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    Guide to Wrangles

    This Guide to Wrangles was originally written in tink's Beginner's Guide to Buff Begging ..
    However, being a trader, I meet many new players who ask for wrangles,
    but don't know how they work. Thus, they often have problems getting what they want
    out of their wrangles. Newcomers who don't know of wrangles are missing out on a useful buff.
    Thus, I'm posting this guide again so that it will be easier to look
    up on forum search as it can get it's own thread name.

    Newbie Guide to Wrangles
    Etiquette, use and how they work.

    Wrangles are temporary buffs that traders can cast.
    Many traders get a tad bitter over their time in AO, because the buff is sought after by many,
    and a lot of newcomers don't know how the wrangles work. They can't be blamed, of course,
    but it often leads to annoying situations for the trader. A lot of traders
    commonly avoid places with people because of this.

    ( Yes, agents in false profession can also cast, but it's probably the rudest thing you can ask one for, so don't )

    Confusing as wrangles may be to new people ..
    This post should help you get it right and make sure you get what you want
    out of your future wrangles.

    How do they work?

    There are two lines of wrangles :

    Skill Wrangler - temporarily buffs one person.
    Team Skill Wrangler - temporarily buffs all team members.

    Both of these lines of wrangles will put up all your attack skills such as rifle, shotgun, heavy weapons, etc.
    They will also put up all your nano skills, such as Time & Space, Psychological Modifications, etc.
    Wrangles stack with every other buff.

    None of the lines put up special skills like aimed shot and burst!

    The different wrangles will go as low as 3 (skill wrangler) and 10 (Team Skill Wrangler)
    at the lowest and buff for different values depending on the wrangle up to 131 (Skill Wrangler) and 132 (Team Skill Wrangler).

    Important : When the trader is buffing you, his/her own nano skills and weapon skills will decrease.
    They will decrease more than it will up yours, so a after a trader has wrangled you,
    he/she might have her skills lowered enough to be incapable of casting the wrangle
    over again unless the wrangle you needed was a low one for his/her level.

    A wrangle lasts for three minutes, and after that, he/she will have his/her skills back to normal.

    Prepare for Wrangle!

    Because the wrangle only last 3 minutes, it should be the last thing
    on the buffing agenda. Also remember that if you have a weapon that has specials like fling shot,
    wrangles won't up the special skills. If you're going to equip a new weapon,
    it is crucial that your special skill is high enough to meet the demand
    from the weapon before the wrangling takes place.

    Also take care that your new weapon/pet won't be OEd once the 3 minute duration wears off!

    After getting all your buffs, check your skills. Find out how many points you are missing.
    Then check your NCU. Find out wether you have enough NCU to take the wrangle you want.

    You can check the Skill Wrangles and Team Skill Wrangles here.
    ( Link to, if anyone's got a better, please post so I can edit )

    When you're ready for wrangle .....

    Find a trader!

    First off, /anon is a trader's friend, so /list won't usually work ..

    If you want a wrangle, go to a place where there are mobs.
    For clanners, head outside South Gate. In order to get their skills high enough
    to cast the big wrangles, traders usually have to drain other mobs.
    This means they run nanos to take the skills from mobs in order to raise their own.
    On a place without any mobs, it will usually be impossible for a trader
    to give you the higher wrangles without a change of location.
    If mobs are around, traders should be able to wrangle you at least up to their
    level in skills, provided they have taken the time to get the wrangle you request.

    If you find a trader in a place where there are no mobs, you'll have to stick closely
    to the etiquette guide if the wrangle's too high for the trader to cast without draining.

    When you find a trader in an area with many people, don't send the request in a tell.
    Chances are the trader is getting requests from many other people, and it gets
    very annoying and frustrating trying to communicate with people who want wrangles
    in addition to tells from other people. Just ask in vicinity instead and remember to be polite ..

    I found a trader!

    You've found the trader and are about to specify your needs.
    Tell the trader how big wrangle you need.

