe CAV?
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    Relinked Poweredges soldier guide.
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    Silly doc thingy Londina, lvl 175+
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    Soldier weapons

    IM a trox soldier, and I see a lot of people saying Solitus is THE way to go. Yes your intelligence skills are better, but I am at level 171 right now, and far ahead of a 175 soldier solitus with all skills title maxed. Ive got more AC, more HP, and my comp lit is over 1000. All Soldiers should get the 1000 token board, as a must have. It will greatly increase your Comp Lit by 210!

    As for weaponry, I see a lot of debate about SMG, shotguns etc. If you're a soldier you're using an Assault rifle. NO gun does more damage faster. And NO gun does more Shadowlands damge that a Perrenium Blaster. IF you want to be a hunter in the SL and like to solo, you need a PB. The true test of a soldier is how long he can survive, how long he can keep his team alive as a tank, and how much damage he can do in the first minute with a Blaster, period. My 195 Blaster with gun perks OD's a lot of 200's at half the cost, and my burst/full auto turn around time is an amazing 9 and 53 seconds.

    Gimme an MP heal pet, and TMS and nothing within 25 levels of me stands a chance. Add in CI and you can use any nano you could dream of. I would pay 1 Billion credits for a heal pet and another 1 Billion for an mp damage pet IMO Trox Soldier with tms10 + MP outtanks damn near any Enforcer.

    ONe other note, I've invested heavily in health perks, and lifeblood is simply awesome for that 40 seconds of mortality while waiting for tms to become available again. It heals you for 240 hp every 3 seconds for 30 seconds, not to mention the other first aid and colossal health perks which also level with you, automatically increasing their healing power while reducing the lock time as you level (field bandage and blessing of life).
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    the main problems with trox compared to solitus is how to get your symbiants in

    Solitus and trox are on equal track when you take in consideration that the solitus can make up the loss in certain skills because he/she can equip higher QL symbiants.

    There is no real best breed for soldiers, it all boils down to your preference in looks
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    Question Aimed Shot

    The AO Soldiers guide seems to indicate that Aimed Shot always helps damage versus only when the action is taken. It says max but it would seem unless a person has a weapon that uses it that is not good advice??

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    resource addition

    if you like, please add botsol to the list
    Botsol - profession chat bot

    join and chat with fellow grunts online!
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    Tabatoslotb - R2 Lvl 75 Eng
    Hesdeadjim - R2 - Lvl 57 Doc
    Oneforderoad - R2 -lvl 97 Adv
    NoCannedEwe - R1 lvl 25 Sol
    Goodwithgarlic - R1 lvl 36 Enf

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    AO Soldier site seems to be offline for few days. Anyone knows is it temporary or site has changed address or simply was deleted?
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    What is it with the soldier forum, it seems more apathic and uninvolved than any other class out there.

    Noone responds to newcomers questions, few real discussions go on, 90% of the links here are old and dead or lead to pages that have not been updated since WW1

    Even aodb is still linked to, even though it's been aomainframe in ages.....

    How can you people still say "look at the sticky" when the sticky is a gooy piece of crap.

    Heck even the great guide by PowerEdge is FUBAR and can't be downloaded.

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    You are kinda right :/
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    You culd always add doing /Tell Rktim >Question< on RK1 as a soldier reasorce link... Almost as usefull as skimming throu the Guids and DB, if not more seeing that im almost always up to date ^.^

    (Btw 340 subrscribed threads now O.o)
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    Should we be getting an updated version of this topic?

    Most of the stuff is pretty much out of date. I wouldnt mind tossing this one out and writing up a new resource thread.
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