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Thread: The ARK/GM FAQ/Info Guide

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    The ARK/GM FAQ/Info Guide

    Before the FAQ, I'd like to start with some info in the form of links:

    What is ARK?
    Advisors Of Rubi-Ka are volunteers that are proud to support the Anarchy Online community. You can read about the various ARK Ranks, including information about GMs, here.

    How do I contact an ARK or a GM?
    As far as any forum moderators & these forums go, you can PM any of us and we'll try and help you out with things here.

    In-game issues can be sent in via:
    /petition {Problem Here}
    More petition tips can be found here.

    You can also contact support via

    There are some things that are not typically handled in-game however. Billing & account issues is one of them. Please contact for help with billing & account issues.

    Bugs & Exploits is a unique matter as well, please read this for info on those. Under 'Bugs' and 'Exploits.' Also worth reading regarding Exploits is this.

    Did you know? Bug reports can easily be filed in-game via the /bug command.

    What about harassment issues?
    If someone is harassing you or causing problems in-game then you should petition as soon as possible and log the area it's happening in.

    If someone is harassing you via /tell, please use the /ignore feature.

    To send in a disruption petition, i.e. where someone is harassing you or causing some other game disruption problem, you would do the following:
    /petition DISRUPTION {name(s) of player(s)} {problem in complete detail}

    I have a great idea for AO! ...
    We do not suggest sending ideas in via petition in-game, it's the least effective method. The best method is first,, then the Game Suggestions Forum.

    Surely ARK can do things faster with bug reports, suggestions, etc. if I tell them directly by petitioning?
    Things are setup so players can communicate with FunCom easily without a complex system, hence there is no fast-track method for anything through ARK.

    ARK itself talks to FunCom through GM Garuk (ARK Manager) and players talk to FunCom through Tarib (FunCom Community Manager), so all of us have someone to work through.

    Please understand that submission of bug reports or feedback e-mails may not get you a response, but be assured, your bug report or feedback will be looked over.

    ARKs must have uber play accounts!
    ARKs have separate normal accounts that they play on, ARKs are in fact players just like you, as such an ARKs personal account receives no special items or characters of the likes.

    ARKs are NOT allowed to tell you who they are outside their ARK character, so please don't ask them.

    ARK also does not support one side or another, be it Omni, Neutrals, or Clans; though technically in a strictly role-playing sense ARK is Neutral sided under the ICC.

    ARK does not give favors to Orgs, other ARKs, or general people at all. Sometimes in the event of something like the ARK Expo, we will work with a group, but only in the capacity to bring something more special to the whole community in general.

    How do I know if I see a ARK or GM ingame?
    If you see a GREEN NAMED PERSON, this is a person who is a staff member, ARK or GM. They will always (or at least usually) have some identifying feature too like "GM" or "ARK" in their name or Org name.

    But remember! Many times role-players such as Reporters and Registrars have blue names too, and if you start firing off questions to them about uber lewt, or something about rules, they will be unable to help due to being in character. So if you have a problem and a role-player is around, don't bother the poor RPer, just /petition or visit

    Where can I find information about Events in AO?
    Check out the Editor News forum or e-mail

    I want to join the Advisors Of Rubi-Ka!
    We'd love to have you! Just head over to the ARK WebSite and fill out an application!

    I have my own question...
    If you have any other questions about ARK please e-mail
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    The Events Department: Who's Who and How to Contact Us

    Contacting the Events Department

    The best way to contact us is to e-mail I personally check this address, as do a couple of other individuals from ARK-Events. I promise I'll read whatever you have to send us.

    Keep in mind that we love to hear suggestions and such, but there are some things we can't accomodate. We often get a lot of requests that involve changing the way certain game mechanics work. Understand that we can't do much of anything about the actual game mechanics, except forward your suggestions on to FC.

    If there is a sensitive issue that you want to bring directly to my attention, I can be e-mailed at

    And what about those blue Names?

    Those blue names are Roleplay Characters.
    Yes, they are played ARKs.
    No, they can't answer any questions about Anarchy Online.
    They are strictly roleplaying and will never go out of character.
    They don't even know what an ARK or GM is.
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    Contact the Events Department:

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