    Often, traders deal with many would-be-wrangled at a time and it's easier
    for them to gather the people who need wrangles in a team and do a team wrangle
    than it is having to wrangle one at a time as traders usually can only wrangle once
    every 3 minutes. If you're in a team yourself, it's much preferred if you leave your
    team temporarily instead of inviting the trader to your team. Traders hate that.

    Traders also hate leaving their teams to give team wrangles to others,
    so if they are in a team, you should ask for a Skill Wrangler instead of Team Skill Wrangler.

    I'm about to get wrangled! Where's the trader?

    In order to cast the higher wrangles, traders usually have to drain mobs.
    Don't worry, you'll get your wrangle soon, the trader's just gone away
    to get his/her skills up and will be back in a minute or two.

    Just follow the trader's lead. Often, you will be asked to stand your ground and not run off.
    Do so and don't feel offended when the trader runs off just after asking ..

    Post Wrangled

    You got the wrangle. Now, do what you have to do and do it quick.
    You only get 3 minutes, remember?
    If you screw up now, you'll have to ask the trader again or ask another trader
    and meanwhile, your buffs can go out,
    so be prepared for making the most out of these three minutes.

    After wrangling, said trader might not be able to wrangle again for another 3 minutes.

    Doing all this, you and traders should avoid these common frustrations :
    • Wrangled player hasn't got the buffs needed prior to wrangle.
    • Wrangled player notices he/she didn't have enough NCU.
    • Wrangled player didn't realise wrangles don't put up specials.
    • Wrangled player gets surprised when 3 minutes over, he/she is OEd.
    • Trader has to travel to someplace with mobs to wrangle one person
    • Trader can't find person to wrangle because he/she disappears when trader drains
    • Trader wrangles one after another using plenty of time because would-be-wrangled don't accept or ask for team invite.
    • Trader gets asked for wrangles by players who just want to "see how high their skills will go".

    It once took me nearly two hours to satisfy one would-be-wrangled.
    It didn't matter much, though, because I was handing them out for free anyways,
    but this player didn't know how they worked and frequently had to go and ask
    for different buffs, get new imps in, etc. etc. etc. between the times he got wrangles ..

    He got it right in the end, though ..
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    Smile One additional thought...

    If a Trader needs to drain to provide the wrangle, don't kill the mob they're draining.
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    Re: One additional thought...

    Originally posted by Xbel
    If a Trader needs to drain to provide the wrangle, don't kill the mob they're draining.
    Another good point
    Thanks for the contribution.

    Also, to the people not wise in the ways of drains, traders sometimes pull various mobs
    with them when going to tower battles, camping, before PvPing and so on.
    This is because it's a major advantage for the trader to keep their highest drains going.

    So, if you see your friend, the trader, just draining a mob that is attacking him,
    don't worry. The mob's probably just his "draining pet" and might be calmed for later use
    once the trader's got his/her drains up.
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    Didymus put together a terrific guide here Of special appreciation is the note about agents:

    ( Yes, agents in false profession can also cast, but it's probably the rudest thing you can ask one for, so don't )

    This is especially true. If we are already in FP mode many of us certainly don't mind but be aware...FP/AP/Mimic reduces our nano skills so while a 160 trader may be able to cast a 110pt wrangle, an agent probably wont be able to.

    Most of the time, agents FP for a specific reason (usually to equip their weapons or help a friend out) so if they refuse your request do not be offended.

    Also FP/AP/Mimic lasts for a relatively long time and the only way an agent can end it is to /terminate (a real hassle). So if the agent is willing to wrangle and he says "You've got 5 min before FP ends", if you show up after 10 min, he's not going to be in FP Mode anymore and probably won't recast FP on himself.

    The second rudest thing, besides asking an agent to FP in the first place, is calling an FP'd agent a gimp cause he can't cast the wrangle you desire. As I explained above, FPing lowers our nano skills. I've had the below conversation more times than I care to remember:

    [RandomChar]: Dude can I get a 131 wrangle plz?
    [Me]: I'm not really a trader I can't cast that high
    [RandomChar]: WTF!!! You're a trader...hit me with wrangle plz
    [Me]: No I'm an agent FPing a trader...the highest I can give you is +74
    [RandomChar]: I need more than that! I need to find a less-gimped trader then

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    An agent guildie/friend of me can do the same wrangle at 154 as i can do with my trader at lvl58.

    Why, you may wanna know.. well its easy once you know the proffesions a little better: Agents in FP get a minus on their nanoskills, while trader can get a huge plus in those skills while draining.
    (im asuming he doesnt need to drain to get the wrangle going and i do).

    Big bump for this!
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    Originally Posted by Riahmant
    me: ok your going on ignore for being ignorant
    ******fixer:its spelled ignorent

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    Originally posted by Karuga

    [RandomChar]: Dude can I get a 131 wrangle plz?
    [Me]: I'm not really a trader I can't cast that high
    [RandomChar]: WTF!!! You're a trader...hit me with wrangle plz
    [Me]: No I'm an agent FPing a trader...the highest I can give you is +74
    [RandomChar]: I need more than that! I need to find a less-gimped trader then
    Naah dont ignore them. Lure them to 5% or lower gas. There are enough cam/scuttler noobs to follow you there... I managed to pull it off twice now:

    [RandomChar]: U GIV 132 TRADER NOW PLZZZZZ
    [Me]: Sorry, not enough ZZZZ in PLZZZZ. Try harder next time.
    [RandomChar]: WTF!!! You're a trader...hit me with wrangle now plz
    [Me]: Sorry, Im only (level whatever) and I cant cast that, but I get a bonus from draining other players. Lets go to the arena and let me try it there and I can do it.
    [RandomChar]: HURRY UP NOOB GIMP
    (5 minutes later)

    /tell RandomChar There ya go Remains of RandomChar, enjoy your -415 point wrangle! Thank you for flying trader express, and have a wonderful day!

    Just be sure and collect your tip BEFORE you get them to low gas.

    And bump for another one of Didymus's guides, which all of them really should be sticky.
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    That was pretty amusing there hhj.

    "...enjoy your -415 point wrangle!"


    I have to try that one day.

    Nice guide. Dead on.
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    Aha .. This is up again.

    Also worth mentioning is that traders can be hard to find nowadays.

    And I suppose I should add some stuff about umbral wrangles .. tomorrow perhaps. *yawn*
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    Awesome guide! Some very good info.

    Guide to Teaming With Docs! is the funniest post ever. | "Engie Got Bot" song spoof
    AO chat log of Titanic sinking is the second funniest post ever

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    This thread could use some bumpage back to the top... I'm getting tired of getting "plz nano buff" or "weapon and nano buff plz"...
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    I always thought that once you find a trader, you root/snare him or just whack him with a club until he falls unconscious. You are then supposed to carry him off to your apartment and torture him for a bit with your "Big Atroxfriend in White Thongs (tm)" until he says "uncle".

    When he is all softened up, you should get your wrangle alright...

    ((awesome guide Didy!))


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    Sorry for the negro but how much trader can buff others weapon skills at lvl 200? Didn't really find this info anywhere.

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    200 Traders can buff 131/132 as froobs with the normal wrangles. Paid Traders can use Umbral Wrangler (Greater) to buff 134 if they have Distill Life 5 perked. All of this information can still be found on AUNO and can also be found on AOitems, under their respective Trader nanos page.

    (inb4 someone mentions very awkward typo)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raggy View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirulina View Post
    Sorry for the negro
    C and G aren't that close....
    146 if a Trader with Distill Life 10 runs Umbral Wrangler (Exceptional), you need to be lvl195+ to receive the buff.
    If you mean for you yourself, as a Trader to cast on others, then refer to Saetos' post.

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    Ok ty. 146 it is, meaned for receiving for 200 toon. Wasn't that clear when perks ect. affect it.

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